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Ice Man Comments
Green Bay better not stand in the way of Bradys 4th ring

I reckon this is probably our best team since the Bruschi, Law, Faulk, Brown & Branch Super Bowl runs.

I agree that this is the best team we have had in a while. Would love to have Mayo back playing though as this may be his last with us.

Loving Tim Wright as well.
Hope nobody had Gray in their fantasy team.
See that we have re-signed LeGarrette Blount for 2 years. It would seem to me that this would seal the exit of Stevan Ridley in the off season.

Cant see us getting rid of Shane Vereen though. Such a huge asset in the passing game.
Looks quality can't wait to use it.

I don't want this to sound like I'm asking when its coming out etc, but just wandering how much of it is complete? With VP using it during his Southend career, it's got me wandering how much is done as he is able to use it seemingly all the time.
Try closing down Steam and try again?

Thanks man worked a charm.
I am hoping that I am being really stupid but I am really struggling to delete old tactics and databases that I have made. Every time that I try to delete them In Game nothing happens and when I try to delete them out of the game I keep getting a message saying this:


I am quite OCD ish and really like to keep my folders clean, especially when I don't need half of the stuff.

Can anybody help?

The best way that I find is to go into World Transfers and then go to Youth Intake and then scout them from there. Obviously through March is very hard as all/most of Europe seem to get their youth intakes during that month.
To be honest i'm happy just staying in the league and not getting the sack Though obviously a play off place would be amazing.

The skin is a secret for the time being

Makes me want it even more!!

Great news about getting Arsenal. Should be a massive help financially.
Things are looking better. Although it's close at the bottom, if you could get on a bit of a run you could be within reach of the playoff places.

Also what skin are you using. Looks really nice
Can't wait for Assassins Creed Unity. Trying to complete Black Flag before Friday but it's hard with COD as well as FM!

Also been playing Empire Total War recently and really love that game although it can be frustrating at times. Can quite easily be lost in that game for about 3-4 hours without even noticing.
I have changed the logos on the Match Screen to now show the kits (like in FM14) but they are very small. I tried putting the match incidents file that was used in the past few FM's but all that does is make the kits vanish.

Does anybody know how to make the kits bigger? I am no good at editing files or don't even know what I am looking for, so I hope that somebody here does.

If you have still got International Slots open to trade, when a team makes an offer like a 2 year deal for £180k try adding David Villa into that. Might be able to get rid of him that way.

As for signing players the best way that I found in the exact same position is to try and pick players up off waivers, especially players on reserve contracts. They may not be very good but do offer depth to the squad.
Good luck with this mate. Glad to see somebody else having a go with New York City. Great signing in Agudelo. He is quality for me. Hope that you can get some better results with David Villa then I could.

A word of warning though. Villa and Lampard started to moan about being homesick on my game and while Lampard can be talked around I didn't have much luck with Villa.

Hopefully it will all work out for you though.
Minimum 6 weeks I heard. Likely back for 1st play-off game. Ayers has been a great cover for Mayo since arriving though

Yeah agreed, especially that sack on Manning last night!! I think that potentially Browner could only be here for 1 year though. With the new rules this season it really doesn't seem to be suiting him. Giving away so many penalty's.

Just been looking at the odds for us to go all the way. Still like us at 7/1 especially if we can get the Broncos at home in the playoffs. Just a shame that I didn't put the bet on after the Chiefs game. Was nearer to 25/1!
Oh how I love Jules

Agreed, but also love how Gronk and Brady are playing. LaFell and Wright have also stepped it up the last month or so.

Hope that we can get Chandler Jones back soon though. Got a very tough next 3 or 4 games.
New York City


April Update



Well what a difference a win can make. The players were looking more confident together and I was finally aware of what my best team is. This month we were also helped by having a couple of key player returning from injury. Sean Franklin returned at right back and has been key during the month. Perhaps the most important return has been Brian Carroll. His experience has been vital and just all around ability with the ball has been key.

While we are talking about players we had a few moves during the month. Due to Sheanon Williams being on the season injury list, there wasn’t any way to get him out on the pitch so he was waived and is subsequently a free agent. We had a same sort of problem with Eric Alexander, we couldn’t get him out on the pitch and as he had a big chunk of a wage he was also waived.

To replace these players we made a couple of ambitious loan offers to Manchester City. We asked to loan French midfielder Seko Fofana & Nigerian forward Kelechi Iheanacho. Amazingly we managed to get Seko Fofana to come over for the rest of the season. He will add some vital quality to the center of the park but will also be another body as we are currently struggling with a couple of injuries.


