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#716449 Russian Commonwealth (Fantasy)
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By iambladeofsaber 09 November 2022 - 18:31 PM UTC 

Idiots who say “sport/fm is not a politic/geopolitic”. 
Terrorism, murder and war are not politics or geopolitics. Don't be so dumb and blind. C`mon, evolve, it's 2022 already.
Even SI stopped selling FM in russia. UEFA/FIFA banned russian teams. This is a way to show russia that they are doing something wrong, this is a way to limit the people who elected and support their braindead president. This is also a way to show the russian people that they cannot be better than any other people on the planet. Their principles of war are similar to fascist Germany 1939's. In the end, this is a way to show moral principles.

You can talk about it in any forum, this is a part of our life, unfortunately. Condemn any aggression, whether by russia, al-qaeda, north korea, iran…


Bro, you right, its 2022 and i just wanna play the game even if i'm russian. 

FM doesn't represent real life politics, even this file is changing almost everything in Russia, it is fantasy (Russia in the EU, no Moscow/Saint-Petersburg dominance, Kaliningrad is called by its origin German name)

Russians are still able to buy and play FM but with region change. SI ban doesn't do anything at all, apart from making it harder for people who love FM to buy the game.