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Brick Tamland Comments
Sporting CP - 2019/20 Pre-Season Update




So we had a big departure with Bas Dost leaving to Spurs for £41M rising to £46.5m, I did try and fend them off but he got unsettled so I thought you know what let's generate some cash and get a couple of young top class replacements for him so for less than the amount I sold him for I managed to sign Kasper Dolberg & Fiete Arp who I'm sure will turn into amazing forwards for us. We've moved on a lot of our deadwood too which I'm really happy about, I'm hugely impressed with being able to get Bentnancur while he was transfer listed which was a surprise so I snaffled him before anyone else could! I've added two experienced centre-backs in the ranks on loan with Matip & Mustafi I feel they'll help to tighten our leaky defence massively. I'm still looking to add a couple more players into the mix and possibly one or two leaving also but let's see how it pans out over the remaining 4 weeks of the transfer window...

Pre Season didn't go too badly, was pretty annoyed with the thumping from Everton but apart from that, we managed some really solid results. I'm happy to have beaten Porto 3-0 in the Portuguese Super Cup as well that's a great morale booster and puts us in good spirits going into the European Super Cup against Liverpool.

How is Antonio Marin faring out for you so far?


Just a quick screenshot for you there mate to see how he did last season.
How is Antonio Marin faring out for you so far?

He spent the season out on loan to Nacional (Madeira) and had a fairly good season output wise, I will add a screenshot when I get home later for you. I'm keeping him around the first team in the forthcoming season with Nani ageing I think he'll play a substantial role for us this year!
Sporting CP - 2018/2019 Second Half Update





WHAT AN END TO THE SEASON! i'm really pleased with how our season panned out in the end, to win the Europa League and the Portuguese FA Cup Equivalent is brilliant. We finished second in the league and not too far behind Porto either, if we won the league that would have been the icing on top of the cake but I suppose its hard to win all the major competitions in your first season. I'm hoping we can seal the league title next season but it will be hard, I'm looking forward to seeing how we do in the Champions League also as its a step up above Europa League. We struggled initially during December and January with all the departures and arrivals causing a lack of cohesion but I had no doubt as soon as things clicked we'd do well and boy did we.

Bas Dost had a fantastic season for us, 34 goals in all competitions which is a very good goal return. Notable mentions have to be made to Raphinha, Nani and new signing Robertone who have been equally as fantastic for us and with the three combined got us a further 32 goals and 32 assists combined which is a fantastic return. I'd like to keep Bas Dost around but there are the likes of Arsenal, City, Tottenham, Atletico and others all sniffing around him, I think if I receive a bid of £35m plus I'll really consider it due to the age of Bas Dost being 30 and will soon decline and will allow us to add even more quality to the squad.

Sporting CP - 2018/2019 First Half Update




Not too bad of a start to the season really, we're sitting unbeaten in the league but 4th. We've not really got into our mojo yet either, I'm hoping it starts to click soon so then we can take our title push to the next level. We've managed to qualify for the next stage of the Europa League which is great but we were lacklustre in a couple of the games. We're in the sixth round of the Taca De Portugal Placard (which is the main domestic competition) which is great, I'm hoping we can get a final or possibly win that for some silverware, however, the other domestic cup competition we have unfortunately crashed out of but that's not a big issue as it wasn't an important competition for us.

Raphinha is an absolute baller there is nothing else to say, without him, we'd be struggling massively and we have done as he has been injured a few times this season already and we just struggled to find that cutting edge in the final third. Bas Dost is seemingly putting in a decent return but I would like him to bag a few more consistently as he's a very patchy form player. Miguel Luis has been a surprise for me, I saw him loitering in our Under 23's and seen that he had decent potential and not too bad current ability so I've given him a run of games and I've not looked back, for a 19-year-old he has been absolutely fantastic for us, scoring 5 goals from midfield isn't a bad feat halfway through a season as a 19-year-old. I'm hoping to offload some deadwood and add a little more quality into the side and hopefully, that springboards up into a good rhythm.

Sporting CP - Pre Season Update




I believe we've had a fairly strong preseason all told really, to be honest, I was fearing for the worst when we lost to our 23's in the first preseason friendly I was like what's going on here?? However, we stepped it up from them and managed to go the rest of preseason unbeaten and get the match fitness we desperately need for the forthcoming first league fixture. It was unfortunate to lose Coates & Mathieu from midfield but as soon as the bids came in they wanted to leave but the money allowed to strengthen the squad even further as well. I'm happy with how the transfers went as a rule really, to be honest as well, we've signed plenty of players for the future to go into our already well-established youth setup and hopefully they can develop into some really key players for us. I'm over the moon with the signings of Nelsson, Livakovic and Enrich in particular, I believe they can be key for us, obviously the former two are more for the future but Enrich has a good 4 years in him as a quality striker with being 28.