With talk in the press about Eduardo McTaggart wanting a move to Real Salt Lake and the constant niggles to David Villa I wanted to bring in another striker. After having a long look around on the free agency I realised that with the salary cap quite tight, so I decided to go back to the loan market where I found a decent Brazilian striker from Santos. Cesar was also on the transfer list for a mere £22k which has been added as a future fee to his loan move. I’m hoping he will be a clinical finisher and score over 10 goals this season.


Our final bit of player news is that I am looking to move David Villa on from the team. At the minute he either is injured every 3rd game or at least seems to be. When he is fit and playing his finishing hasn’t been good enough and with the money that he is on, he needs to leave this team. I am going to be waiting until the European transfer window opens and then will try offering him out to clubs. At the very least I may even consider sending him to a different MLS team as long as I can get a good deal for him.

Right then onto the results! We started the month off with a very poor game against DC United and having only just won our first game this couldn’t have come at a worse time as we try and get on a winning run.

Thankfully after the team got the hairdryer treatment they responded in the best possible way by winning the next 3 games including an astonishing 5-3 win at home to Seattle, where Juan Agudelo scored a fantastic hat-trick. The other 2 wins were the opposite of how we were losing games 2-1 last month. We concede early against Vancouver before rallying to get the comeback win. Houston we did it the harder way by going 2-0 up before conceding with 20 minutes to go. Thankfully the team showed some real fight and saw out the rest of the game.

The last game against Columbus was a real cracker. The first half was very poor from both teams but on the hour mark the game changed. We conceded 2 goals in 3 minutes and were staring at another defeat. This time though the team showed commitment to the team and highlighted the difference in the team from a month ago. Fofana scored his first goal for the team on his debut to get us back into the game and after throwing the kitchen sink at Columbus it finally paid off as Juan Agudelo scored in the 92nd minute to earn us a draw.

Overall this has been a brilliant month for us despite losing our opening game, and the even better news for me is that my job is now stable. This is a big weight off my mind and I can now focus on improving the club both on and off the field.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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New York City


March Update



Well where to start. I am at a complete loss of how I still have a job. If you remember from a few posts higher up that my job was very insecure, and we needed to get off to a good start. Well, this did not happen! I can’t begin to explain how bad this month has been.

We took the lead in our first game against Dallas but then went and conceded two late goals to lose our very first game. During the game we also lost David Villa to injury after 20 minutes and will be out for 2-3 weeks. Things didn’t get any better in the next few games. San Jose was almost a carbon copy of the Dallas game. Score first, concede 2 goals and lose the game.

The LA game was looking a lot better. Leading at half time and playing really well. Then the referee decided to completely screw us over. Things were already hard enough due to being down to 10 men, but when the referee awards a shocking penalty which is converted the game is as good as over. We go chasing the equalizer but are caught on the break and lose the game 3-1.

Somehow I still had a job despite numerous emergency board meetings, but I was 99% sure that I wouldn’t be seeing out the end of the month, especially after another loss to Portland. Standard typical game when you need a win, concede a last minute goal and I had my bags packed and was awaiting the dreaded news. Somehow it didn’t come.

The final game against was a must win. Honestly if we didn’t show something then I was going to resign as the team were playing terrible and didn’t look like they wanted to be out there. Thankfully Frank Lampard decided to show up and scored a free kick within a minute and followed that up by assisting fellow midfielder Christianson who put 2-0 up all before 5 minutes. Of course the inevitable looked like happening again after conceding but thankfully the squad found their balls and even managed to score another to make the game safe.

So we end the month with a record of 1-4 which is terrible but it isn’t the worst in the MLS. If we can carry our form from the last game over into April then maybe there could be a light at the end of the tunnel.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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New York City


Pre-Season Review

So we had a bit of a disaster in pre-season. Granted that out of our 8 games we have played teams who are better than us on 5 occasions and during this time we did have our only win against Czech team Sparta Praha.

The most disappointing games during the pre-season were against Wilmington, Atlanta and Sacramento because they are all worse than we are and to get out played like we did was just down right disgusting. Especially add to the fact that we didn’t even score a goal against 2 of them.

Trying to find the positives from the pre-season is hard. I suppose one of the main points is to get the team match fit and apart from the injured players, everybody else does look fit and raring to go. The team seems to be struggling to get to grips with the tactics that we are looking to play so that is probably down to me waiting for so long to decide what formation we are going to play.


Introducing the Team


In goal we have got in my opinion one of the hottest prospects in Zac MacMath. We traded away our 1st round Superdraft pick to Philadelphia to bring him in, and I firmly believe that will end up being a steal. Unfortunately during the off season he damaged his cruciate ligament and is out for the whole season. I am just hoping that he will be able to come back and resume where he was.

