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Shedender Comments
He actually played more league games for Real Madrid than he did for Newcastle.

But I'm more interested to find out how he actually got a move to Real Madrid though ffs.

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It's only taken 26 seasons but we've finally brought the Champions League to Ibrox.
You need to fix your screenshots @Siepe1990.
It's great to see you're back @Tarrantino and hopefully you'll make this career last. KIU.
Guys, appeared to you the Manager of Tournament?

Nope, it mustn't be an award.
A grand total of.... 5pts

You done way better than me!




World Cup: Winners = 50 points
Scalps: Beat Brazil x1 = 5 points
Player of the Tournament = 5 points
Top Goal Scorer = 5 points
Goals (2 points per goal): 21 goals scored = 42 points
Penalty Shootout: 1 win = 5 points

Total points: 112?
Ah yeah, I forgot about Mahrez. The similarities in positions are there too. Winger-come-attacker with the hopes of the nation on their shoulders.

It didn't help that you weren't allowed Salah (or any non home based players) in your ACoN squad. The Egyptian based players are, how should I say it? Crap.

@KEZ_7 and/or @Dan, I have edited my original post in which I've added my Cup of Nations results.
Did we have that same problem with Mahrez?

Yep. He was mince for Algeria under my short and painful regime.
Thankfully I qualified @Shedender... though the defence terrifies me! The squad for the African Championships was woeful too.

On the right or on the left, it didn't help that Mo Salah was pretty dreadful for me - bar one game.




So no World Cup for Egypt and a Quarter Final exit in the Cup of Nations means I've made -50 points from this dreadful challenge.

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Just under a week to go folks to complete the latest challenge and so far only FOUR of us have completed it so far.
Nah @bigmattb28, my star rating is currently half a star for each but the game is running no problem - this is with all divisions from Scotland, England, France, Germany and Italy loaded.






Wow. I actually guided 1860 Munich to their second league win of the season in my final game following a 2-0 away success against Saarbrucken.


We are second bottom though and now it's up to @Dan to ensure we build on that success away to Saarbrucken as we look to escape the dreaded relegation. We are currently four points behind fifth bottom Grobaspach.






Last update I said "this is brutal", well it hasn't gotten any better as we've yet to taste our second victory in the league this season but we did pick up a credible draw against league leaders Gladbach II but lost away to both Rostock and Paderborn in between. Yet again the side progressed in the Bayrischer.


We remain fourth bottom but with a game in hand. Players are beginning to get pissed off due to the clubs poor league position but yet they're not the ones performing so, yeah. We are seven points adrift and really need to start winning matches before the gap gets larger, and larger and larger.







This has proven to be more difficult then I thought it was going to be although it doesn't help that the defenders can't defend, the strikers can't score and the wingers can't, well, er, wing? It's been brutal stuff so far bar the expected Bayrischer Cup win. We squandered a 3-1 lead away to Wolfsburg II in the first game this month and conceded two late goals to lose to Hertha Berlin II in the final game this month. Brutal.


1860 Munich remain in the relegation zone with just one win to their name.
Transfers have been done for season 22.

It's good to see you back writing @Taz.. Best of luck with this one.






I thought we done decent enough in the league but unfortunately three defeats and a few disappointing draws meant we couldn't win the Superleague title.





Defeat in the final meant it was a third straight Greek Cup for AEK.

Superleague: 3rd = 20 points
Greek Cup: Runners-up = 10 points
Europa League: Second knockround round = 0 points?

Beat Panathinaikos: x2 = 10 points

Total points = 40 points?
For those who haven't completed the latest challenge yet, the challenge closes at 8pm TOMORROW (Monday) night.
Noted for the next challenge!

You'd still somehow fail pal.
Just completed my summer dealings for what'll be season 21, and I'm still at Rangers.


Received a mental fee for Lukas Janousek which I simply couldn't turn down, especially when he only cost me £1.8m from Hibernian. Got a large enough fee for Rodrigo Orieta from Manchester City so I let him go while both Josh Lelievre and Ettore Unterkircher were both being cunt mugs so I let both youngsters go to Strasbourg and Koln. Nicolas Pelletier went to Roma for £4.5m while five players left on loan deals.







