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tongey Comments
Central Español
January & February 2024


A new season is upon us, and after a pretty good outing last season I'm primed and ready for a top 4 challenge this time around. We've had a bit of good news at the club, as we've now moved successfully into our new stadium (which was commissioned before I took charge). Our new stadium: 'Central Español Stadium is a new state of the art 8,700 all seater stadium that will be our home for the future. I'm ecstatic that the board have done this, as it shows they want the best for the club, and hopefully, we can continue to improve on the pitch to help us improve off the pitch.


I've not been as busy as I'd like to have been in the transfer market, only managing to bring in two players for the first team. The first in through the door was actually a deal completed before the season had ended. Henrique Luro is a Brazillian CB, who's going to bring some flair to the squad. His defensive stats are impressive and his fitness is out of this world. I'm thrilled to get him in on a free and shows we have pulling power in this league now. The second player in is another Brazillian, this time a winger, Gabriel Capiaxba plays on either wing in an attacking role. He can improve slightly and should be a wizard down either wing. I'm hoping he will slot straight into the team as we play a wing play tactic.



January & February 2024


It's a bit of a weird update this time, as I'll combine both of the months in one to get news of all the competitions caught up on. Our friendlies were pretty successful results wise as didn't lose a single one. We had good wins against Dep. Riestra, Acassusro & Oriental de la Paz, which all posed a good matchup for us. I've started training a secondary tactic, which still uses the wing play, but in a slightly different formation, utilising an attacking midfielder instead of a 2nd striker. Hopefully, we can get this one familiar with the first team squad fairly quickly.

I'm presuming we also qualified for the Copa Sudamericana through our league position, but I'm not actually sure how we did. Anyway, we're involved in a continental tournament for the first time in this career, and we faced a tough matchup in the 1st round. America de Cali from Colombia were our opponents and showed they weren't to be a pushover in the 1st leg at home. We ended up drawing in the first leg, after going ahead in the 4th minute thanks to a Bellini goal, before conceding in the 44th minute to give away that precious own goal. In the 2nd leg, away in Colombia, we managed to put in a wonderful performance to astound the press and media as we grabbed the win and progressed into the 2nd round. A 93rd minute winner from Diego Coelho as he headed home a corner was enough to send the away fans into raptures. A good prize chunk of prize money to go with it too. £200k.

In the league, it's not been an amazing start, and probably should've been better. We drew with the current champions River Plate de Montevideo, but should've won the game. We went ahead twice, and led the game until the 95th minute, when they popped up to score a crappy equaliser, so that we shared the points. Disappointing that we couldn't hold on but I'll take a point against the current champions. We then went onto a disappointing and undeserved loss against Deportivo Maldonado. I won't say so much about this one but we should've won. 1 point from the opening month.


Next Post: March & April 2024

God you're good at leaving things on a cliffhanger!

You're also the master of negotiations, getting Pukki in through the door in a stroke of genius! Football god did someone say?

Come on the Huginn!
@bigmattb28, I'm realising that, and I'll look forward to crossing that bridge when I come to Brazil. It's going to be a big challenge that's for sure!


Central Español
November & December 2023


I'd finally found a team that I'm enjoying being at, and with that, comes the results. We had hit some good form in my first couple of months in charge of Central Español and things are looking up. We have 2 months of the season left, with the culmination of the Closing Stage. I had a nice message pop up though and shows I'm having a positive influence on this team despite not being here that long. Maybe my reputation is starting to increase slowly.


November 2023


5 games, with a mixed set of results isn't too bad at this stage of the season. A nice 2-0 win over Danubio, which we dominated from start to finish! We could've stolen all 3 points against Defensor Sporting, but a point is what we got after a stalemate. Unfortunately we lost a close encounter with Penarol, who are one of the better teams in this league. A late goal got the better of us in that one. We had another close game with Progreso, but came out on the better side of it after a 2-1 win. We ended the month however, with a shocking performance where we were totally outclassed by River Plate de Montevideo.

December 2023


Only 2 games this month, to see out the closing stage and the season itself. We lost a close one against Deportivo Maldonado as we went down 1-0, before coming back and finishing the league strongly with a good win against Villa Teresa.