To replace him we have Josh Saunders who was already at the club when I took over. Although he is getting on in age his ability is still very good and would be the natural replacement to Zac. Unfortunately he is also injured for a long time with a hip injury so will worry about his place when he is fit. So taking over at the start of the season is Ray Meara who was picked up on a free transfer.


Our defence is where we have our strongest section. We have got some definite quality at right back with Sheanon Williams and Sean Franklin. After singing Williams I noticed that he is on the Season Ending Injury List although he isn’t injured. I am really hoping that this will change otherwise he will be leaving the team as there is no point in having him. Sean Franklin will be able to play soon, as he was only on the 4 match injury list from last season.

In the middle we have got quality prospects. Gale Agbossoumonde (now known as Gale!!) is a top quality prospect that I can envision representing the national team alongside his centre back partner Amobi Okugo. Both were picked up on a free transfer and will be competing with the 1st overall pick in the Superdraft Jose Juan Uribina. At the minute it’s too soon for Jose to be starting but I would have no doubt about throwing him into the starting eleven should he be needed.


At left back we have only got the experienced Josh Gardner but he will be the backup to the very versatile Jeb Brovsky. This is a position that I will be looking to upgrade in the future and if Sheanon Williams’ injury list situation doesn’t change then I will bring in a left back on the same wage as him.


Into midfield now and this could potentially be our weakest are of the team. In Alexander, Carroll and Lampard that is a good quality MLS midfield 3 that can provide both offensively and defensively. Unfortunately we are having problems with all 3. Carroll pulled his hamstring during the pre-season and is out for 4 weeks. Alexander is on the 6 week injury list so will be back soon, just not sure when. You all know about the Lampard situation and am hoping that he will be back and raring to go soon.

The rest of the midfield is very young which I feel could go one of two ways. Either they will get over awed by the situation that they are in and will completely fail and we will get over run and the team will suffer because of it. The second option and the most preferable and useful for us is that they will have the exuberance of youth and will form great performances, get the ball to our forwards and will take the league by storm. Hope is such a great thing!!


Up front I have great expectations that these guys can power us to victories. Obviously the star name is David Villa but we have talked about him enough recently. Juan Agudelo was described in one of the earlier posts. Since then though he has been given the vice captaincy which is a potential risk giving it to somebody who is only 22 but I am sure that it will drive him on to perform better for the team.

The other two players are complete unknowns. First is Godsway Donyoh who was sent to us by Manchester City. With a name like Godsway I hope for his sake he is good! The potential is there for everybody to see. He has very good pace and in a league that is known to have some slow, elderly defenders playing this is going to be a massive bonus for us. It is unlikely that he will be starting games straight away for us but with that pace he could be invaluable in the last 20-30 mins of games when the defence is starting to get tired.


The second unkown is Panama’s striker Eduardo McTaggart. The twice capped forward came in last season after impressing the staff and myself during his trial. He has good positives that can be worked on. Working with a player like David Villa is going to improve any player and if Villa can teach him only a few things then Eduardo is going to become a very good MLS striker.


So that concludes a tour of the squad that can hopefully take us to a solid mid table position with the hope of sneaking into the end of season playoffs. Obviously there is a very good chance that this team will change during the season so will update the squad half way through the season.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So before I add in the Pre Season review and also give everybody a look at the squad I thought that I would post a few recent messages that have come through that could have an impact on my managerial career.


This is fantastic news. So after returning from his trip back home it seems that he is happy to stay at the club. I am hoping that he can lead this team to glory and with our other designated player currently in England trying to get over his homesickness, it is vital to us that we have Villa back in the squad.


This however is really not good news. Out of nowhere apparently my job is very insecure? How can this be. We haven't played any games yet. This has got me very worried and with our first MLS game only days away I really need to hit the ground running. I think that I may have to have a trip to see the chairman and try to sweet talk my way into giving me some more time.

* * * * * * * * * * *


This obviously has nothing to do with me or with New York but it is the first Tycoon takeover that I've had in my game and with the recent reports that I might be about to lose my job this could potentially be a future place to manage.

Also who knew that Luxembourg had a big money tycoon waiting to by a football club!!

That is quite unbelievable the difference in form. Maybe you will have to go proper anti football and park the bus just to try and get an away result. Surely after you don't lose an away game the wins will start flying in.
New York City


Where to begin! A lot has happened since the last update. We are on the eve of our first ever MLS game and people have left, people are unhappy, people are homesick and of course people are injured!

The two designated players, the team’s best players, the players that are going to set the league a light and propel us to a good first season finish? I wouldn’t count on it. Since coming back from his loan from Melbourne City, David Villa has suffered a bad hip injury and has been out for 4-5 months. On top of this he is homesick and wants to return to Spain. I offered give him a leave of absence but apparently that would only make the problem worse. So what can I do? I can’t offer him out to teams because he is still injured but can I really afford to keep an unhappy player on a massive wage at the club? Only time will tell.