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Sporting CP - The Resurgence

Unfortunately, my previous laptop has decided to give up the ghost and has broken so this has resulted in my Journeyman Career & Liverpool saves being unaccessible for the time being until I find a way of retrieving them as the saves weren't saved to the cloud storage for some reason.

I've decided to embark on a journey with the turbulent Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon, I had a really enjoyable save with these a few years back when they had the likes of Rui Patricio and Matias Fernandez in the team so going back a few years now so I thought why not steady the ship and make them become forerunners for the league again and compete really well in Europe, possibly do a Porto and win the Champions League. They have lost plenty of their main stars in terms of Patricio, Martins and Carvalho so the quality in the side has taken a large dip but there's definitely enough quality in it to challenge for the European spaces. I'm looking to make use of the fantastic training and youth facilities and promote within as much as possible as I believe there will be some absolute gems unearthed throughout the years especially with the club producing the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo albeit being signed from Nacional and developed, Nani, Rui Patricio, William Carvalho etc.





So as you can see the clubs facilities are fantastic, they're going to be fundamental for the club going forward and I'm going to utilise them if we've got any chance of progressing as a club due to financial reasons, as you can see we aren't exactly the wealthiest of clubs so it will be hard to compete with Porto and especially Benfica financially. The squad is a big one and it has a couple of superstars in there in terms of Bruno Fernandes, Raphinha, Cabral and Bas Dost, however, I don't see Dost staying as much as he is a good finisher I really don't think he'll fit in with the way we will be playing due to lack of mobility but I'm going to give him a chance over preseason to show what he can do.

2022/23 Season Update




So we've managed to keep our heads just above the looming relegation places, we're just not performing or should I say we just really don't have the squad to do much better which I play down to the lack of financial backing, it's proving to be an increasingly difficult task to grind out the necessary results.

Our attackers aren't really doing much and it's telling with our top goalscorer being from central midfield, I think we'll do marvellously well to stay up in the division. There have been a few clubs sniffing around for my services which I have turned down as they aren't the right fit for me at the moment but it is something to consider if the perfect team comes along for me, it would be something I will consider, especially if it's a premier league club...





So I've become the manager of Fulham, they're a premier league team which are also struggling really to put any form together and the finances were somewhat horrendous when I arrived. The bank balance was £18M in the red and no transfer budget and we were over wages by £60k a week so I needed to rectify a few things and sell before I acquired better players. I think we'll do well to stay up, to be honest, but I've got a plan and hopefully, it works...





So we managed to do it, we've stayed in the Premier League which was our minimum target, we got a solid position too with 13th. I'm looking to improve on this next season and break into the top half of the table and possibly get a europa league spot if we're lucky. We're going to have to improve the squads quality massively though in order to do that.

It looked rather bleak at the beginning, we were shipping in too many and not scoring anywhere near enough so we were losing matches comfortably so something had to change as my usual 4-1-2-2-1 formation wasn't even remotely working even though it should have been better in defence for us with the DM protecting the defence so I just had to go for it and went for a really attacking 4-2-3-1 formation and it actually turned our fortunes around massively as we was sitting in the relegation spaces and I really did not want a relegation under my name.

Harry Wilson and Mallahi changed our fortunes around massively, I started playing Mallahi upfront as the starting lone striker where the previous manager was using Mitrovic who doesn't really fit my style of football. Mallahi turn of speed turned troublesome for the defenders and went on a great scoring streak for us. Wilson was an absolute machine on the wings for us, I often rotated him from left to right and it worked, he was pulling the strings and made 10 assists from just signing in January.

I'm really looking forward to next season, I think it could end up being a good one should we get the the transfers right.

Liverpool F.C. - The New Era Has Begun




We've had a good transfer window and strengthened the squad massively. I've managed to offload the injury-prone players in Lallana and Sturridge, we got decent fees for them, would have liked to sold Sturridge for a bit more but teams were reluctant to properly splurge on him but between them, we also relieved over 220k a week in wages. I managed to offload some of the fringe players that wouldn't have featured and got decent fees with Moreno, Markovic, Mignolet and Origi all leaving along with Clyne.

We've bought some really fantastic young players who will serve us for years to come and we've brought in real quality with the likes of De Ligt, Depay & Fernandes who will all play massive roles for us straight away. We've just got the one Marquee player at the moment in James Milner but I suspect he'll, unfortunately, be going at end of the season due to age as he's already 32 as it stands and he'll be taking a valuable marquee spot. I will be trimming the squad a bit at end of the season to move out some of the foreign players that probably won't feature as much as they would like to over forthcoming season.

