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Shedender Comments

First Division:



Things started poorly with just two wins from our opening seven league games and a poor dressing room due to players bitching and moaning left right and centre but when's it's all set and done and even though I got ZERO points I'm quite satisfied with an eighth placed finish, but I did pick up five points due to our victory against CEC (Cruzerio) but the side also did pick up some disappointing draws which didn't help us at least securing a top 7 finish - c'est le vie though.



Bah, runners-up which I'm a little disappointed with.

Copa Libertadores:


Eh, I should just be happy we reached the semi final stage especially considering how I also bottled the second leg against Colo Colo ffs.

Total Points:
First Division: 8th = 0 points
South-Minas-Rio: Runners-up = 10 points
Copa Libertadores: Semi Finals = 15 points

Beat Cruzerio (CEC): x1 = 5 points

Total Points: 30 points
Won the league for a second consecutive season and eleventh overall since taking charge nineteen seasons ago while the BetFred Cup was won as Hamilton were beaten 4-1 in the final but it was disappointment in both the Scottish Cup and the Champions League - Celtic dumped us out of the Scottish Cup at the semi final stage while it was a quarter final exit in the Champions League as Chelsea eliminated us with ease.

This summer I decided that I need to bring in some younger players so first and foremost I decided about selling a few players and four players departed for money - Manuel Quintilla (Sunderland, £25m), Niall Dixon (West Ham United, £40m), Nathanael Granier (Arsenal, £40m), Ibrahima Lago (Atalanta, £3m) and Lutz Esser (Atalanta, £2.5m) while four players left the club on loan deals while Henrik Thomsen (AGF, £3m), Ibrahim Mensah (Atalanta, £7.75m), Randel Babel (Atalanta, £9m), Ettore Unterkircher (Mainz, £5.5m) and Pierre Robert (Bordeaux, £2m) joined the club this summer and I'm sure I'll make sure they all get at least some game time.

It's going to be a TWENTIETH season at Rangers Football Club and I'm hoping it'll be another successful one and we still play our home fixtures at Ibrox.
It's taken 18 seasons but I've finally done an unbeaten league season with Rangers. The side also reached the semi finals of the Champions League but lost 6-2 on aggregate to French side Monaco but we did secure the BetFred Cup once again but Motherwell dumped us out of the Scottish Cup in the fifth round which was shockingly bad.

Three played have already agreed to join the club next season, all on frees as Nicolas Pelletier (PSG), Russell Robertson (West Ham) and Andy Hart (Arsenal) have all agreed pre-contracts and I'm expecting at least one more to join on a free but that also means players will need to leave the club as I only want a 25 man first team squad and no more - Bojan Rog, Lutz Esser, Josh Williams and Viktor Karlberg could be the ones who are leaving Ibrox in the summer, Elias too if he doesn't agree to a new deal.
I don't know what's happened @DNZY but the recent form hasn't been pretty, we're so going to bottle the title.

MAY 2019








Retained the Bayerischer Pokal after a one nil win away to Bayreuth but holy fucking shit, the league form in the past two months has been nothing short of atrocious in which we have won one league game in the past two months and whenever you're OUTPLAYED at home on the final day to the team who finished bloody second bottom then you know you've problems.


Bayern II won the league but who cares, we BOTTLED retaining the title. So it's another season in the fourth (I believe? tier of German football ffs.

It's now up to @Dan to make signings and start next season.
APRIL 2019







It's proven to be a tough April as our 1860 side only recorded one single league victory, a 2-1 success away from home against Seligenporten and the same month began with a shocking and unexplainable 5-0 defeat away to FC Bayern II but we did advance in the Bayerischer after a single goal home win over Elchstatt and our reward is a home semi final against Illertissen.


Still top.


MARCH 2019








The month began with a disappointing single goal home defeat to Illertissen but we bounced back with three wins and a draw in the next four Regionnal Div. Bavaria games while our defence of the Bayerischer Pokal continued as we progressed with a one nil home win over Garching - Elchstatt await at home in the quarter final stage.


