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Aleksandr Orlov Comments
Hi all,

During a rolling auto-save, the game crashed and restarted itself. Unfortunately I had my settings on a single file save rather than 3...
Now my save file is corrupt (when I try to load it via game, I get a message saying "The save game could not be loaded" ) and I tried almost all fixes found online (from renaming, restoring, reinstalling, copying, different accounts, offline mode...) and still can't salvage my save file...

any suggestions are welcome...
Best of luck bro
awaiting your updates
Thank you for the support guys
*End of Winter Transfer Window*

Date: 1st February 2015
Brief: So far the season was way above my own expectations in the league and CL, exception is the Italian Cup.
Some players let me down hugely, some overachieved, and some brought me sad news. And here is the analysis of what's happening so far.

Club Performance

League: Sharing the top of the Serie A with Juventus, hope they face some bad luck to allow me some breathing space.
Italian Cup: Got knocked out on penalties in the 1st round.....
Champions League: Surprisingly one loss after I've already secured my succession to the 1st knock-out phase. Very proud of beating Chelsea home and away, my team didn't let me down! Been drawn to face (Zenit) for the next game, I have hope of a good result.

Player News and Transfers


Juan Iturbe: I had faith in him, he never delivered.
Miralem Pjanic: Fairly inconsistent, fades in and out, but still there to save the day when needed…hope he picks up in the 2nd half of the season.


Wojciech Szczesny: Surprised me by being consistent in form, rarely makes mistakes, and I'm seriously thinking of making his transfer permanent by season end.
Lucas Digne: His bursts forward, his back retreat towards defense, and his pinpoint crosses made him be the man with most assists so far. A keeper for next season?
Iago Falque: The unexpected departure of Gervinho in the last transfer window left a void which stupidly I thought Iturbe could fill…Thank God Falque out-performed himself and provided decent cover as my Left Winger for at least this season.
Radja Nainggolan: Thought he'd be the backup in my midfield trio, he proved me wrong! He's the lead singer putting Pjanic in shame.

Sad News
Emanuel Mammana: Suffered ACL injury and loan had to be terminated
Seydou Keita: Despite getting playing time as a sub and replacing an ever suspended De Rossi he wanted a permanent 1st team slot which I couldn't provide, He was sold…
Kevin Strootman: After the long wait for his return from injury and him only seeing 15mins of play time, his ACL injured reoccurred during training taking off for 9 months…his season has ended.
Alessandro Florenzi: My favorite Roma player in real-life…was on international duty in November and suffered a Broken Leg (lower) which ended his season early.

Analysis BEFORE buying new players

- The team definitely need replacements for Florenzi and Strootman.
- My gamble by having Ponce and Bonazzoli as understudies to Dzeko has failed miserably due to their young age, I need a new striker with a tad more experience to provide Dzeko a backup.
- Time to research next season targets and keep a close eye on them.
- Surprisingly demand for Seydou Doumbia is high and I managed to get an eye-watering 37m Euro for him! That money will come in handy in summer transfers!

Transfers IN

Gino Peruzzi: Managed to get a good deal on him and will be Florenzi's replacement, as I don't believe Torosidis is good enough. But as my luck shows...he got injured last day before transfer window for 3-4 weeks...so Torosidis gets his shot lol
Lucas Romero: Young and with huge potential he's Strootman's replacement, I managed to sign a pre-contract with him. Offered to buy him now and at 1.4m Euro who could say no??
Alberto Paloschi: A FM favorite of mine I signed him to backup Dzeko. Hope he's the right man, so far he is.
Nicola Leali: Signed a pre-contract, he's De Sanctis replacement as my backup GKat season end.
Iago Falque + Gerson: Predetermined transfers I personally believe both are not worth that price tag, though both doing well so far.

Future Targets

I'll need to decide on whether to keep Szczesny and Digne (and try and get a good deal) or find other replacements. Emerson (DL on loan) and Torosidis aren't up to par so I'll need new backup fullbacks. I got a gut feeling Totti will retire by season end, so striker hunt begins. Falque might be performing well but he isn't good enough, a higher quality player is a must. Central Midfield needs more depth too.

