sortitoutsi Backgrounds Megapack

Football Manager Backgrounds Megapack originally made up of awesome aerial photos of stadiums taken from Google Maps and Google Earth but now containing City pictures, Competitions and Players Backgrounds as well.

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  • 2022.07 - Released on 04 Jun 2022
sortitoutsi Backgrounds Megapack

Installation the sortitoutsi Backgrounds Megapack in Football Manager is super easy, just follow these 3 steps below:


Step 1) Extract the Zip

Once you've downloaded the Football Manager Backgrounds Megapack you should have a .zip file somewhere on your computer called something like “” (the name will change depending on the version).


You'll need to extract this file which is very easy to do:


Apple: Unzip Backgrounds Megapack on Mac

To unzip the Backgrounds Megapack on a Mac you can simply double click it.


Windows: Unzip Backgrounds Megapack on Windows

To unzip the Backgrounds Megapack on Windows simply right click and click “Extract All”


Step 2) Move the folder

Once you've extracted the zip file you should have a folder called something like “sortitoutsi Backgrounds Megapack” you will need to move this to a special location where all your Football Manager Add Ons are stored.


Apple: Where to put the Backgrounds Megapack on Mac

You will need to copy the folder to this location:


/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/graphics


You may find it difficult to find this exact location, to make it easier, use the following instructions:


a) Open Finder

b) Click “Go” from the menubar and select “Go to Folder” (alternatively press Shift+CMD+G)

c) Copy in the following: ~/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/

d) Open the “Football Manager 2022” folder

e) Open the “graphics” folder (or created it if it doesn't exist)

f) Move the "sortitoutsi Backgrounds Megapack” into this folder


Windows: Where to put the Backgrounds Megapack on Windows

Simply move the "sortitoutsi Backgrounds Megapack” folder to the following location:


Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX/graphics


If you don't have a “graphics” folder simply create it 🙂


Step 3) Reset your FM Graphics Cache

Now you'll need to reset your Football Manager 2022 Graphics Cache to make sure it picks up the new files.


Simply follow these instructions:


a) Open Football Manager

b) Click Preferences on the start screen (or if you're already in a game FM Logo > Preferences)

c) Click the “Advanced” tab

d) On the right hand side select “interface”

e) Scroll down the Skin Heading

f) Uncheck “Use caching to decrease page loading times”

g) Tick “Reload skin when confirming changes to preferences”

h) Click “Reload Skin”

And now your graphics should be appearing.


You should go back into the preferences and follow the same steps but this time tick “Use caching to decrease page loading times”, this will help with the long term performance of the game, but needed to be unticked to install these graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply visit the <a href=">submissions section</a>. From there you can upload individual images or lots of images at once as a "pack".

However your submissions will need to be approved before they are added to the main pack.
If you're having issues simply visit the dedicated Backgrounds Megapack <a href=">forum</a> and somebody will be sure to help 🙂
If you don't currently have a version of our Backgrounds Megapack installed simply download the "complete" version.

If you already have an old version installed then click "changes" and you'll be presented with a list of all the updated we've released since you last downloaded, make sure to download any you have missed starting with the oldest first.