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Shedender Comments
Christ above @r96Skinner, how the hell did you do so badly?
You sure do love a fantastic end to the season.
Fantastic season at Roma @Dan ending in a superb Champions League win.

Time to move?
Wow, the board have given you a generous transfer budget for next season.
Good to see you're back @HockeyBhoy and solid updates as per usual.
Can't say I'm surprised the Limerick board gave you the boot @r96Skinner but I'm surprised it wasn't at the end of last season due to that horrific form. Good luck in Belarus.
On a scale of 1-10, how close were you to taking the Barca job @Dan?
Things are going well with Galatasary @VP., only second because of goal difference. Keep it up.

Well done on getting third place from that disastrous Champions League group but it's such a shame that Atalanta ended the European run.
What is that form @r96Skinner? Horrific.

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Struggling in the league isn't ideal but unfortunately it's one of those things. Wish you the best of luck against Man United though @Dan, hopefully you can progress.
Well done on winning the league title with Boca Juniors (Gib). It'll be interesting to see what's next @DNZY.
I used this tactic in the Southampton Susie challenge and had decent success. Only change I made was I switched to Positive instead of Attacking.
Title says it all, I followed the instructions and wrote to footygamer with my Paypal transaction details and the messages still is unread and I have never received a response. That was days ago now. Can a member of staff please look into this?


You should be more concerned that @KEZ_7 has outscored you.

@Shedender What a spectacular work on the cup!

We ended up avoiding the bigger clubs so I'm glad we reached the final, even if we did need replays to get past both Bradford and West Brom.
What the hell happened against Ballymena? Mental game.
Interesting that you have swapped Distillery for a club that's recently folded in real life. Good luck man.

Notice how I have blatantly ignored the stint at Basingstoke?
Why did you decide to play so many friendlies? FFS @Dan.

I'd also like to say that you're smashing Europe as well, but with that group, well, you should've walked it.

Keep it up though bud.





Premier League: 12th/13th = 15 points
FA Cup runners up = 75 points

Score: 90 points!
Okay, this is going to be a horrible stint as I'm dreadful at FM20, but here we go...


How much transfer budget was you left with?

It goes down to £25m.

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Yeah, count me in.
Hard luck in the playoffs @Dan but it's perhaps not the end of the world as you came in mid-season.
Cheers @SirWerGaming, I had a terrible stint with County previously so I'm hoping this time it'll be better.

That's the plan @tongey, relegated from the Football League for the first time last season, I need to make sure they make an immediate return or I'll be sacked...again.

Oh didn't you hear the rumours @r96Skinner? It was reported I had previously managed Notts County but then got sacked. Nah, I don't remember either haha. Cheers though.

Indeed it should be @Dan.

Ha, I have no idea what you're taking about @DNZY?

No pressure then @VP.



With preseason upon us and a National League title to win, it was important that I delved into the transfer market this summer as certain places needed either quality or some squad depth and I feel I have done a decent job with who i have brought in this summer considering we don't have the strongest wage budget (more so because of who the club have signed in real life) so I needed to be smart, I needed to be shrewd and I knew I just couldn't throw money at players which although isn't a bad thing, it's made signings more difficult.


I've signed seven players for Notts County and only around three should be regular starters at Meadow Lane and they're the three loan signings. Central midfielder Matt O'Riley has joined from Fulham, attacking midfielder James Waite joins from Cardiff and Brandon Cooper is welcomed from Swansea - all three have joined on loan for the entire season.

Centre backs Joe Coveney and Nathan Baker, midfielder James Boote and goalkeeper Alax Crean have joined on free transfers. Both Baker and Crean will be in the U18's for this season.


Preseason was a mixed bag in our eight scheduled friendlies as we lost our first three games all against Championship opposition in Brentford, Derby County and West Bromwich Albion before beating League One's Bolton Wanderers at Meadow Lane. Three days after the Bolton win we then drew with feeder club Ilkeston Town before ending our preseason with three consecutive wins and three consecutive clean sheets as Mickleover, Maldon & Tiptree and Carlton were defeated away from home.



Do you remember the last time I attempted a career with Notts County earlier in Football Manager 2020? No? Good because it was absolutely disastrous and now that I feel I'm slightly better at the game I have decided to give it a second chance with County, who of course were relegated from the Football League for the first time in the clubs history at the back end of last season...

...it was a 3-1 defeat against Swindon at the County Ground that sealed their fate.

Last season three managers came in and then departed during their relegation season - Kevin Nolan lasted 591 days before his reign came to end and was replaced by former Leeds and Liverpool winger Harry Kewell but the Australian only lasted 74 days at Meadow Lane before Neil Ardley took over but decided to "resign" at the end of the season following relegation to the National League.


As you can see from the screenshot above I have decided to load up quite a few countries and every division from the countries. I have loaded up England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Wales and the entire plan for these countries is so I can potentially pick up some interesting newgens whenever the club progress up the English ladder and the plan is to be in the Championship within five seasons. Forty nine and a half thousand players have been loaded and the estimated game speed is currently three stars which is sure to go down in the future but c'est le vie.


On the information screen you can see we're favourites to win the National League title this season so the pressure is immediately on me in my first season in the management game.

The clubs nickname is The Magpies which is self-explanatory, the home ground is Meadow Lane and that holds nineteen thousand eight hundred and forty one people and it's all seated - if things go to plan then the ground I'm sure will be expanded within the next 5 years. The club has basic training and youth facilities and they've poor data training facilities.


This is conformation that I have been appointed as the new manager of Notts County and I've agreed a one year deal with the football club. I've began with a Continental B Licence with a Profressional Footballer (Local level) reputation which means no players should hate me as I won't be deemed a "nobody" in the football management game and that'll help.

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Got to admit, I absolutely love it when you lose to Bangor.
One thing I hate is whenever the board sells a player behind your back, especially when you don't need the cash, but at least you won the league @Dan.

You going to try at least one more season at Genk to try and make European progression or move on?
Has Haaland made any sniffs about wanting to move to a bigger club yet @Dan? A second solid season at Genk and I've no doubt this one will be another success too.
Seems that Haaland has been paying back his large transfer fee thus far, hopefully he continues to bang them in. It's a shame about the Champions League but I suppose that's to be expected when managing someone like Genk and you're in a bloody group with Ajax, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.
You better lose both league games against Bangor. Good luck @r96Skinner.

Speaking of Bangor, why does it say on the fixture list that you're playing them away from home twice on the same day?

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Of course you have signed Erling Haaland.

He should tear Belgium up!
You dominated those awards but not at all surprising but what is surprising is the amount the cash the Genk board have given you.