I think this is a very strong team to challenge on all fronts but let's see how the season pans out.

Liverpool F.C. - The New Era Has Begun

So I've decided on a side game to go alongside my Journeyman career (which there is a couple of big updates due to come for that) just so then I can keep interest in the save and not get bored by playing the save day in day out for hours on end. I've decided to make a save with my beloved Liverpool which I do on a yearly basis, now I wouldn't really say Liverpool is much of a challenge due to how good they are on FM this year so this is fundamentally just a fun side save, I'm hoping to get the team to the point where we dominate in every capacity, the potential is there but there will definitely need to be big improvements. Now to make it more interesting I've decided to give myself rules any new signing has to be 25 or under (apart from a marquee player which I will explain later), I'm no longer allowed to keep a player over the age of 30 unless homegrown through the youth system e.g. Trent when he's older and I'm going to add Gomez into this area due to signing him at such a young age from Charlton, I'm only allowed 17 non-British & Irish players in the 25 man squad after the first season just gives me wiggle room for the first season to make changes. I'm allowed two marquee players which don't fall under any of the rules set so he can be foreign and not part of the 17 man quota, will be allowed to be over 30 years older and can be signed over the age of 25.

Just thought I'd add some rules to make it a little more interesting.

Pre-Season Update




Fairly strong pre season really for us there, we gave some good performances against the much bigger sides we came up against despite the lack of quality in our side. Now in terms of the squad we've got lots of depth however, that doesn't necessarily transpire into the quality we desperately need, I've strengthened the best I could with the lack of funds in terms of wages as if we wanted to sign anyone who wasn't British we had to pay £8k a week wages which we couldn't offer as we've got a very hard Brexit so I had to settle for British players who aren't really the quality I wanted but improved the squad slightly to give us a better chance.

I think it'll be a miracle if we escape the drop but let's see how it pans out, I'm looking forward to challenge and to see if there are any interesting opportunities what might come our way.

Here comes the biggest challenge of my managerial career on this save!

2021-2022 Season Update





First of all apologies for just the one update this season, I would have liked to done more updates but due to internet connection issues I couldn't update as I would like to have done, my internet has been pretty much down all day with the (no internet access) due to a fault in my area but it got rectified tonight so updates will be back to normal now.

Well what a season this has been, we did the promotion the hard way by going through the playoffs but to be fair to have the second lowest wage budget in the league and get promoted is no easy feat! Around October time when we had our terrible spell, I'll be honest I was absolutely bricking it, I thought we had our good spell with a half decent squad and that was that and the season was going to go dreadfully but somehow we turned it around with a little 1-0 win over Walsall in the FA Cup what seems to have inspired us and from there we managed pretty decent form from then on. I think our showing was abysmal in the cup competitions to be fair though, we really should have done better but I'll take that showing with the promotion as we are now in the Championship for the very first time as a club.

I've had my initial budgets for next season and its a mere £900k transfer budget and a wage budget of £66k a week... to put that into context Bristol Rovers who had the lowest wage budget in the Championship last season had a wage budget of £118k a week so nearly double of what Wycombe are offering me. I think the inevitable will probably happen next season with the lack of spending power to build a team capable of staying up, if there is any attractive propositions that come my way I will definitely consider them for this reason but I might stick it out at Wycombe if a club who isn't challenging for the Championship or higher reputation division comes in for me.

For me really there was only really one stand out player for us all season and that was ex Liverpool winger Rafa Camacho who was on loan from Burnley, he managed 16 goals and 6 assists on the wing with an average rating of 7.04 and Adria Bernabe on loan from Man City our affiliate, the rest really to be honest played to a decent level but never really excelled or shown a massive influence throughout the season.

Let's see what pans out over the off season!

January to End of Season Update







We had a fairly solid season, we were only three points off the playoff spots so we gave it a real good go especially with a lack of real quality in our squad. We have a real lack of depth in defence and we got a couple of injuries which meant we had to juggle the defence around a lot and played many players completely out of position. Tulloch had been brilliant for us since I joined Wycombe. As you can see there are many players in on loan and its not surprising really due to having the second lowest wage budget in the league with just 34k a week as a wage budget so if that's not increased it could mean that next season will be very interesting in terms of transfers and strengthening as it could potentially mean I'll have to do very much the same and rely on Loan signings to add depth and a little more quality but lets see how the preseason pans out...