We finished the Closing Stage in 5th place, which is my highest finish in this league. I'm really happy with the progress we've shown in this short space of time, and I'm delighted to have finished so high in the league. How did we fare in the whole season though?


An 8th place finish for us in the overall table, with 51 points coming our way. River Plate de Montevideo ended up winning the league by 6 points ahead of Defensor Sporting. Nacional surprisingly finished in 4th place after winning the league the past two times. I'll be aiming for a top 4 finish next season and with the right additions, I think it's a realistic target for us.

Next Post: January & February 2024

Impressive stats as England manager there! 70 of 83 games won! Well done on the Euros too, although Ireland have no right to be in the final!
Central Español
September & October 2023


'Intermedio Uruguayo' over with, and onto the closing stage we go. 15 games over the space of 4 months, and hopefully a much better showing from the boys. First of all, a bit of news regarding Luis Agramonte as he's reached his 100 games in football management. His stats over this period of time are as follows:

35 WINS, 18 DRAWS, & 47 LOSSES.

September 2023


Wow, not a bad month to kick off this closing stage, as we end the month with more wins than losses for the first time for a while. A cracking 1-0 opening day win against Torque with a fine goal from Santiago Bellini was enough for the 3 points. We then went on to beat Liverpool de Montevideo 3-1 in a cracking match. Santiago Bellini grabbed a brace with Dario Giradua netting the other. We did end the month on a poor result, as we lost 1-0 to Plaza Colonia. A relatively good month for us though.

October 2023


Make that 2 good months in a row, as we only lose the one match this time around. We went on a win, draw, win, draw run beating Atenas de San Carlos & Carro Lago. The win at Cerro Lago was a massive performance as we won 4-0 (I think that's my biggest win of the career so far). A 2-2 draw against Fenix, and a boring stalemate against Wanderers saw us pick 2 more points up. Nacional were the only team to inflict a defeat on us in October, as we lost 2-0, in a particularly poor performance. I'll take these two months any day of the week.


8 games in, and we're sitting pretty in the top 4 of the league. 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. Not bad at all for Luis Agramonte and the Central boys! Can the form continue though?

Next Post: November & December 2023

103 points!!! WHAT THE HELL! That's impressive man! Congratulations on the promotion and the league title!
@r96Skinner, top man! I'm sure it'll be a success here!


Central Español
July & August 2023
Uruguayo Intermedio


I've finished my first section of management at my new club Central Español, and once again I'm struggling to find results and consistency. I think my tactics aren't quite right here, so I'm experimenting a fair bit which could be playing a factor in results too. I think I need to go more attacking as we aren't scoring many goals. It's a work in progress anyway.

One good thing that is happening right now, is that the board actually agreed for me to go on a coaching course, so I'm now studying for my first coaching qualification: National C License, which can only be a good thing for me going forward.


Uruguayo Intermedio

As we did last season with Sud America, we took part in the middle section of the season called the Uruguayo Intermedio, which is the group stage of the Campeonato Uruguayo Copa Coca-Cola league. We are in Group A, alongside champions Nacional once again. 7 games, over 2 months.


Form wasn't great for us in the middle of the group games, but we bookended it with positive results ending up with maximum points. A fantastic 2-1 win against Vila Teresa with two wonder strikes from midfield general Dario Giraudo. After that first good win, we went on a 4 game losing streak against Defensor Sporting, Nacional, Liverpool de Montevideo & River Plate de Montevideo. The Nacional game was so close and we were unfortunate not to at least get a draw from that one. A good point against Deportes Maldonado, before a cracking 3 points after a narrow 1-0 win against Progresso.

Not the greatest of form or set of results, but we managed to finish in 6th position, with 7 points in total.


Next Post: September & October 2023
@r96Skinner, stupid run of form was all season long haha! Couldn't snap out of it, and tbh I'm happy to be out of there now.

@bigmattb28, definitely are plenty of sides here, can't believe some leagues have like 30 teams in them! I'm sticking with Uruguay for now, I will win this league someday!


