Cut Out Player Faces FM Handheld Megapack

Our Cut Out Faces Megapack is the biggest collection of Football Manager Player Faces available and now it's available for Football Manager Handheld on iOS and Android. There are three versions available depending on how you're playing FM Handheld on (phone, tablet) and it will work on both Android and iPhones/iPads and each face comes in our default Cut Out Style
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  • 2015.01 - Released on 02 Dec 2014
Cut Out Player Faces FM Handheld Megapack

Download - FM15 Cut Out Player Faces FM Handheld Facepack

Installation Instructions

Step 1) Where to put Football Manager Graphics

Once you've downloaded a Football Manager Graphic Pack and extracted it you should be left with a single folder on your computer. You're going to need to move that folder into a special location where Football Manager can find it.


Apple: Where to put the FM Graphic Packs on Mac

You will need to copy the folder to this location:


/Users/<yourname>/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/graphics


You may find it difficult to find this exact location, to make it easier, use the following instructions:


a) Open Finder

b) Click “Go” from the menubar and select “Go to Folder” (alternatively press Shift+CMD+G)

c) Copy in the following: ~/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/

d) Open the “Football Manager 2022” folder

e) Open the “graphics” folder (or created it if it doesn't exist)

f) Move the downloaded files into the ”graphics" folder


Windows: Where to put the FM Graphic Packs on Windows

Simply move the folder to the following location:


Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/graphics


What if I don't have a graphics folder?

If you don't have a “graphics” folder simply create it 🙂


What if the downloaded files ends with .zip, .rar, .7z

If you have a file that ends in .zip, .rar or .7z then you'll need to extract the files before installing them. These files are called “archives” and are a way to compress a folder into a single file for downloading but you'll need to open them and get the folder that's in them before installing. DO NOT put these files in your graphics folder, it won't work.


Extract the files first and then put the extracted files into your graphics folder. If you're not sure how to extract them, look at these guides for windows or for mac.


What if the downloaded files are in parts e.g. “part01.rar”, “part02.rar” etc

If you have downloaded a pack in multiple parts ending in “part01.rar”, “part02.rar” etc then you do not have to extract them all individually. Just extract “part01.rar” and the rest should all be extracted automatically.


Step 2) How to refresh graphics in Football Manager

Unfortunately even though you have the folder in the right place Football Manager won't automatically pick up the new files. You're going to have to go in and tell Football Manager to reload your graphics.


Simply follow these instructions:


a) Open Football Manager

b) Click Preferences on the start screen (or if you're already in a game FM Logo > Preferences)

c) Click the “Advanced” tab

d) On the right hand side select “interface”

e) Scroll down the Skin Heading

f) Uncheck “Use caching to decrease page loading times”

g) Tick “Reload skin when confirming changes to preferences”

h) Click “Reload Skin”

And now your graphics should be appearing.


You should go back into the preferences and follow the same steps but this time tick “Use caching to decrease page loading times”, this will help with the long term performance of the game, but needed to be unticked to install these graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which version should I download?

The megapack comes in 3 sizes 75px, 120px and 180px.

The easiest way to know which to download is to check your skin. Go to the start screen in Football Manager Handheld and then click "Credits" in the bottom left. At the top it will show you which skin you are using, in the screenshot the skin is "HVGA", these are different types you need depending on your skin:

75px - SD (phones with HD disabled* and lower spec phones)
120px - WVGA (Mini Tablets)
180px - Retina/HVGA/TV (Only if HD Enabled*, high spec phones, anything HD)

* Important Note about HD: If you are using a HD device you may not have HD enabled. Go to Preferences > View > User Interface > HD Display Enabled. If it is set to OFF then you do not need the 180px pack and only the 75px pack. If it set to ON then you need the 180px pack.

How do I install it?

1) Unrar the .rar file so that you are left with a folder called "sortitoutsi_cutout_faces"

2) Now install them onto your device using the instructions below:

For iOS
Open iTunes and go to Devices > {Device Name} > Apps (tab at the top) and then click "FMH 2014". On the right you will see an "Add..." button, click this, browse the "sortitoutsi_cutout_faces" folder and select all the images and then click "open".

It will now take forever to start and may look like it has crashed (especially on Windows), it hasn't just be very patient. Once you've selected all the players you may not be able to click the "open" button, keep checking back and clicking "open" and eventually it will work and you will see the list of files expanding on the right with files called "person_123456789.png". Again this will take ages, possibly hours depending on the specs of your computer but just leave it running and eventually you will have all the player faces.

For Android
Use AirDroid or a connection and drag them into FMH2014_data then logos (or Logos_Android for WVGA/Logos_iPad for retina).

Special Thanks

Special thanks to FMHVibe for all the support in creating the pack. Make sure to visit their site for more great Football Manager Handheld resources.