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Shedender Comments
Bangor Football Club: Season Review 2019/2020


https://i.imgur.com/VYSxihC.png - https://i.imgur.com/sPJrvU1.png

Following a long hiatus from the careers section for Football Manager 2020 as I got the sack from National League side Notts County quite early on, I have decided to return and manage my local club Bangor who play in the Premier Intermediate League, the third tier of Northern Irish football

At the end of the 2016/17 season and following a 2-0 home loss to Sport & Leisure Swifts, Bangor were relegated out of the Irish League for the first time in the clubs long history, the club were in turmoil on and off the pitch and changes needed to be made.

The club were accepted in the Ballymena & Provinical Intermediate League Premier Division for the 17/18 season and after a slow start which saw the club win-less after the first two games, the club finished in second place, just behind Glebe Rangers.

However last season was one to remember, not only was it the clubs centuary season but the club romped to the Ballymena Premier title, winning 25 of their 26 league games, only dropping points in a 0-0 home draw to Ballymoney United. A 3-1 win away to St. James' Swifts saw the club secure their first ever league title in the 100 year history and a return to the Irish League,

And now, I'm the one who has been appointed to take them to the next level . . .



The league campaign turned out to be a massive success, losing just three league games all season and two of them against Limavady who proved to be a real thorn in my side but we did start the season with three consecutive wins as Moyola Park, Banbridge Town and Newington were all dispatched without conceding a goal before that frustrating loss at home to North West outfit Limavady and then a score draw away to Armagh made it two league games without a win and I knew we needed to bounce back and quickly if the club wanted to launch a serious promotion bid.

Indeed we did bounce back in spectacular fashion, losing just two of our remaining fifteen Premier Intermediate League games scoring five goals in our last two away games against Portstewart and Tobermore respectively.

And this means...


We won the Premier Intermediate League title so it's not only back to back league titles but it's also back to back promotions as the club prepares for life in the Championship next season. We ended up winning the league by a massive 9 points as Newington secured a playoff spot following their 5-2 final day success at Annagh United as the latter finish bottom but don't get relegated into the "abyss" as following Lurgan Celtic collapse at the time, relegation couldn't happen.



Our run in this seasons League Cup ended in the third round despite taking Premiership side Coleraine all the way to a penalty shootout at home. The competition for ourselves started with a 3-1 success away to league rivals Newington before beating then early Championship strugglers Portadown 1-0 at home before our exit at the hands of the Bannsiders,



One of the two domestic competitions the board didn't seem fussed on but I was determined to win Bangor's first Steel & Sons Cup since 2011 and win it we did. The run started with a 6-0 win at Spiers Park against Magherafelt Sky Blues before three consecutive 2-1 success in rounds three, four and the quarter finals against Newington, Moyola Park and Bourneview. Ards Rangers were edged out in the semi final stage, securing a 3-2 success at Drome Park before beating established Amateur League outfit Crumlin Star 2-0 in the final on Christmas Day.



The Intermediate Cup was the other competition the board weren't fussed on and a quarter final exit at the hands of Lisburn Distillery was frustrating nonetheless. The run to the last eight started at the end of October with a 3-0 win at Islandmagee and then Silverwood were dispatched by the same scoreline at home in round two. A 3-1 win at home to Kilmore happened in the third round and that was followed by a 4-0 win at Ballymena Premier side Chimney Corner in which we had to score four second half goals. Distillery ended our run but c'est le vie.



We exceeded expectations in the Irish Cup as the club reached the last eight of the prestigious competition, losing 2-0 at home to Premiership giants Linfield - before that though in the previous three rounds we progressed without conceding a single goal which I was pleased with. In rounds four and five Championship outfits Knockbreda and Dundela were disposed off, 1-0 after extra time and then 3-0 respectively before the side secured their first and only success against Limavady this season before the Premiership side dumped us out.