Central Español
June 2022
Same Country, Different Club


So it's been 7 months since I was sacked from Sud America, and the job hunt was relentless. I applied for pretty much every job that came up, and was rejected 90% of the time. I had the odd interview with teams struggling at the bottom of the leagues, and didn't even get those jobs. I thought I was out of luck, until a well known team to me, came a looking for a manager, and offered me the job after a successful interview. Central Espańol is that team.


I'm happy to be here, and maybe I can actually win some games in this damn league this season. Sud America were so unequipped for the league after their promotion, but Central Espanol are an established side here, and should be around mid table this season.



In the Opening Stage of the league, they finished in 9th position which is just below mid table. They had a mediocre campaign so far, and I'm here to push them upwards towards the top end of the table. I'll be taking charge just before the Intermedio Uruguayo starts so that's my first target: A top half finish in my group.

Next Post: Intermedio Uruguayo Update

Another quality season in the Premier League, and a pretty convincing League Cup win as well! Not a great showing in the FA Cup, and you were unlucky in the Champions League.

Neary looks like a quality player, and to have 50+ goals between two players is always a good place to be in!

Keep it up! Also I love the fact Forest are clawing their way back up to the top!
27th November 2022


So the season officially ended, and with that the board called me in to discuss my performance with the first team. They had issues with the run of form we were on, and our final league position. I did the usual pleading for more time, saying we had a tough run of fixtures, but it was to no avail. I think the board had already made up their mind and sacked me on the spot. I'm once again without a club, and looking for a new role in South American football.


Sud America
Final Stats

60 games - 17 WINS, 13 DRAWS & 30 LOSSES
(0 Trophies, 1 Promotion, 1 Award, 768 days in charge)

Sud America
August, September & October 2022


God, I'm happy this season is over with. When they say management is no fun when you aren't winning, that's definitely true! I aimed to get 3 wins in the closing stage of the league, and I'm sure you can guess what happened with that monstrous target. I messed around with my formation, trying multiple different tactics, and not one of them worked. It'll come good eventually, but I am currently back on the job hunt (not been sacked) just to maybe broaden my horizons and find a club that may be in with a chance of winning now.

August 2022


We actually went into August, in pretty decent nick having won our previous game, so to extend our unbeaten run of form through the first two games of the month was enjoyable to see! We had a pretty good draw against a strong Wanderers side thanks to a stunning strike from Alejandro Delgado in the last seconds of the game. We went on our travels to face Torque, and came back with maximum points. We played with passion and scored two good team goals which is a rarity for us. Andreas Romero & Eric Barrios, our midfield generals grabbed the goals that helped us win. It went downhill and the month ended on a disastorous result. A 7-0 tanking from champions Nacional put us right back in our place. Terrible.

September 2022


So after a pretty good start to the Closing Stage, September was a poor, poor month for us only picking up the one measly point. We lost the first 3 games of the month against Central Espanol, Defensor Sporting, & Atenas de San Carlos. We didn't manage to score in any of these games, and although the games look close on the scoreline, the performances were definitely worlds apart. We went on to draw our final game against Danubio, our fellow strugglers. Once again we didn't score meaning we didn't score a single goal this month. Not good enough I'm afraid.

October 2022


Probably the worst month of my career so far. We played a massive 8 games this month so we were extremely busy! Extremely busy losing that is. Our form is simply terrible as we lost the first 7 games this month. We didn't play well in any of them, and didn't deserve any points tbh. I think this season is a write off and we have to face the facts that we will be in the second division once again. We did gain one point this month as we drew against River Plate de Montevideo on the last game of the season.


Of course, we finished bottom of the league, finishing with 20 points from our 37 games this season. Racing de Montevideo finishing just above us on 22 points but there was a substantial gap between us two, and the next worst club Danubio. In this league, teams get relegated based on their average points over the two previous seasons.


We finished bottom of the average points table as well, with 0.54 points per game from our season. That's not good at all. Oh well, down to the second division we go.


I will be looking for other jobs this offseason, but if none come up, I'll be staying at Sud America if they still want me.

Next Post: 2023...

Sud America
Uruguayo Intermedio Roundup


I've been trying to get the club to let me go on my first coaching course, but they are having none of it because of the current financial situation. It's take a turn for worse and we are losing money quickly. I'm not sure I'll turn that around but we will march on and try and improve the situation on the pitch. You'll remember that we were just about to take part in the middle section of the league campaign: the Uruguayo Intermedio, which is like a mini league in the middle of the season to split it up and make it a bit different and more enjoyable. We had been placed in Group A alongside current leaders and current champions Nacional.