Perin, Sirigu, Begovic, Romero, Valdes, Horn, and Bravo are all candidates if Szczesny is out of reach.

Digne is a tougher player to replace, I'll start my research soon.

Emerson and Torosidis on the other hand are easy to replace, I'm already in contract talks to sign Nicola Murru and Luca Bittante by season end.

Totti is a Roma legend but his time might come to an end soon. I'm eying to bring back Mattia Destro or try my luck with Domenico Berardi. Let's just wait and see how it unfolds.

For my AML position I'm hoping to seal a deal for Eder soon, if it didn't work out I'll start my research.

In the middle of the park I'll keep a close eye on Roberto Soriano, Federico Viviani and Lorenzo Pellegrini(due to their HG and club status), and hopefully Strootman's return provides more depth.

I'll post my next update once the season ends hopefully.
*1st Transfer Window Closed*
The Season starts and I insert myself as AS Roma manager to replace the failing Rudi Garcia...will I end the 14year drought since the last league title?
I start analyzing my team and knew I have 4 players to build the team around:
De Rossi
Speaking of tactics, I'll be using (Scholes Can't Tackle created by The_Reconist) but tweaked a bit to a better fit for my team:
Starting with a negative wage budget...I've decided to try and save funds by selling some players and spending next season instead of now.
So I'm gonna use my current squad, and replacing fringe players with youth to be able to use them as backups and aid my registration in comps (as HG players)
I decided to offload the fringe players with high wages and replace un-needed loan players. My signings were just forward thinking with young players and were light on my wallet, as I'm planning to go crazy next season and get myself some superstars hopefully:
*managed to replace 2 loanees on transfer deadline!*
I was drawn in the "Group of Death" in the UEFA Champions League...Monaco, Leverkusen, and Chelsea...hope I do well...*tells himself that Europa League isn't bad*

My next update with scores will be at Mid-season hopefully.

you can use the tactics from 2013 on 2014
but I noticed:
1- Classic DO NOT work
2- not all tactics are loaded...might be too old of a version?
Hi hammer9,

Could I get this please?
AS Roma Home 13/14
with Hashim 16 (that's my real name)
if its not too much of a burden on you...I'd love it to be in SSFB style...with the RomaCares logo on the front shirt...its ok if you cant

many thanks in advance
By Leslie Bellamy | Permalink | On 05 July 2013 - 17:32 PM
Thanks for the review. I'm sure you'll enjoy more success with this tactic. To upload screenshots on Windows 8 you need to go to Steam\userdata\54306958\760\remote\207890\screenshots and to take screenshots you need to press F12 anywhere in FM 2013

Thank you for the advice, but I am not using Steam to play FM...I have a CD
** sorry didn't attach screenshots, don't know how to do so on Windows 8 **
Tested the tactic using AS Roma and I am now at mid-season in 3rd place behind Juventus and Napoli
Here are my league stats so far:
Played: 17
Won: 12
Draw: 2
Lost: 3
Scored: 35
Conceded: 22

My negatives are:
1- my team was easily hit on counter attacks...really easily hit...maybe 80% of goals I conceded were from counters
2- striker seems to have more of a support role...rarely scores from open play
3- the MCR, DR, DCR seems to get loads of cards, maybe due to the fact that there is less cover on the right side?

Positives are:
1- Possession, possession, possession =D even if I'm Losing
2- AML, MCL, AMC seem to score for fun
3- the team never gives-up...several times I am losing, my team manages to draw at 89th and score a winner shortly after

My formation was as follows: (Sub player in brackets)

GK: Stekelenburg (Lobont)

DR: Torosidis (Piris)
DL: Balzaretti (Dodo)
DC: Leandro Castan, Marquinhos (Burdisso, Marco Capuano)

MCR: Micheal Bradley (Tachtsidis)
MC: De Rossi (Bonaventura)
MCL: Pjanic (Wilson Palacios)

AMC: Totti (Florenzi)
AML: Lamela (Marquinho)

ST: Pablo Osvaldo (Destro)

Hope my simple review helps
Just downloaded it thank you
will test and get you my feedback as soon as I can
tried to download the tactic to test it
kept getting a file is corrupt message
Hey again....
Gave this challenge a retry and failed only in CL this time......