And we remain top of the table and nine points clear.


Now spend the money wisely @Shedender


Don't think I've done too badly in the transfer market, Fabricio Dolci is the replacement for Adam Shinnie so there's no pressure on his young shoulders. Camilo Navarrete could prove to be an absolute steal from San Lorenzo as I activated his £4.3m release clause and he's only twenty years old, Manuel Quintilla will rotate with our other AMC while Airam Perez and Lutz Esser (currently out for five months) will be squad/rotational options. Still only got £282m to spend.
Does anyone notice a notable player on the out list?


Yep I had to let him go and the only thing I'm delighted with was that I got £63m for a player who only had one year left on his contract. He'll be missed.
The strangle hold on the SPFL title is over. We completely collapsed in the second period against Celtic to hand them the crown.

Our facilities are the best they can be and each time they're downgraded we get them back to the top, however very rarely have anyone decent enough come through the youth ranks. And Normally I'd head down that route with development, but when you're on a network save againt your brother its harder to do it that way.

That's the issue I have as well, both my youth and training facilities are "state of the art" but yet during my seventeen seasons only Barry Geggan and Peter Chisholm have come through to become first team regulars at the club. I've got another good left winger in the U20's currently out on loan at Hibernian but he's already 23 years old so I may need to try him in the first team next season and probably sell Hernandez. I'd love a top class (potential at least) striker coming through if I'm being "forced" to sell Shinnie.
Adam Shinne is still unhappy at the club and I rejected a transfer request from him - I feel he'll need to be sold in the summer with his contract due to expire at the end of next season and he'll be hard to replace that's for sure once he's officially left Ibrox. Granted he hasn't played too much football, Ibrahima Lago is also very unhappy and I turned down a transfer request from him - he only joined in the summer fs. I've also turned down a fee up to the region of £51m for centre back Elias so I expect him to become unhappy as well.

This has proven to be a tough season even though we've won the league on each of the last eight seasons. We are in second place after twenty four matches and lost four games, we are four points behind the leaders Hibernian but we did win the BetFred Cup again, beating Falkirk 4-3 in the final but we've failed to progress through the Champions League group stages and that'll remain to continue while we're getting extremely tough draws.

We lose loads of money every month I think the wages are killing it tbf!

You end up in administration with Liverpool or was it not that bad? I've been trying to be tight with the finances at Rangers with the highest paid player being on £65k p/w which sounds like nothing.
Unfortunately we (Liverpool) have gone into the red in finances quite heavily, had a board take over several years ago and unfortunately they've killed the club with lack of investment etc.

How? I always thought with Premier League money (and possibly Champions League money) then going into the red financially would've been quite impossible.
Folks, for those who haven't completed the latest challenge yet - the challenge closes THIS Saturday at 8pm.
Season 16 has been completed and once again it was a successful enough season.

Scottish Premiership: Champions (shocker!)
BetFred Cup: Winners - beat Hearts 3-0 in the final
Scottish Cup: Winners - beat Falkirk 3-1 in the final
Champions League: Group stages - finished third in Group A
Europa League: Runners-up - lost 2-1 to Liverpool in the final

However it's come at a "cost" because Adam Shinne is unhappy at the club and wants a move away from Ibrox but I'm reluctant to let him leave but he's only got two years left on his current deal so I might actually have to sell him and he's going to be hard to replace as he only bagged 41 league goals this season. This summer I might try and get rid of the "old" players so Harry Cochrane, John Charlesworth, Nick Gibson and Cammy Henderson may be departing but we'll see.

Lastly the overall balance at the club has gone down to just £59m from over £100m so I need to make sure it doesn't get too out of hand.
It's great to see this career is still going strong @DNZY even though I've not commented as much as I should lately. It looks like you're going to win the title, good job.
To the surprise of no one I once again won the league with Rangers, won both domestic cups as well iirc but got dumped out of the Champions League at the hands of Liverpool. Had agreed to sell Nick Gibson to Manchester United for a staggering £50m but couldn't find a suitable replacement for him so the guy stays put and surprisingly he's not unhappy while Adam Shinne wants to go to Chelsea but I'm very reluctant to let him leave as he's been amazing for me.

