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bigmattb28 Comments
Short update.

After getting knocked out of our maiden Copa Libertadores campaign, we were held to a 2 all draw at home to Universidad Catolica before a loss to current league leaders Colo-Colo



Another draw and an emphatic win over O'Higgins followed that as well as more topsy turvy form



4 draws, a win and 2 losses followed before the final of the CONCACAF Champions League was played








In this final were Mexican side Club America against American Side, and expansion team Atlanta United


It's a 2 legged affair and Club America aren't eligible anyway, so if they win we have a new team to add to the tracker

The first leg finished 1 all, and the away goals rule is in force in this competition


But the second leg was a different story, as the Mexicans asserted their dominance and came away 2-0 winners, 3-1 on aggregate



So we have a new team to add the list of eligible teams, Atlanta United. They were runners up in last season MLS and now find themselves finishing second in the Champions League, so that squad must have some quality in it. Also current Newcastle (my team ) player in real life Miguel Almiron is still at Atlanta in this save.


Just after the Champions League, I'm greeted with this


Montreal are an eligible club, and certainly are an exciting prospect. I declare my interest immediately



Whether I get an interview or not remains to be seen. Until then though it will be business as usual.

Short update this time, but next one will be whether Montreal get in touch, what happens in the league and any other business.

Thanks for reading!

**Also, side note, this is my 900th on Sortitsoutsi!

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Wow well done on a great first season at Dortmund. Won't be long before that Champions League trophy ends up there
Unlucky in the Champs League dude, no shame in going out to Galatasaray, away goal or not. Good luck in Georgia!
I've always toyed with the idea of doing a Nordic / Scandinavia save. Good landing spot, am sure you'll sort things out.
If you don't have a save being posted on Sortitoutsi, you're tinpot
Good going so far mate, massive club Pohang, they always do well whenever I've got Korea loaded.
@r96Skinner You're right, the international side was a bonus thing to add, so I'll amend the challenge somewhat and continue on. I don't know if it will affect the club sides not having any players surely there will always be players available, I'll continue on for now and see how it goes.

@tongey Thanks for your comment man, I've just got caught up on your win it all challenge, I don't think I'd have the patience to win everything, nearest I'd go for is The Pentagon or British and Irish Steel.
Also just on this, as I'm 7 seasons in and have tried the save and reload trick on the date Brazil loads new fixtures, Sao Catano haven't moved up in rep or out of the lower league, and I don't think they'll ever become playable. As well as that Universidad de Chile also got relegated 3 seasons ago and haven't come back up. So they may also not become eligible and won't win the libertadores by the AI
I've made an absolute balls up of this

In the game set up when I was making a couple of nations playable, I selected a small database, so now after 6 more season's there's not enough players in the game to make 4 of the eligible nations playable. Of the national sides that I need to manage, only El Salvador are currently playable, none of the others are there for me to manage. These include Venezuela, Jamaica and Costa Rica.

So I don't know what to do. Do I continue on without the national teams side of the challenge and just stick to the club sides, or restart the challenge, or bin it all together and do something else? Would like your thoughts @r96Skinner @Dan @DNZY @tongey
Unlucky in Libertadores qualifying, no shame in losing to Fluminese though.

Yeah for sure man, they're a big club so no shame in that at all. Just gotta concentrate on domestic football for the time being
Can I request kits for America de Cali

Home - Red, plain with no middle sponsor

Away -White plain with no middle sponsor

Kit manufacturer - Umbro

Badge -


Anyone able to make these for me?
You've done what you set out to do in Rome, go to Dortmund, great club

Cobreloa FC Season 2019

With a new season approaching, the objectives are simple, finish at least 5th again, and give as good as we possibly can in the qualifying rounds of the Copa Libertadores.

Before that though, I’m offered an interview at Brazilian club Bahia, which I turn down as they’re never going to be eligible for this challenge, as well as being linked to the job at Chilean side Universidad de Concepcion, who also aren’t yet eligible, so if they come knocking it will be a no. Hopefully with me being linked to non-eligible clubs, I can get the attention of some of the actual eligible clubs soon



Joining our team this season is center half Jorge Marcoleta, who was actually on loan to Cobreloa in the second season of the game. He’s improved a lot since then, and the fans are happy with this signing



We also sign attacking midfielder Vitinho on loan from Palmeiras, goalkeeper Cerda on a free and a player with a lot of talent, striker Leonardo also on loan from Palmeiras and rounding out the signings ins center half Ampuero from Deporte Antofagasta









Before the first game of the league season, the Chilean Super cup, we’ve got confirmation we’re drawn against fellow eligible side Sporting Cristal of Peru. They are the current Peruvian top division champions, but anything is possible.



So the season opener is here, and it is the winners of the Prierma division Universidad de Chile and us, the winners of the Chilean cup in the Super Cup, effectively Chile's version of the Charity / Community shield.