1.Community Shield: Won 1-0 (Lampard 8' )
2.European Super Cup: Won 2-1 (Terry 14'...Hazard 45+2'....Falcao 46' )
3.World Club Cup: Won 3-2 against Corinthians (Lewandowski 1', 48', 77'...Pato 13', 45' )
4.League Cup: Won 1-0 against Arsenal (Lewandowski 62' )
5.FA Cup: Won 2-1 against Newcastle (Torres 72', Lewandowski 80'....Jelle Vossen 74' )
6.Champions League: Lost to Barcelona in Semi-finals 4-1 Agg
7.Premier League: Won in 2 games before the end, 9 points difference

My transfers where: Lewandowski, Michu, Tello, Astori, and managed to loan Yarmolenko

A.Cole --- Terry --- David Luiz --- Azpilicueta
Lampard --- Ramires
Hazard --- Michu --- Mata
Hey NoName =P
Gave this challenge a try and fell short...got 5 of 7...

1.Community Shield: Won 2-1 (Mata 9'...Torres 13'......Dzeko 54' )
2.European Super Cup: Won on penalties after a 0-0 draw
3.World Club Cup: Won easily after beating some African club 7-0 then beat Corinthians 3-0
4.League Cup: Got knocked out in the semi's after losing to Tottenham 1-0 (Adebayor 1' )
5.FA Cup: Won against the cup's black horse...Swansea...4-1 (Hazard 9', 45+1'...Cavani 40'...Terry 81'........Michu 17' )
6.Champions League: Lucky for me I had a path clear from Top teams (1st round: Zenit, Quarters: Malaga, Semis: Arsenal, Final: Bayern) Won the final by closing the game =P scored early and just kept on counters...3-1 (Torres 7', Lampard 13', 90+2'.......Mandzukic 44' )
7.Premier League: landed short at 3rd...13 points behind the winners Man U...1 point behind runners-up Man C

My transfers where mainly upfront: Cavani, Charlie Austin, and loaned in Kevin Gamiero....and managed to sign Lamela midseason cheaply too

I played a simple 4-4-2 with AMR-L

A.Cole --- Terry --- David Luiz --- Azpilicueta
Lampard --- Ramires
Hazard --- ---------------- --- Mata
Torres --- Cavani
By love_animals | Permalink | On 02 December 2012 - 16:14 PM
Did anyone have some experience with this tactic???...i see nobody comments...

Funny that 292 downloads and none told me what they think of it
I started this topic to get comments on my tactic Click Here to view the tactic

Awaiting comments and suggestions
144 downloads and 0 comments...shocker...
Training Guide:
General Training: always on (Balanced) and (Average)
Match Training: when I play weaker or similar teams (Att. Movement), when I play a stronger team (Def. Positioning)
* Note: If you have a weak defence, set your training to (Def. Positioning) *

Guide to help choose the best players for every role:
- CB's: all I can say is have your slowest defender in the center

- WM's: Pace, Dribbling, Passing, and Crossing are a must. And yes, try to employ players with decent workrate+teamwork

- BWM's: Tackling, Passing, and Determination are key to this position. Anticipation and Stamina will do wonders too

- DLP: Technique, Passing, Creativity, and Teamwork make the best to fit here. Flair will this role an extra UMMF

- DLF: To make it easier...find someone like DelPiero, G.Rossi, Lavezzi, L.Insigne...you know, a support striker

- AF: This guy needs to be able to finish infront of goal I used Destro and he's been lethal

The end

I am awaiting to get feedback on my tactic...any advice is welcome