Our other star player Frank Lampard has also returned from his loan at Man City. The loan it’s self didn’t seem all that prosperous for him as he was only involved in 11 games and 8 of those were from the substitutes bench. Well just like Villa, Lampard had only been back at the club for a week or two and has come to me and declared that he too is unhappy and homesick. I asked Juan Agudelo to speak to him as well as myself and after a talk with him I have also allowed him a leave of absence so I am hopeful that he will come back refreshed and happy to be here. Had him lined up as captain but now I am not too sure.

(Lampard stats from his loan spell at Man City)

Since the end of the MLS season all of the teams have been in a battle to add to their squads and we are no different. We have signed quite a few MLS ready players but have also let a couple of newer players go. (Our new signings will be announced in the next update when the team is finalized)

The first of our main players to leave was the experienced Julian De Guzman. We allowed him to move to Colorado for an International slot for 2 years. At 32, De Guzman wasn’t going to get any better and letting him leave made sense. We have got rid of a decent wage off our books which is important with us now having to worry about Lampard & Villa. I was hoping to get a draft pick for him but in the end I felt that this was better than nothing.


The second big sale was another of my big 4 signing from my earlier post. After spending most of the first season on loan in Australia, Park Chu-Young has left the club for a fantastic price. He let me know that Portuguese team Guimaraes were interested in signing him. I informed him that if we got a fair price then I would consider letting him leave. I made the effort to try and sell him and offered him out for £2 million which is £500k more than he was worth. A day later we had agreed to sell him not to Guimaraes but to Qatar side Al-Saad for £2.2 million. Admittedly we will only get £400k of that added to our transfer budget (The MLS get £700k of it) but he wasn’t going to fit into our tactic so I was happy to sell him.


The next update will contain our registered MLS squad as well as a full round up of our Pre Season.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thanks for all the comments so far guys. Glad to see that people are interested in the journey with New York City. If anybody want's to see any screenies then feel free to ask.


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Player Name: Alan Mayer

Player ID: 1200011

Link: Link to picture

Existing Images: Search results for: 1200011

New York City


So since the last update there hasn’t been a great deal of work on the players front but a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes. The first part of my plan when taking over was during this first season I wanted to improve the youth facilities and thankfully after a few months of asking the board finally agreed and will spend a million pounds improving them. They will be ready in June so hopefully the following season our Academy will produce a couple of gems.


Our next bit of good news off the pitch was that Yankee Stadium is going to get under soil heating put in. It is good news for us but for a price of £2 million it does seem a bit excessive, especially as I haven’t really seen any games postponed due to the weather. The work will take 2 months and will ensure that the pitch is in pristine condition ready for our upcoming pre-season and league campaign.


The final bit of news is that we have finally got our backroom staff sorted. Upon arriving at the club we only had an Assistant Manager and a Chief Scout. The Assistant has left the club as he was completely awful but the Chief Scout has stayed and has already started to prove that it was a good decision by finding some potential targets.

We have got a total of 8 new coaches which is a good amount and I am constantly in talks with the board about adding another coach. We have got 2 fitness coaches which I think is vital especially as we may not have the best quality squad in the MLS I am hoping that we may have one of the fittest.

We only have the 1 goalkeeping coach but what a coach he is. Alan Mayer was bought him in on a free transfer and his stats would put him up there with some of the best in the world. (20 goalkeeping, DDM = 42) Hopefully if the board will allow me to bring in another coach then I will add another goalkeeping coach to take some of the pressure of Mayer.

We have 5 normal coaches who’s effectiveness varies but they not only offer decent training to the players but with their varying nationalities they also offer us good knowledge of different country’s which help us to find new players.

Our new scouting department has been hard at work ever since they got here. They are currently looking for players in a variety of places although mainly based in and around North America. Our two latest additions Koudou and N’Diaye are trying to find us some players from North and Western Africa and while I am not expecting much I am hopeful that they may find somebody.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Great win against Grimsby. Hopefully you can beat Rochdale and then get a big team in the 3rd Round.
Someone did them a while ago in fantasy kits

Brilliant thanks a lot. Didn't think to look in there!
I don't know if anybody is doing the Australian A-League kits but if not would somebody be able to do the new Melbourne City kits please. They have replaced Melbourne Heart so their kits no longer work.

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5539/14414644059_219a8a6ae3_n.jpg https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3858/14578214226_c4df776641_n.jpg
Not sure if this has been done or has even been put in an update but if not:

Melbourne City FC - I.D 15051934

could you tell me what software i need to extract this file to my desktop. all i can see is a file which is plain. i have nothing which opens this fmf file

You can use the Resource Archiver from FM14.