Using both Harmannus van der Bergh and Jonathan Mathieson this season proved to be a master stroke as they scored 36 goals this season between them and that's scary considering they're both very young and they were in the reserve side when I took charge, along with Ronnie Coulter who had a decent campaign but not as good as the two first mentioned,

Getting Dylan Stewart on loan from Portadown came in handy as well and it's a signing I'll be trying to make permanent in the summer if he's interested in talking to me. Signed both Jude Ballard and Dale McCreery in the summer as the club didn't have a single left back on the books, the latter not making a single appearance for the club.

Jack Hedge came through my youth intake in the first season, hence just the two substitute appearances and Gary Lavery also signed late into the season and that's the reason he's only made the four appearances but looks like he could do a job next season in the second tier.

Changes of course need to be made, but I'll be taking my time deciding who joins the club but the key is to get both van der Bergh and Mathieson onto proper contracts if they're interested.

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Welcome back to the careers section @K3VO, it's been a while.

You've been steamrolling the lower leagues as I supposed to be expected with the potential money you have been throwing about. But, I love the fact that you've drawn one game in the first four seasons with RB London. KIU mate.
Can't believe how much this has progressed since I last decided to log onto Susie @HockeyBhoy as I'm pretty sure last time I checked on this career you were at Finnish side Ilves although I could be wrong.

Good luck at Preston.
That's a solid enough start to the Championship season @Number 1. KIU.
I don't think I've seen someone recoup so much money in one transfer window. Good job @Dan. Still following this epic career, even if the person above isn't a fan.
Feel like I haven't commented on here in ages (suppose as I've not logged on for a bit) but good to see you're still going strong with this @Dan and wish I could find motivation to start a career. Quick work with Shakhtar and good luck with Liverpool.
Part of me wishes you took the Vancouver post but I wish you all the best at Tranmere @HockeyBhoy.


Super League: Second Place = 75 points
Champions Cup: Semi Finals = 75 points
FA Cup: Winners = 100 points

Points Total: 250 points!
Foden and Aarons are both superb signings, especially for the price you've paid for both.
Would love to join the challenge

You can join anytime you like. You just can't do the first two challenges.
Didn't really enjoy this challenge, mainly because I'm not a massive fan of International Management.




Just the 50 points due to our third placed finish in the Silver League.
Nice wee update fella. KIU and superb stuff with Dortmund.

Who is @Dan though? A prick.

Christ above @r96Skinner, how the hell did you do so badly?
You sure do love a fantastic end to the season.
Fantastic season at Roma @Dan ending in a superb Champions League win.

Time to move?
Wow, the board have given you a generous transfer budget for next season.
Good to see you're back @HockeyBhoy and solid updates as per usual.
Can't say I'm surprised the Limerick board gave you the boot @r96Skinner but I'm surprised it wasn't at the end of last season due to that horrific form. Good luck in Belarus.
On a scale of 1-10, how close were you to taking the Barca job @Dan?
Things are going well with Galatasary @VP., only second because of goal difference. Keep it up.

Well done on getting third place from that disastrous Champions League group but it's such a shame that Atalanta ended the European run.
What is that form @r96Skinner? Horrific.

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Struggling in the league isn't ideal but unfortunately it's one of those things. Wish you the best of luck against Man United though @Dan, hopefully you can progress.
Well done on winning the league title with Boca Juniors (Gib). It'll be interesting to see what's next @DNZY.
I used this tactic in the Southampton Susie challenge and had decent success. Only change I made was I switched to Positive instead of Attacking.
Title says it all, I followed the instructions and wrote to footygamer with my Paypal transaction details and the messages still is unread and I have never received a response. That was days ago now. Can a member of staff please look into this?


You should be more concerned that @KEZ_7 has outscored you.

@Shedender What a spectacular work on the cup!

We ended up avoiding the bigger clubs so I'm glad we reached the final, even if we did need replays to get past both Bradford and West Brom.
What the hell happened against Ballymena? Mental game.
Interesting that you have swapped Distillery for a club that's recently folded in real life. Good luck man.

Notice how I have blatantly ignored the stint at Basingstoke?
Why did you decide to play so many friendlies? FFS @Dan.

I'd also like to say that you're smashing Europe as well, but with that group, well, you should've walked it.

Keep it up though bud.





Premier League: 12th/13th = 15 points
FA Cup runners up = 75 points

Score: 90 points!