In a game in which neither team bothered defending much, we were 3-2 up at half time. Second half came and whilst they were on the attack from the off, we upped our advantage to 4-2 7 minutes in and then never looked back. We added 2 more to really seal the deal and if this game against the champs is anything to go by, well this season may just turn out alright




The next game was our first qualifying round game against Sporting Cristal. We set up using our 3-1-4-2 formation, and they went in with a diamond 4-4-2



As the home team we really should’ve taken it to them, but came out of a very even and nervy game 1-0 winners.


Our league season kicked off next and we battled to a very credible 4-3 away win over Audax Italiano, with Monreal grabbing a first half hat trick. Another solid showing early on


In the return leg of the first qualifying round, we played out a 0-0 draw with Sporting Cristal, which sees us progress 1-0 on aggregate. The only thing of note that happened was they received a red card early in the second, and we just rode out the game.



We’re then drawn against another eligible team, Brazilian side Fluminense in the second qualifying round.


Before that game though we had 2 league games, the first was an end to end showing as we were held at home 3-3 against Santiago Wanderers, a very even game and neither side deserved to lose, and then we won 2-1 away to Everton de Vina del Mar to keep up an unbeaten run so far



In the first leg against Fluminense, we set up as we have all season long, and they went with a 4-2-3-1 formation



At half time we were still in the game at 0-0, and the game really wasn’t that much to write home about, however we switched off right at the end as they got us on the break to score with 8 seconds left, which means we’ve got it all to do in the second leg



That loss was our first loss in 6 games, but we got right back on track domestically as we thumped Union la Calera 3-0 before the return leg against Fluminense.


We got off to what I thought was a great start, as Villegas gets down the left hand side



Swings in a great cross

Leonardo is there to head the ball home



However it’s ruled out as Leonardo handled the ball on it’s way in, gutted



But we kept plugging away, and did indeed take the lead, this time through Araya as he hits a shot from inside the area to give us the lead at half time



In the second we kept taking it to them as we need to get a second goal,as it’s still 1-1 on aggregate, and on 74 minutes lady luck seemed to shine on us as we’re given a penalty

Leading scorer Leonardo steps up

Unlucky, he hits the bar.


Shortly after the penalty, they get a corner, and it’s buried in at the far post to give them the lead 2-1 on aggregate.

Even though there’s 10 minutes left, they’ve got an away goal, and we do not score another in this game



So it's a defeat in the second qualifying round of the Copa Libertadores. It's unlucky, as a win here would've seen us get into the group stages, but we lost to a strong side and we did well getting this far.

The aim now for the rest of the season is to continue on in the league and hopefully push on. We've got a great squad here as shown by the league results we've had so far, and another cup run definitely isn't out of the question.

Next update will be the next few months worth of league action, we'll check up on the Concacaf Champions League, and any other business.

Thanks for reading.

Just getting caught up now, some save you've got going on here mate, all the best in Northern Ireland (again)
There's a few York saves on the forums at the minute, I live in York and they're doing well in real life, will be going to the game tomorrow actually. Hope you get some good form with The Minstermen
Sometimes you've gotta go down to go up, rebuild and make sure when you go up this time you stay up. Fingers crossed
Oh dear, need some points and quickly! You only play 2 teams around you in the final 5 games, hope you can pull it off dude
Congrats on winning the league. Onward and upwards

Nice season!
Best of luck in the Libertadores qualifying round, it would be cracking if you could sneak into the group stages.

Cheers mate, will be depend on who we get drawn against in the qualifying round, but anything is possible.
Before we kick off our second half of the season, we’re drawn against San Marcos in the first round of the Copa Chile, and went down without a fight.


But we put up a fight we did in the second leg, as we put 3 un-answered goals away to win the tie 3-2 on aggregate, and progress, and we’re drawn against Deportes Iquique in the second round



A win over Universidad de Chile and a draw with Palestino came before I am linked to not 1, but 2 other jobs, but as neither are eligible clubs, I decline.





The up and down form continued, as we narrowly lost out to Deportive Huachipato before beating eligible club Universidad Catolica, losing to Everton de Vina.




The first leg of the second round of the cup saw us come out with a 3 all draw with Deportes Iquique.


Before the second leg however we were held twice, first at home to Deportes Temuco and then away at Audax.



The second leg of the cup was up next and got a good win, rounding out 2-1 to see us progress.