Two terrible results to end my stint at 1860 Munich and now it'll be up to @Dan to take over until the end of the season.





Two games played before the mid-season break and hey, at least you're getting value for money.


And now the gap has been opened to seven points.
Oh shit. It says he's a striker but he's been more used in the centre of midfield.


It's an absolute mental fee for someone who only cost me £1.8m compensation from Hibernian but I still don't want to sell him though. #conflicted
Got to admit, ahead of a Scottish Cup QF replay AGAINST CELTIC, this is a tad ridiculous.


And no, it didn't give me the option to postpone the game or I would've took it. Needless to say, we lost 2-0.

First Division:



Things started poorly with just two wins from our opening seven league games and a poor dressing room due to players bitching and moaning left right and centre but when's it's all set and done and even though I got ZERO points I'm quite satisfied with an eighth placed finish, but I did pick up five points due to our victory against CEC (Cruzerio) but the side also did pick up some disappointing draws which didn't help us at least securing a top 7 finish - c'est le vie though.



Bah, runners-up which I'm a little disappointed with.

Copa Libertadores:


Eh, I should just be happy we reached the semi final stage especially considering how I also bottled the second leg against Colo Colo ffs.

Total Points:
First Division: 8th = 0 points
South-Minas-Rio: Runners-up = 10 points
Copa Libertadores: Semi Finals = 15 points

Beat Cruzerio (CEC): x1 = 5 points

Total Points: 30 points
Won the league for a second consecutive season and eleventh overall since taking charge nineteen seasons ago while the BetFred Cup was won as Hamilton were beaten 4-1 in the final but it was disappointment in both the Scottish Cup and the Champions League - Celtic dumped us out of the Scottish Cup at the semi final stage while it was a quarter final exit in the Champions League as Chelsea eliminated us with ease.

This summer I decided that I need to bring in some younger players so first and foremost I decided about selling a few players and four players departed for money - Manuel Quintilla (Sunderland, £25m), Niall Dixon (West Ham United, £40m), Nathanael Granier (Arsenal, £40m), Ibrahima Lago (Atalanta, £3m) and Lutz Esser (Atalanta, £2.5m) while four players left the club on loan deals while Henrik Thomsen (AGF, £3m), Ibrahim Mensah (Atalanta, £7.75m), Randel Babel (Atalanta, £9m), Ettore Unterkircher (Mainz, £5.5m) and Pierre Robert (Bordeaux, £2m) joined the club this summer and I'm sure I'll make sure they all get at least some game time.

It's going to be a TWENTIETH season at Rangers Football Club and I'm hoping it'll be another successful one and we still play our home fixtures at Ibrox.
It's taken 18 seasons but I've finally done an unbeaten league season with Rangers. The side also reached the semi finals of the Champions League but lost 6-2 on aggregate to French side Monaco but we did secure the BetFred Cup once again but Motherwell dumped us out of the Scottish Cup in the fifth round which was shockingly bad.

Three played have already agreed to join the club next season, all on frees as Nicolas Pelletier (PSG), Russell Robertson (West Ham) and Andy Hart (Arsenal) have all agreed pre-contracts and I'm expecting at least one more to join on a free but that also means players will need to leave the club as I only want a 25 man first team squad and no more - Bojan Rog, Lutz Esser, Josh Williams and Viktor Karlberg could be the ones who are leaving Ibrox in the summer, Elias too if he doesn't agree to a new deal.
I don't know what's happened @DNZY but the recent form hasn't been pretty, we're so going to bottle the title.

MAY 2019








Retained the Bayerischer Pokal after a one nil win away to Bayreuth but holy fucking shit, the league form in the past two months has been nothing short of atrocious in which we have won one league game in the past two months and whenever you're OUTPLAYED at home on the final day to the team who finished bloody second bottom then you know you've problems.


Bayern II won the league but who cares, we BOTTLED retaining the title. So it's another season in the fourth (I believe? tier of German football ffs.

It's now up to @Dan to make signings and start next season.

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