EDIT: This is the squad ahead of what will be my sixteenth season as Rangers manager as we look for an eighth SPFL title in succession but more importantly, as we look for some Champions League success although I feel that'll never happen but never say never.


Peter Sani has been attracting interest throughout the summer but I'm reluctant to let him leave, same as Leandro Ibarra and Adam Shinne although I feel the latter will want to leave in the summer if we once again fail to win the Champions League as he's alerted the interest of (currently) West Ham but I've rejected a few bids from Arsenal for him. As previously stated, Nick Gibson was all set to move to Manchester United for £50m but because I couldn't find a replacement, he stayed.

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It's just our luck, isn't it @DNZY?

AUGUST 2018:








@martinfjuul I've no idea man, was surprised myself that I won the award.

@KEZ_7 You're terrible at this game, aren't you? I just kept the style basic, two instructions and no more.
JULY 2018:





Solid enough start to the league season although we've beaten the worst team in the league (via media prediction) 3-1. We needed three goals in the final fourteen minutes to seal the points with winger Nico Karger bagging a brace while Nicholas Helmbrecht scored in between the Karger double.

There's no point posting the league table as only one game has been played.


The Bayerischer Pokal first round trip to Memmelsdorf will be my last game in charge this round.

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We've had to rely on loan signings ahead of our second season at the helm of 1860 Munich and even they've been difficult to find at times but I'm satisfied with who I've been able to find especially Park Yi-Young who has joined from Second Division side St. Pauli and should definitely be a regular starter during his season loan.



Yeeeeeeah, we're out barring a miracle.

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Indeed. You know what's the worst part? If we didn't concede that 95th minute header when we were already losing..we'd have been up on away goals.


This could be a tough season ahead if I struggle to get some loanee's in because even with releasing Sascha Molders at the end of his contract (he wanted £3.2k p/w which we simply couldn't afford) we are still near £3.5k p/w over the wage budget and we've no transfer budget either. Getting a good/quality striker in is the #1 priority.
Of course, for the one game you had to lose @DNZY it just had to be the playoff first leg.
I am registered here to be client. So and I am expecting fast service.
So I am able to give my opinion.

Then why don't you do it yourself then? Everyone on these forums have a life and can't be online 24/7 and @claassen will sort out the update(s) when he's motivated.

Now stop being a petulant cunt.













Irish Premier Division: 1st (Champions) = 50 points
FAI Cup: First Round = 0 points
EA Sports Cup: Winners = 15 points
Leinster Senior Cup: Winners = 15 points

Beat Shamrock Rovers x1 = 5 points
Beat Bohemians x2 = 10 points

Other awards:
Manager of the Year = 5 points

Total points: 100 points.
That's my boy ... failing together!

Sorry man but since my 3-0 defeat at Limerick, I have now won seven games in all competitions.
You say that... but just wait until I give it a go

I've no idea how people have found this so easy, I've only won a single league (and one cup) game so far and just got duffed 3-0 away to Limerick.
Great to see you lost a league game @Dan because now I don't feel bad about losing one.





The long unbeaten run has finally come to an end, annoyingly losing 2-1 away to Furth II. A 20 match unbeaten run in the league alone cannot be sniffed at but it's just frustrating it had to happen to someone, I don't know, who are crap and started the game fourth bottom and in the relegation zone.


Still top.


And now it's going to be handed over to @Dan who will now take charge for the next three months.
Just proves that I'm a better tactician than you @DNZY but the biggest shock is we are still unbeaten.









Astonishingly we are still unbeaten this season as 1860 Munich and a scoreless draw at home to Bayern's second team ruined what could've been a perfect month. We still remain in the Bayerischer Pokal after seeing off Don Bosco Bamberg in the eighth final stage.


Top of the table and currently three points clear of Bayern's reserve team who currently occupy second place. I'm surprised the excellent start has continued.