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Shedender Comments
Season one roundup:


Wayne Rooney was the only signing made in the January transfer window as he arrived on deadline day from Manchester United for £5.25m but he only ended up playing six games for Juve due to the change of formation. Rodrigo and Rolando Mandragora sodded off on loan deals.


But a lovely 20 points came my way as we defeated AC Milan 3-0 in the Italian Super Cup game in Doha.


Can we pretend the Champions League didn't happen this season? 0 points due to exiting at the group stages but if he had beaten Celtic in Glasgow then we would've been in the Europa League. They didn't have a 'real' goalkeeper as Craig Gordan was injured but still managed to duff us. Boo.


10 points arrived in the Italian Cup as Juventus reached the semi final stages before losing on the away goals rule to Lazio. We really should've reached the final.



Unfortunately I've lost 10 points due to failing to reach the top four but it was given a good go. Disappointing results against our rivals Torino and three consecutive league defeats in November/December ultimately cost us and I've no doubt that if we had Gonzalo Higuian for the entire season then Juventus would've reached the Champions League at least.


Beat Inter Milan x2 = 10 points
Beat Torino x0 = 0 points
Beat Fiorentina x2 = 10 points
Beat Roma x2 = 5 points

= 25 points.


And finally an extra 5 points was given because Gonzalo Higuian won the Player of the Year award.

Total Points:
Super Cup winners = 20 points
Champions League group stage exit = 0 points
Italian Cup semi final exit = 10 points
Serie A 5th place finish = -10 points
Beat Inter x2 = 10 points, beat Fiorentina x2 = 10 points, beat Roma x1 = 5 points
Gonzalo Higuain winning Player of the Year = 5 points

Total = 50 points. It could've been better.
I can't seem to get the likes of Dybala and the rest of the 'suspension players' bar Buffon registered for the rest of the campaign.

Anyone else having the same issue?

EDIT: Scrap the above. I was finally able to get them registered a few days after the transfer window opened.

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I'm going to fail, but hey ho, let's do this!
I don't know whether it's the game changing over the years or just me, but I haven't had a proper good save for at least 2-3 years.

It could be just you having a life pal because I can still enjoy the game quite frequently.
I haven't even played FM properly since about 2014 I'd say

Times do change, as do people, life moves on unfortunately

But there should always be time for Football Manager!
It's up to you @Dan tbh. Would you still enjoy the save considering you haven't played it in nearly four months?
@Shedender - I would, but didn't get it if you checked the spoiler.

Whoops, my bad!
You should take either the Suduva job as @Dan has suggested @DNZY or take the Progres job.
Can't say I remember Fever Pitch but I do vaguely remember FM Underground.

Another forum which I posted on but didn't seem to last long - does anyone else remember Unbelievable Jeff?
I'll be perfectly honest, I was not up for this challenge. Should be around for stop #5 though.

And I take full responsibility for this awful journey.
I frequently posted on LosWonderkids iirc.

Was there a forum called FM Fanboys or something like that, or have I just made that up?
Alright guys. This challenge officially closed at 8pm last night. @Dan will total all the points up and challenge #5 will be posted whenever he's ready.

This didn't turn out to be the most popular challenge for one reason or another and I'll take full blame as I didn't realise Valencia were completely muck. Lets hope the next challenge will rekindle everyone and we'll get a few more participants as FM17 winds down.

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Some people just prefer social media nowadays rather than posting on a forum, obviously I'm not sure whether the three I mentioned are on social media, but still.

Johno is another member who doesn't really appear on here much nowadays.
I'm still a regular on here, I don't know whether that's impressive or it makes me feel sad.

But so many members have left over the years and wish they'd return - @Mikel, @Telegram Sam, @Deano just to name three members who haven't seemingly posted in over a year but I also wouldn't blame them if they never returned.
Rumours that De Boer has been sacked, if so i hope they get relegated.

BBC site has confirmed De Boer's sacking.

You really don't get any time in the management lark these days.
It's cool @Dan, the break from the game will do me and I'm sure others grand for the next step.
How do i open up the file in the game

You need to download the file in the OP first, once that's done then that'll be placed in your downloads folder (can be found as part of your documents iirc).

Once the file has been downloaded, you just need to move it to [Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2017 > games], you will then load the game and click 'load game' once the actual load screen is loaded - the file will be called 'Spanish Revival' iirc.

You need to sort out the images in the OP as none of the Photobucket images are working pal.
You can post the next challenge when you want too @Dan, I'm ready for it!
It's a shame you decided to step down as Dungannon boss after an excellent campaign at Stangmore. Looking forward to your next journey.
I never doubted you @DNZY.
I never doubted you @DNZY.
Football Manager 2018 is due to be released November 10th.
Still not overly confident you can win the league @DNZY but it's great to see you're top of the table though.
Hope Balotelli did alright for you @Shedender as he is my main striker for the upcoming season too!

Didn't do badly, reached double figures iirc but then decided to become unhappy - it wouldn't be Balo if he didn't randomly become unhappy.

Wissam Ben Yedder done slightly better on-loan from Sevilla but the defence let me down massively.
Season two round-up:


Loan signings galore! Just the six joined over the course of the season, Fabian Orellana joined from Celta but I didn't want him nor register him (pre-signing before I arrived) but with the signings I ended up making I had high hopes we could've had a good season at Valencia and maybe crack into the top six. Jose Gaya, Joao Cancelo, Diego Alves and Nani were the 'major' departures over the course of the campaign with Gaya leaving in the January transfer window to German giants Bayern.


We reached the quarter final stage of the Spanish Cup, losing to Real Betis on away goals which was a little disappointing.


The club had a decent run in the Europa League though before our first knockout round exit to the Italians Lazio.


We just couldn't stop conceding this season in the league which angered me as I thought our squad was a tad stronger than last season with the worst defeat being the six nil thumping away to Espanyol in which we were battered from start to finish and the five nil defeat to Deportivo was terrible as well - just six clean sheets in thirty eight league games is absolutely poor. I'm glad the campaign has finished but did the club at least qualify for the Europa League once again?


No. It ended up being an eighth place finish.

Total Points:
La Liga - eighth place finish = 5 points
Spanish Cup - quarter final exit = 10 points
Europa League - first knockout round exit = 5 points
Beat Barcelona x1 = 5 points

Total points: 25 points (35 in the total). Thankfully this challenge is officially over. I'll never manage Valencia again until they've some cash.
As long as you're enjoying it fella, as I said, I'll mix the next one up big time!

Suppose I'm still barred from giving suggestions after this disaster?
Shelvey is a joke of a footballer

I really wish we could sell him but what muppet is going to take him?
That seems to be correct @Suffolk Seasider because you'll soon realise that three of my back four is currently on-loan.
Marco Asensio is available for loan from Real Madrid but they won't loan him to a divisional rival. Shame.

So I decided to purchase Ravel Morrison for £2.2m from Lazio and I'm expecting him to do nowt for me until the end of the season - also loaned him Moussa Sissoko from Tottenham.