We then played Colo-Colo, and got what I think was our best result so far. We took the lead with an early penalty and held on for dear life as Colo-Colo absolutely took it to us. We then got a bit fortunate as they were given a second yellow putting them down to 10 men, and whilst we didn’t really attack we held on until they were given another red card late on and that meant we could definitely keep the ball and win the game


Before the first leg of the quarter final In the cup, we got another win over Iquique to set us up for the cup game, in which we thumped Santiago Wanderers 4-2, meaning a 2 goal advantage and we’ve got 1 foot in the semi final



Another 4 goal showing saw us get the points over Antofagasta, before going down 2-1 in the second leg in the quarter final, but with the 4-2 win in the first leg, we progressed to the semi final 5-4 on aggregate, where we’ll play second division side Deportes Union San Felipe





2 draws and a thumping win preceded a loss to O’Higgins to finish off our season, that saw us finish a very respectable 6th in the league, with a 13-7-10 record.






The semi final of the cup was typical old fashioned cup football. The first leg saw us play out a 1 all draw against the lower opposition side


The second leg:


Nerve racking stuff! I hate penalty shoot outs, the first one they missed the keeper saved it well, and the second they spooned it wide. Still we’re in the final against another second division side, Santiago Morning



Coincidentally, this final is my 100th game as a manager in this save





It wasn’t plain sailing against lower league opposition, as they took it to us right from the off and took us all the way to penalties. Once again, the players held their nerve and came away winners of a second successive shootout



What an exciting way to finish the season, survival in the Primera division and a cup win to boot. The real icing on the cake is we’re also qualified for the Copa Libertadores qualifying round after this cup win. Now I think getting to the group stage would be a massive over achievement, I don’t think we’ll get anywhere near winning it, but we’ll see.

I’m also, quite rightly so I feel awarded the manager of the year award, Villegas getting our player of the year award




During this season was the Copa America. The only way an eligible team would come out of this is if Venezuela or Ecuador get to the final and lose, which is exactly what Venezuela did.





Venezuela did well getting to the final after beating Argentina, but Colombia were too good on the day.

Not only that, but Costa Rica won the Concacaf Gold Cup, meaning they are now removed from that part of the challenge, and Jamaica once again got to a final only to lose.




Opening post and tracker have been updated.

So that rounds out a great season for us. There has been interest in me from other non-eligible sides, maybe I'll get a call from 1 of the eligible sides before long? I do not think we're in a position to challenge for the COPA Libertadores this season, but anything is possible.

Next update will pre season stuff, and the start of the new season

Thanks for reading.

Career progress:
2016 | Guaratingueta (Brazil) Finished 7th Serie C
2017 | Guaratingueta (Brazil) Finished 2nd Serie C, promoted
2018 | Cobreloa (Chile) Finished 1st, and promoted from Primera B
2019 | Cobreloa (Chile) Finished 6th in Primera Division



Kicking us off in the clubs return to the top flight, we greeted with the fixture list, and we’ve got San Luis up first.


We make a few signings in our attempt to stay in the division. First in is defensive midfielder Seb Silva on loan, followed by forward Jose Pablo Monreal. Both will be starters





We add another DM in Camilo Rencoret to compliment the team.



Season preview has us finishing bottom of the league. I really, really hope we don’t!


So a short pre-season and we’ve arrived at our first game of the season, a home match against San Luis


We started off well, with new boy Monreal latching onto a through ball from strike partner Yuri to give us a 1 nil lead.

We then had a penalty, which we converted


Then got another goal from Villegas as he pounced to convert from another through ball


We then had another penalty, which Villegas converted to give him a first half hat trick right on half time


I couldn’t believe what was happening, as we got yet another penalty to make it 5-0 to us, with Villegas getting 4, 3 from the spot


What a game this turned out to be, as we got penalty number 4, which Villegas scored again to make it 6-0 to us.



Wow. 6-0 in our first game in the Primera division. Okay so 4 were penalties but we still scored from open play twice, not only that, our left midfielder Villegas get’s given a perfect 10



We then got brought crashing down to Earth, as the team that knocked us out of the cup last season put 4 passed us in the league this year. The silver lining here being we took the lead, that’s it.


I set up to attack in every game, and attack we did. Yuri continued his great goal scoring form as he bagged a hat trick and we won 5-0 over Palestino. Hopefully a sign of things to come.


We made it back to back wins with a hard fought 1-0 over Huachipato. The red card early on helped us, and Villegas got another goal.


Back to back to back losses followed as we were felled by Everton de Vila, Universidad Catolica and Deportes Temuco to bring us to the end of March sitting in 8th in the league.






April started off with a big win, 4-0 over Audax, before we went down 1-0 to Deportes Antofagasta in which they scored right from the kick off and we never looked like equalising.



We took Chile’s top team Colo-Colo to a 1 all draw in a game they absolutely dominated and we had no right in even getting a point, but we did


A win away to Deportes Iquique, a home loss to Universidad de Conception and an away loss to eligible club Union Espanola meant we really needed to start picking up some more points from somewhere.




Rounding out May did see us pick up some much needed points, 4 to be exact, as we drew with Santiago Wanderers and managed to beat O’Higgins to ensure we stayed in 8th place in the league with half of the season gone.