Uruguayo Intermedio


We played 7 times, once against each of the teams in our group, and things didn't go too great. We managed to lose the opening 2 games against Deportivo Maldonado & Liverpool de Montevideo. We didn't really play that well against either of them and got what we deserved. We picked up the first of our points in the next match after a hard fought 0-0 draw against Atenas de San Carlos. The boys battled well and deserved their point. We then had a hard run of 3 games against top, top sides in the division. Nacional, Fenix & River Plate de Montevideo which we lost all 3 of. I had targeted our final game to pick up maximum points as they were languishing with us towards the bottom of the group, and had just sacked their manager. To my surprise we did go out there and win. We WON a game at last! A fantastic 4-2 win and a fantastic performance to boost the spirits and morale of the group going into the closing stage.


We didn't finish bottom which is a little victory for us to be honest. Danubio ended up at the bottom of the pile after our final day victory. We ended up gaining 4 points from a maximum of 21 so not good, but hey ho, we're not a good side in this division so I'll take it. I'll be aiming for at least 3 wins in the closing stage (hefty target I know).

Next Update: August & September 2022
Definitely don't consider leaving just yet? You're onto a winner here at Huginn! Promotion should be secured now really?
Love this idea! Get going in Africa my man!
@bigmattb28, competitive? You can definitely say that again! Hardest place I've managed on FM! I don't think I've ever had top flight success here before.


Sud America
March & April 2022


It's been a tricky couple of months, with plenty of action to fill you all in on. I think we are finally turning a corner with finances, with a bigger attendance coming through the gate each game, we're making more money from tickets so that should start showing by the end of the season. It'll take a couple of years to gain positive money flow again though so it's a long haul attempt. This update sees us conclude the Opening Stage of the Campeonato Uruguayo-Copa Coca Cola which has been a hard slog for me in charge. I've changed tactics a number of times and have been scouring the transfer market but nothing has come up trumps yet.

March 2022


3 games played in the league, and only 1 point gained. I told you it was a hard slog, and the games don't get any easier no matter who our opponent is. Every team seems to be stronger than us and that's not where we want to be. This season is all about trying to stay in the league and then maybe we can launch our attack to move up the league season upon season. A last minute equaliser from Joaquin Perdomo saw us gain that crucial point against Atenas de San Carlos, to start the month off before two batterings in a row. Two 3-0 scorelines is not what we want, especially when were playing at home. Danubio & Penarol, who are both amongst the upper echelons of the league anyway were the ones to do the damage to us.

April 2022


We carried on that bad form and losing streak into the start of April, as we lost 2-0 to Liverpool de Montevideo & Boston River. This meant that we hadn't scored for 4 games in a row, and had conceded 10 in that same gamespan. Not the stats we were looking for. However form went on an upwards trajectory which surprised me. We managed to gain a credible draw against Deportivo Maldonado but should've won, as a last minute equaliser stole 2 points from us. Two wins on the trot then followed, with a surprising one against high-flying Fenix, courtesy of stunning goals from Andreas Romero & Andrew Zamorano. A clean sheet and 3 points followed as beat bottom side River de plate Montevideo in a 2-0 win! We were on course for good end to the opening stage, but we lost the final two games on the trot which was disappointing to see. Two losses against Progresso & River Plate de Montevideo meant we ended the season on a low point.


So we ended the opening stage of the league, 2nd bottom in the league on 10 points with 2 wins, 4 draws and 9 losses out of 15 games. I think the way the league works is that the bottom 3 teams when sorted on average points get relegated. Basically we need to improve to stay up when the Closing stage comes around. Nacional ended up coming top of the league and have already qualified for something.

The draw for the Uruguayo Intermedio stage of the league has been made, and the league is split into 2 leagues of 8 teams. From the looks of things, we've been given a tough task as Nacional are in our side of the draw. We will give it our best shot though!


Next Post: Uruguayo Intermedio RoundUp
That is a hell of a beating you gave to Dortmund in the FINAL! Crazy times have come!

