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Reddwarf33 Comments
York kit for the NLN playoffs


Hi Smithy - I assume that York are affectionately known as the Y Fronts :-)
Perfect for my retro, no advertising on shirts games.
Can you make config for default kits
Open the file and have a look at them. They are no use to you except if they were psd files and I'm not sure even then if they would be useful. Much better to use psd files from Bolid etc but these won't be any good in your game.
All the kits work fine in the game but the default ones won't show up because they don't have a config file or a team linked to them. They are red and green indicators of what some of the different styles are but not meant to show up in the game. Every other folder can be accessed by the game though :-)
If you don't mind me asking. I see you have a folder with default 3d kit templates in there. Are they supposed to be better 3d defaults than SI's just like with Fidney's SS default kits?
If so would you mind providing some context as where did you get them and what exactly is the full location where you should place them?

No the defaults folder carries the basic templates for a few designs. In this format it's completely useless for your game and can be binned.
[quote name='Emeka' user_id='501810' id='524111' timestamp='1585095420']

Great idea!

West Ham home 1976 - 80.
Birmingham 1971 - 75.
Carlisle 1973 - 80.
Wolves 1996 - 98.
Barnet 97 - 98.
Aston Villa 1993 - 95.

Not classic teams but definitely classic kits.
It must be a mighty good system to get Bettamer to score goals after watching him at Barnet!!!
Can i download the kits for the english leagues ? 3d kits?

Premier League ones are available on a different Bolid post as psd's and Leagues 1 - 8 available just as 3D kits also on another post.

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The psd files would be awesome :-)
I love it when your name pops up Bolid :-).

Great job as always!!
Cheers man, very generous :-)

No probs - thanks for all your amazing work. Your psd files make my game complete :-)
NE (non-editable) templates are back for FM20. It's only Adidas 19/20 catalogue for now but new manufacturers will be added regularly.

Demonstration video on how to use them:


Have a beer on me Bolid :-)
I've used the "best" bits from the brand psd files and Premier League psd files Bolid released to make one master template which I will add to as more psd's are released.

At the moment I'm waiting for sashes, halves and quarters, an Ajax strip and perhaps a Boca band to go close to completing what I need to make any current or historic kits.

So thanks Bolid, and anyone else who releases psd's (like Smithy) - you have allowed a PS (well Photopea actually) novice to make kits for his games :-)

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I never made italian kits for FM20

No excuse Bolid
I have a question related to 3D kits and FM20. After collecting (and de-badging and de-advertising) thousands of 3D kits over the last few years I now have a vast library I can use for any team I chose, which is awesome.

My question is - is FM20 that amazing and different that it is worth discarding all of my library and start collecting again or does FM19 do the job as well if not better than the new game?

Thanks for any feedback
Chesterfield away 19/20, a kit that was missing from A11_Smithy collection few posts above

Amazing work as always, Bolid. Can't wait but will be patient 'til you release the templates of these so I can take the advertising off them

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Hi everyone, How can I put the goalkeeper 3d kit file into the game?

It can't be done :-)
I converted to NE most of the kits that I made. Now new NE templates require more work because sometimes I have to make new socks or shorts or shirts.
So new NE templates will be added regularly, however at a slower pace.

If you have a particular shirt or kit manufacturer in mind, let me know, I'll consider it
No requests or rush my friend. I'm happy to wait for anything else you may put out and use other templates I have to make up kits.

I know what a drag it is when people ask for something specific - when I was doing my database of legends from 1966 onwards I would have done 1 200+ legends and somebody would ask me to make an obscure left back who played 12 games for Gillingham in the mid 90's
Hi Bolid - Any more NE3D packs happening in your busy life? Loving them and the flexibility they give me in the game :-)
Type hashtag into the "Search" box and it takes you straight to them
I`m using Bolid`s NE3D kits for 2 purposes - either directly into my retro game which uses the 1966 onwards database I created for FM18 which had about 1200 players and managers or to identify other Bolid templates to allow me to create kit colour combinations not covered in the NE3D. My retro league has no advertising on shirts and classic kits - I can`t stand when clubs like West Ham or Villa drop their traditional blue sleeves for a season or some other quirky kit pops up in the game.

Keep up the great work!!!
Asian Conference teams. Includes all the teams that played in the recent Asian Cup. Also includes New Zealand, as no-one is likely to bother with Oceania Conference, and China alternatives.
Other teams will be added in a subsequent pack as I get more accurate information about their current kits.

Just click on the picture to download


Hey jroberts - I reckon that it was about this time last year that some idiot was giving you a hard time about your first go at making kits . You have come so far in the last 12 months whereas I don't think we've seen one contribution from the other guy. Good job!
NE 3D template pack is updated with 4 new kits

Adidas Condivo18
Adidas Regista18
Errea Jaro new
Nike Challenge II
Nike Tiempo
Nike Stripe Division III
Nike Park VI new
Nike Park Derby II
Macron Alphard
Macron Wezen
Puma Liga new
Puma Striped new
Puma Hooped new


Since you've started the NE3D templates, checking for any updates has been the first thing I do when I get up each morning :-). Fantastic concept and resource
Nike shirts are very nice. You have excellent skills!!!
Bolid - If you build it they will come (make the templates and people will download them)
I'd like to introduce a new generation of templates, which should be considerably more easier to use than my previous kits. There is no editing required (obviously you still have to add your club badge and sponsors). All you have to do is make visible 3 layers for shirt, shorts and socks of desirable colour. All details and colours are merged into single layer. Layers are named so that they are self explanatory, so if you want a red kit, it's pretty much obvious which layer to show.

This "prototype" template is Macron Wezen shirt, with 6 shirt colours, plus 3 shorts models of all colours and 2 socks models.

If the feedback is positive, I might proceed and create many more popular kit makes.



Amazingly simple to use and I would certainly like to have lots more of the main designs by major manufacturers to cover all major kits. Great job
I'm not sure what you mean? If by pinstripe you mean think vertical lines, there's Ashton Utd's Joma kit.
Checked sleeves I can't recall if I ever did

Here are the PSD files of my National north 18/19 league:

Thanks for the heads up on the Ashton kit and for the release of all of your psd files. I am using Photopea to open them and find I can do what I need to them to suit my retro games.

Thanks so much for these templates Bolid. They help me to make my retro, no logos game look so much better.

I don't suppose you know of any template with pinstripe or checked sleeves as they are all I think I need to complete my master 3d file.

I'll release English National leagues and Serie A soon.

Serie A were great. Looking forward to National League templates

That is the game not the edit. If you look in the editor you will see there are no players and NOBODY is going to go through and add players to almost 1000 teams - the game should do that for you.