Finishing off this update is the CONCACAF Champions League. In the first leg of the final, Guadalajara and Santos Laguna finished 1 all. If Santos win they are removed from the challenge, and Guadalajara had previously won the competition when it was known as the North American Champions Cup.


As for the return leg:





It was never in doubt was it. FM cult legend Carlos Fierro (remember him?!) adding the final nail in the coffin on 90 minutes. Guadalajara win it meaning Santos Laguna are still eligible as they have now finished runners up 3 times.

So with 15 games gone, I think we can be happy with how this season has panned out so far. For a promoted team, we've got some great wins along the way, but have suffered some expected losses. We've got the Copa Chile coming up, but I'd take survival in the league over a cup run this season.

Next update will be the second half of the season, what went on in the Copa America and CONCACAF Gold Cup, and any other business.

Thanks for reading.
Congrats on securing the title, onto the Primera Division!

Cheers mate, long season ahead.
Big points gap at the minute, I wouldn't hold much luck that Juve will start dropping points, it's possible though. Keep at it
Lets hope Denmark stuff it and you progress.
Everyone's got a soft spot for Pompey I think. Good luck.
It's the charm of FM ain't it getting to manage in various leagues you know absolutely nothing about. If it was me, I'd probably stay at the club, and maybe see if any other Belorussian club will take you on
Bad times in the Ukraine mate, but at least the top 2 teams were willing to talk with you.

Good luck in Greece.
I don't come on here for a few days, and you've not only been thumped in a final, you got sacked, got a new job and now promoted to the top league in Belarus of all places. Great write up as always mate.
June saw us kick things off with a 1 all draw against Deportes Copiapo, which preceded the big derby game against Cobresol





You could say it’s the biggest game of the season so far for us, at home against our rivals. But just like the reverse fixture, we dominated this game and ran out 2-0 winners after leading at half time and never looking back


4 more points were gained in June with a draw and win, against Deportes Valdivia and Deportes Melpilla respectively



I’ve been switching between skins and can’t decide which one to keep.

We then had the matter of the Chilean FA cup first round, and we were up against top division side Universidad de Chile, and we gave a good account of ourselves, drawing the first leg 0-0 before going down 2-0 in the second leg. Nothing to be mad about here, they were just the better team on the day.



Back in the league, the demolition jobs continued as we took out Puerto Morritt 4-0, before drawing with Barnechea 1 all and another 4-0 win saw us get the points against San Marcos




Low scoring games followed, with a draw against Deportivo Magallanes preceding a 2-1 home win over Deportes La Serena



The win over Deportes La Serena ensured we’re finishing no lower than second in the league, securing a play off place.


Shortly after I sign an extension, and I am happy here at the minute.


At this point in the season, it’s the semi finals of the COPA Libertadores, and the 4 teams in the semi’s, Atletico Mineiro, Sao Paulo, Gremio and Vasco da Gama aren’t eligible for the challenge, as all have won the competition already


Not long to go in the league now, we had a win over Deportes Ibarra to keep our good run going into the biggest game of the career so far.


With a win over Carico Unido in our next game, we’d be crowned champions and win promotion to the Primera Division

A win is what we got as well. An early goal set us off and we added 2 more as the game progressed. Was never in doubt really






So with that, we’ve got 3 games left of our season, and we took our foot off the gas really. Losses to Deportes Nublense and Deportes Rangers preceded a final day victory over Union La Calera to round out the season.




Just like that, the season is done, and it can be considered a great season. One and done in the Primera B Division, we never looked back.



It’s helped my rep no end getting this promotion, and whilst I think challenging for the COPA Libetadores with Cobreloa is way off, we’ll take it 1 step at a time and see where we end up.

Random post time, and Frank Lampard, yes that one, left his position as interim manager of Chicago Fire at the end of my season in Chile. Weird.


Finishing of this update, Gremio won the COPA Libertadores, and heading into the quarters of the CONCACAF Champions League are Philadelphia Union, FC Dallas, Toronto, Santos Laguna, LA Galaxy, DC United,Cruz Azul and Guadalajara.



Of those teams, should Philadelphia or FC Dallas get to the final and lose, they’ll become eligible.

Thoughts for next season are to survive in the league. Make some signings and see how it pans out. In an ideal world, we’ll either survive, get a board takeover and a lot of money to actually challenge for the COPA, or I keep the team up, go on a decent cup run and an eligible team becomes available and I go from there.

As I said in an earlier post, I’m not against leaving Cobreloa and coming back to try and win the COPA, but we’ll see.

Next update will be the start of the new season in the Primera Division.

Thanks for reading.
Sometimes you've got to go down to go up, or in your case progress. Am sure you'll walk the first division, then get a job elsewhere.