I like the fact you are making the team more English, always a fun addition to a save that. Might be the only trophy Liverpool win for a while... -runs away-
Looking forward to seeing this career unfold, not often we have a Barcelona save. Are there any specific guidelines you're trying to stick to?

Also, just as a tip, maybe try using 'Imgur' to host your images then you can paste them directly into the post, so it's not an outgoing link as an attachment
As much as I like new careers being posted on here, maybe actually try posting them as a proper career save on here, and not a link to another site.
God try saying your keepers name when drunk? Not a chance!

nice to see you getting the overachievers award once again, and good to see you getting that coaching qualification!

Heres to a strong season!
What is it with 2nd seasons and you man! Anyway, what an incredible start at Huginn, things are looking good, but like you said, don't get too carried away. Keep your composure and promotion will come!
@r96Skinner, you're right man, it was absolutely mental! I think we got a little lucky to get promotion after finishing in 4th after the season. I'll take it though!

@bigmattb28, it's definitely going to be a test in that division! My squad isn't that full of top league quality yet, and with no budget it'll be hard to add but we will give it a go.

@Dan, I'm not sure I've ever seen a league so tight in my time on FM. Always a fun season eh...

@HockeyBhoy, Fingers crossed more success finds me!


Sud America
January & February 2022 Update


After last seasons absolutely crazy ending, we had found ourselves in the top flight of Uruguayan football: The Campeonato Uruguayo Copa Coca-Cola league. Catchy eh? My squad isn't filled with a lot of top flight quality yet, but I'll be trying to add to that in the off-season, and throughout the next couple of seasons if we can stay in the division.

My aim this year is simple. To stay in the top flight, and too make a little bit of money (not likely). I have made two signings so far, and they add top flight quality. It's much needed I tell you. Alfonso Tezza is a right winger who brings pace, and trickery. He has a natural crossing ability which should lend well to scoring goals from my wing play system. Brian Jones, is an American forward who is young and full of promise. Hopefully, he will lead the club in goals this season as I'm paying him a fair whack to hopefully do just that. He's a poacher, and I'll be looking at him to help me achieve my goals this season.

Alfonso Tezza (RW)

Brian Jones

January 2022


Not a lot went on in terms of competitive fixtures in January, but we did play our friendlies. I say this in most pre-season updates, but it's more to get the players fit againa fter the long off-season, and for any new players to build bonds and to get a familiarity to the system we play. That being said, we had good a very good off-season in terms of results as we won 4 out of the 5 against Hurracan del Paso, Temperley, Los Andes & Central de San Jose whilst drawing the first one against Villa Teresa. We did have one league game at the end of the month, and it didn't go to plan. A very early penalty for Wanderers set us up for a defeat and we left with 0 points. I'm disappointed as we never got started in this game and we were behind before we could start properly.

February 2022


So by the look of results, things aren't going too well in the top flight for us, and that's correct. We've drawn 3 games, and lost 2. We have been slightly unlucky in games but we haven't really played well enough to gain maximum points yet. We went behind early to Torque before equalising through Andreas Romero to gain a point. The next game we were on the end of an absolute tonking. It was to be expected as Nacional are the current champions. We gained another point against Central Espanol because of a late late equaliser from them. This was the game we should've possibly won. It's a shame to see us lose concentration that late on. It was another poor performance to end out the month, as we lost 3-1 to Sporting Defensor.


We end the first two months of the season sitting 2nd bottom of the league, with the bottom 3 getting relegated from the Coca-Cola championship. There's a long way to go, and a good run of form will catapult us up the league.

Next Post: March & April 2022

Sud America
Playoffs 2021


So, a few things to update you on, including my interpretation of the rules. I was sat here, ready to enter the playoffs in the hope that I could win that and get promoted, but that wasn't to be just yet. As the top 4 teams all ended up on the same amount of points, a preliminary playoff group stage was to happen to determine the order of the top 4, and ultimately decide who was the champions, who would get that second automatic promotion spot and who would enter the main playoffs. Confusing eh? Anyway, we were in direct competition with our 3 main rivals: Fenix, Cerro & Tacuarembo FC. All had beaten us at one point or another this season. It's going to be fun...

