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Asterix_von_TWC Comments
And Monsie old bean!
Guys, I have been part of this file with Mons for years, I threw my work into his so I can tell you it needs certainty, be patient and respectful in your patience for Mons thanks
Mons my dear? Have you an idea of what all the extra .dat files in the_FM folders do this year?


I have been modding FM for over a decade, and other games for over 20 years. I CANNOT TOLERATE THAT PEOPLE GET ANGRY WITH MONS - he is taking his time to do something very important for us all, for me FM would be UNPLAYABLE without his work, and I don't have the focus in my life now to do what he does myself.

Please be more respectful of the modder, I just have to say... its a classic modern negative attitude that we should all reflect on and temper a bit.

Thanks for keeping the running Mons! Like I said, I wouldn't buy FM without it
Dear Mons, I don't have the time to research like I used to m8, so I come to you with a quick question:

Why am I still getting 3-letter names for Brazillian teams? Example INT or SPL? Do you know what I could be doing wrong?
Whenever is there not?

I'm constantly updating the files and will release a new version once the patch is released...

It should be coming out before the end of Feb right?

«This comment has been edited»
Hi Mons! There is a new version coming up for the patch right? FM is unplayable without your update :p
Hi VP fantastic work!

I cant get the latest two update packs because the mirror is trying to bypass my antivirus ... any chance of a new upload for the last two please?
No... these are overlaps or bad ports
I asked this elsewhere same thing is happening it seems.
Hi, I created an FM2014 kit folder but not only do the kits not show up in game (Logos work fine) but a new SI user file gets created with the same folder name every time I try to run kits. (Win 7 - 64)

I am using all my kits from FM2013 - and strange things happen, as for example only third kits appear, but in general 70% of the kits appear.

I downloaded new 13/14 kits as well.
I am pleased to announce that this patch will be integrated into Mons's good work.
Hmmm.... this should be fixed soon
Hey PMing you about combining our efforts
Please make suggestions for more media! Once I get a couple I can update
Is this compatible with fm 14.1.2?

Yes it is, its a simple database file, but requires a new game.
Thanks mons! I am releasing a complimentary mod to yours very soon too Great work as always, I never said this myself but you have saved us all so much work m8....
Or should I place them in the graphics folder? Sorry for stupid question
Can I pop other background pictures into C:\Users\Asterix\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\skins\alavanja 13 pro\graphics\backgrounds ?
By NewcastleJ | Permalink | On 07 February 2013 - 22:16 PM
Hey mate!
I've just downloaded this DB and checked some.

But player's CA/PA is way too high!!
-10? -9? Kidding me.. Are they ruling the foodball world?

This is truly unrealistic!!

Affirmative. Not rulling the football world, but we are talking about average Japanese National team playes being on par with first team Romanian or Greek players. That is why this belongs together with my large update, it gets put in a correct perspective frame that way. Also, I can't edit the hard code to actually impose Japanese salary caps.
Hey! Sorry all the dl links are broken. Any chance of a direct hosting here?
Looks beautiful!
By Mizta05 | Permalink | On 22 January 2013 - 19:20 PM
Have you created new players? Am going to check this out!

Yes, missing national team and u21 players, also my Japanese updates creates 60 plus Japanese (and other nationalities of top J.League players)
Wednesday there is a link you can follow to TW Center which is also hosting the file.
By MisterY2J | Permalink | On 20 January 2013 - 22:15 PM
I didn't really understand, in what consits off your update ?

This is not all encompassing but one angle of looking at the core changes:

80000 changes, which improve underrated players (especially in Africa and South America, although all major European leagues)... giving much more interesting transfer prospects, making national team management exponentially more interesting (really giving you dilemmas on who to choose for many positions), giving leagues like Italy, Serbia, all of South America and Mexico or Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey (and so many other leagues) Russia and Ukraine as well.

It also makes the game a lot more varied every time you play, since the game engine makes slumps rather dramatic, even very good teams (with very good players) can be fighting relegation. SI decreases player quality in weaker teams and makes players in big teams twice as good. This makes their data very inconsistent, and makes players much much worse in the game in real life. Examples of underrated players last season (FM 2012 since I don't want to give away what only your scouts can help you with in my update ):

Welbeck, Pandev, German Denis (SI got one of of Serie A's best players completely wrong), Guardado, Gio dos Santos, El Hamdaoui and many many more.

The update also fixes the economy, well to the current crisis state, but also redoes all of the mechanics for South and Central America. Chairmen are more greedy and corrupt, fans much more impatient, passionate and disorder-prone, and the work ethic and professionalism (lack off) more than makes up for the greater amout of raw talent. SI did a terrible terrible job with Ecuadorean, Colombian (like Serbia a league of generic 10-10-10 players) Chile and Paraguay. This makes South American competitions borked, and Brazil overrated (I dont reduce Brazillian quality, but make it much more rounded all the way to Serie C, with interesting talented players everywhere based on real skill and success rate, not CA's need to diminish anything un-English).

This update does a lot more... but I am hooked
By supercelz | Permalink | On 15 January 2013 - 17:21 PM
how to install it?

Pop it into the user-editor file in your windows user-documents folder Here for me in Windows 7: C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data

And start a new game ticking it (don't forget the Japan update also available here from me)
By Rimmshot | Permalink | On 12 January 2013 - 02:18 AM
There are not many japanese players in this pack,are there coming more?

Yes, but not until February. I have help so it going fast, but building teams up is more time consuming. Luckily J.League teams don't have large squads.
By Rimmshot | Permalink | On 10 January 2013 - 22:55 PM
Do you have a link with a playable J-league for FM 2013? You can send me a PM if you like.

There are a couple m8, but this works fine: http://www.theawaystand.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/7188-foxos-fm13-league-releases/
By Rimmshot | Permalink | On 08 January 2013 - 22:07 PM
So this are all the african leagues too?

Much improvement, 1000s of changes especially North African leagues and South Africa but no its not complete... Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt are nicely done. All National team players as well.
Note: I highly recommend you max out leagues and run a couple of extra ones with this. I run Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Montenegro, and Ghana on top of all leagues in Europe (except for Wales, N.Ireland, Eire and other smallies and no North American except for Mexico).

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