Playoff Fixtures


We started off with a good win against much fancied Cerro. A late, late goal from Joaquin Pererya saw us claim a vital 3 points and start off this 3 match series in the best way we could.

It was Tacuarembo FC up next, and a stunner from Eric Barrios saw us edge a tight contest. When I say a stunner, I mean one. It was atleast 35 yards out and he curled a freekick into the top right corner. Excellent technique and it deserved to be a match winner!

Our old foes Fenix stood in our way of the league title. It was either going to be us, or them. Unfortunately for us, they got the better of us once again, just like they did on the final day of the season. It was a drab game in all honesty and not a lot happened in front of goal. Fenix took their chance and all 3 points and won the title on a day where both teams were celebrating promotion.


So the preliminary playoffs had ended and the top four had changed. Fenix won the title and finished on top of the rest of us, thanks to a superior goal difference. We ended on the same amount of points but had less of a goal difference so finished in the 2nd promotion spot. I'll take that after a crazy season. Tacuarembo FC ended up 3rd, with Cerro in 4th. It's over to the playoffs for them now.


Final League Update

So after that crazy season, the final standings are listed below. Crazy, crazy season and one of the most enjoyable of my FM Journey! I don't think I've ever seen 4 teams end the season on the same points, to then have to play each other in a round robin playoff to determine the league order. Progresso ended up getting promoted via the playoffs, after being Cerro in the final via a penalty shootout. Rocha FC & Rentistas are the two unlucky teams to suffer relegation with Rampla Juniors somehow avoiding the drop.


I've posted my team awards below! An excellent season is capped off by gaining promotion into the Primeria Division, and for the first time, I'll be playing amongst the big boys in Uruguay. Can I possibly tick off my first top division this early? Probably not, but we will try!

I somehow won the prestigious Manager of the Year Award, which makes it the first award of the career! I'll take that any day of the week.


Next Post: 2022 Season: January & February Update

WOW, that's a close season! Why are our seasons so similar!! Anyway, best of luck in the playoffs! Anything can happen my friend!
@r96Skinner, you pretty much nail that! BANG ON my friend! How did we fare I hear you ask?


Sud America
End of Season Update


It's close, oh so close at the top, coming into the last portion of the season! We had 4 games left on the fixture list and I'm not even sure how it's going to end. It's been enthralling to see, but I'd wish we could've been clear at the top. Anyway, no new contracts or players to tell you about, but the board did pump £67k into the funds to help boost accounts as we are struggling in that department. A promotion could seriously help us.



We played out 3 of the 4 fixtures and did really, really well. A good win to start things off against Rentistas courtesy of a Joaquin Noy screamer and a smashing volley from Ignacio Panziarello. We then went on to draw with second bottom side Rampla Juniors which did not please me. I let the players know that I wasn't happy with how they played and they responded excellently in the next game. A 2-0 win against Rocha FC left the league table looking like this!


Cerro had already played all 20 of their games, and sat in 2nd place, but could still win the league somehow (complicated maths time). We sat top of the pile on the same amount of points but I think we had scored more. Fenix & Tecuarembo FC can both still win the league, but Fenix have the difficult task of playing us. It's all to play for! A win would guarantee us the league. The remaining fixtures went like this...


ARGH!! So frustrating, as we ended up losing to Fenix thanks to a late, late goal. I thought we had secured the draw which would have seen us tie up the league title, only for them to go down the other end and pop home a looping header. It wasn't to be unfortunately, but we did make the playoffs!


All 4 teams at the top ended on 38 points with Cerro ending up with the title because of a better goal difference. Fenix and ourselves shared a goal difference but because they scored more, they take precedent so take that 2nd place. We had a better goal difference than Tacuarembo FC so we beat them to 3rd place. Complicated, and OH SO CLOSE!

Next Post: Playoffs!

@r96Skinner, Cerro are indeed the force that we are watching closely! It's not just a two horse race though anymore, as you'll soon see!

@bigmattb28, that's the plan! It's quite a competitive league, at the top anyway!


Sud America
May, June & July Update


So I know I said it was only going to be a May & June update this time, but June is a mid-season break so I just carried on and did July's matches instead for you so I had two months to report back on. It's been an interesting few months to say the least. I'll start off with the news that I have had my contract extended. The board came to me initially with the idea of extending my contract and I told them I'd love to. Within a day, I had signed on the dotted line of my extension and I'm here for another 12 months at least.


I have made another signing, and he came in to us during the mid-season break. I didn't necessarily need to upgrade this position, but his future potential intrigued me and I'm happy we've got him in. Luis Cartes, comes in on a free from Penarol, who sit top of the Primera Division. He's young at the age of 23, and has 4.5* potential. He also immediately goes in to be our number one goalkeeper. Exciting times ahead for this young player.


May 2021


It was another busy month for us, as we crammed another 5 league matches in. It's been a mixed bag of results, and probably not what we needed, but we have kept pace with the other main teams poking around the top of the league. We lost the first two games, against Fenix & Tacuarembo FC, both are are rivals near the top which is so disappointing and frustrating. We didn't play well in either game and got what we deserved. We managed to turn it around by winning the next two on the trot against Villa Espanol & Juventud de las Piedres, 1-0 and 3-0 respectively. It was nice to get two clean sheets as well to boost confidence. The big game came at the end of the month as closest rivals Cerro came to town. Frustratingly it ended with a bore draw, but we can feel hard done by, as we had a perfectly good goal ruled out for a "push". Disallowed goals are the bane of my life this season. At least we didn't lose the match.

Player of the Month: May 2021
Eric Barrios (CM) - Eric has recently come into the squad, and settled in incredibly well. His passing is something to behold and he has set up a fair few goals this month, whilst getting on the scoresheet himself. Impressive form from the new signing.

July 2021


Only the 2 games after the month break in play. Annoyingly they both ended in draws, but I have to tell you, we were lucky to gain those points. We were losing 3-1 to Uruguay Montevideo before mounting a nice comeback to gain a point, thanks to a 92nd minute equaliser by cultured striker Facundo Mendez. He had only been brought on a sub to impact the game mid way through the second half and he did just that. In the 2nd game, we mounted another comeback, through an Eric Barrios goal to grab us another point. Two under par performances which could cost us the title?

Player of the Month: July 2021
Facundo Mendez (ST) - Facundo had been dropped as his form wasn't great, but he's back in the starting lineup next month after his bit part performances were something to behold. He saved the game against Montevideo, and set up the other equaliser in the 2nd game. Impressive from the big man.


It's oh so close at the top of the league, with 4 games to go for the majority of teams. We sit in 2nd at the moment on 31 points, 2 points behind Cerro who are top. Tacuarembo FC could go top if they win their game in hand. 5 points seperates the top 5 with any one of us winning the league. It's in for a hell of a finish!

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Sud America
March & April 2021


Another two months have passed, and I'm enjoying things here in my home country Uruguay! Sud America is a refreshing challenge after being treated harshly at Deportes Temuco. I guess I'm trying to say I'm happy things happened the way they did and I'm happy to be here at Sud America. I have made one more signing to add to the team as my two CM's were getting tired all the time due to the fact I haven't got anyone else to play there in rotation.

Eric Barrios - CM

Eric comes into the squad to play in rotation with the other 2 CM's Andres Romero & Joaquin Pereyra. He's Argentinian, 23 years old and looks to be a quality player to add to our ranks. He's going to improve and looks to already have impressive stats. I'm excited we got him on a free after his old team Juventud de las Piedres let him go.

March 2021


March was a hell of a busy month for us. We actually aren't involved in a cup competition for some reason or another (I've yet to research it) so it's all league action for us this season. We had 5 games, and did pretty darn well, winning 4 and losing the once. A fantastic 3-1 win against Villa Espanola with a great performance from Joaquin Noy individually set us up for a good month. We went on to beat Juventud de la Piedres 2-0, with new boy Andrew Zamorano scoring 2 rockets from the LB position. Our best performance was next as we dismantled Uruguay Montevideo 5-0 with winger Joaquin Perdomo putting in a fine display scoring a brace. We followed this up with a poor performance and our first loss on the season. Cerro hosted us and sent us packing with our tails between our legs and a 3-0 loss. We move on and got back to winning ways with a 2-1 win away to Rentistas. Excellent stuff from the boys this month.

Player of the Month: March 2021
Joaquin Noy (DM) - The holding midfielder was in excellent form, and at the heart of everything we did. He broke attacks up, set attacks up and got on the scoresheet twice as well.

April 2021


We have our first unbeaten month of the career, as we carry on our good form and win all 3 of our games this month. The first was at home to Progresso where we carved out a narrow 1-0 win thanks to a wonder goal from Mateo Cantera. Another 1-0 win followed away against Rocha FC, before we gathered our third 1-0 win in a row against Rampla Juniors. A cracking month and a cracking set of performance from the boys in orange.

Player of the Month - April 2021
Martin Mondino (CB) - Martin was a stahlwart at the back for us. He was a rock that couldn't be moved, and was key to the fact that we didn't concede a goal in these 3 games. It could've easily gone to GK, Perdomo, but Mondino was just outstanding.


As you would expect after those sets of results, we are top of the league, and even have a game in hand on our nearest rival. We have 22 points from our first 9 games. Cerro, the only team to beat us so far sit behind us in 2nd on 21 points. Things are looking good for us.

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Wow they've had a fall from grace! I'm sure they've got the right man in charge now though!

Once went to watch them play after my team got postponed near Bradford! Was an enjoyable experience! Good luck man!
Hell of a performance by the Oddevold boys! Looking good so far, just need to keep it going. Like @r96Skinner said, big wins against Linköping City and Tvååkers!
@r96Skinner, just a quick read through of your previous save, and I remember it well again! Love your journeymans! This club will kick start my success in South America I'm sure.

@bigmattb28, I think you're right, and I don't think I should've been sacked after sitting just outside the playoffs! I definitely landed on my feet, albeit the financial side of the team isn't great for now.


February 2021
Sud America


There was a fairly large gap between the day I got hired and the start of the new campaign, in which I had to learn which players I wanted to keep and then others I would let go. In total, around 12 players left the club at the end of their contracts as they were deemed unsuitable for my new regime. I decided to keep around some of the elder statesmen for their experience. Hopefully they can anchor this team to promotion back into the big time in Uruguay. I only made the one signing during the transfer window.

I brought in winger Andrew Zamorano who should solidify the left hand side. He can also play LB or LWB so he's a handy option to have. I'm excited to have him join our squad and he could be key for us. His fitness is especially good, which is always a good trait to have when you marauding up and down the left wing all day.

Andrew Zamorano (WBL, ML, AML)


I only had one friendly arranged, due to the fact I've yet to appoint an assistant manager (they all want too high a wage, and I can't afford them). I organised a tour of Argentina, and purposely picked bigger clubs to rake in the money that we would make. We ended up losing 2 of the 3 matches against these 'bigger' teams, but earned a surprise win against Ituzaingo which was nice to see. We ended the pre-season with a nice win against Muniz with a solid performance as well. This should set us up nicely for a successful start to the season.


February 2021


Only the one league game this month, as the league kicked off towards the back end of February. We started things off with a bore draw against Tacuarembo FC and should've got all 3 points secured. We were extremely unlucky to have 2 goals disallowed. The first for a dubious offside, and the second for an earlier push on the defender. We actually played really well, and dominated proceedings, but couldn't grab the goal to get us all 3 points. A point to start the season.


All to play for in the league, with only one game being played so far. We are 6th on 1 point. Not a lot to read into here so far.

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October 2020
Institucion Atletica Sud America
Uruguayan Second Division


I thought the job hunt would take a lot longer than it has, but I'm back, and I'm back with a bang! This time I've travelled to Uruguay to follow my football dreams. Uruguay is my home country so it's nice to be back in a more familiar setting. Sud America as they will be forever known for from now on, as it's too hard to type their full name out have taken the chance on me and I can't wait to get started here.


The facilities aren't too great, so maybe I'll ask them to be improved in the future if we get back to the top division quickly. The media expect us to finish 3rd in this season so as always, I'll be aiming to finish top of the pile with what should be a pretty strong squad. They actually finished in 6th last season but lost in the playoffs to Uruguay Montevideo which knocked them out.



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