July to End of December

I made a slight mistake, I was meant to copy the template from this update for the next one but I ended up being an idiot and just editing this for the next update so I've just put this update back to the way it should be just showing screenshots, apologies for the mistake





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Pre Season Update





Mixed preseason results really, would have liked to have done better to generate more confidence however we've given everyone a good game. I haven't been able to add the quality I would have liked, we've added plenty of depth but the quality I was planning to sign just wasn't available due to players not wanting to join us because of our low reputation. The board think we will struggle to avoid relegation and the season preview reckons we will finish stone dead last so it's not looking too great for us so I'd be over the moon should we be able to avoid relegation with the squad we have.

I'm happy we've been able to bring in Healey permanently as he was brilliant for us last season and I think Obika should turn out to be a good signing as he's well proven at this level but it remains to be seen what we can create behind him to give him the chances due to lack of quality. I'd say Luke Maxwell should turn out to be our most important signing as he's the only one what seems to stick out to be a good enough to be a top league two player.

So here goes nothing, let's hope it doesn't go miserably wrong!

Well done on promotion mate, hopefully you can strengthen the squad in the right areas and make a good mark in staying up in what's bound to be a much tougher division but I'm sure you'll give it a good go! Got my fingers crossed for you mate!
Really solid season there mate, unfortunate to lose the league title on the last day but hopefully that'll spur your players to make amends next season and win the league! Well done on the cup win also, brilliant work!
Looking forward to seeing how this pans out with the DoF being in charge of the transfers, will be interesting to see who he replaces players you offload with.

You've made a great start to the league only two points off top spot which is great. PEA looks like he's banging the goals in for you too!

Best of luck for the rest of the season!
January-End of Season Update






So we managed to get promotion, I would have preferred to do it automatically by winning the league but I'm still thrilled to get back to back promotions by winning in the play-off's, we had a slight dip of form but we worked through it and got enough points to keep us in the top 3 of the league so we immediately went to the semi-finals of the play-off's and then came into form at the right time to win both matches in the play-off's. I'm made up we also won the FA Trophy, my aim was to reach the semi-finals so to win it is a bonus and another trophy to add to my collection.

We had some outstanding players this season, in particular, Whelan, Healey and Prohouly all performed to the absolute best of their abilities and scored some really vital goals for us and they all got a decent goal tally throughout the season. Glatzel played well for most of the season but he became unhappy after I rejected interest from big championship clubs like Preston, he handed in a transfer request and it looks like it's a strong possibility he'll be moving on in the summer.

So the big challenge starts now. We've only got an extra 10k a week wage budget to transform the quality of our squad, it's going to be a hard task to stay up but I'm sure we'll give it a good go and hopefully manage to do it come the end of the season.

August-December Update






An excellent first half of the season really, to be sat at 3rd after just being promoted is pretty special. We are a few points off the automatic promotion spot/league winners spot, that's not our objective but it's still not too far out of our reach if we perform as we have been it could well be something that we challenge for. It would be amazing to get back to back promotions, that would be the ultimate goal but I won't be disappointed if we miss out on that as I only really wanted to hit the playoff spots as a huge task for us. We've been doing relatively well in the cups also, we're in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and we've got a relatively beatable Colchester side upcoming should we be able to play to our very best and defy the odds. We've progressed also in the FA Trophy, I'd like to get a bit further in the FA trophy maybe around the Semi Finals if possible.

Glatzel has been a machine up front for us, he's been a fantastic player. I'm hoping he can carry on to the second half of the season and possibly go through the gears to his top form as there is plenty more to come from him. Richards and Whelan are notable mentions too as they have been instrumental to our successes so far this season, Richards has been an assisting machine at right back and Whelan keeps popping up with vital goals in the midfield.

Pre Season Update






So I've decided to stay at Southport for the second season and see how our life pans out after promotion, we've strengthened the squad massively. We've added youth, quality and a bit of experience too. I'm delighted with the signings such as Glatzel, Larouci, Swanson, Warren from the likes of Liverpool's, Arsenal's and Man Utd's U18's along with the others. We've added a bit of experience and quality with Jamie O'Hara, he fits in our defensive midfielder deep-lying playmaker role perfectly. I honestly believe if we gel quickly enough we could actually give a good go at the playoffs this season, however, I've set my seasonal objective with the board to avoid relegation.

We didn't have the best of preseason results wise but I just look at preseason in terms of gaining fitness and I'm hoping we can hit the ground running, we've got Macclesfield Town first up freshly relegated from League Two so I believe this will be challenging start but one we're going to be relishing, here's to hoping for another successful year!

End of Season Update





What a season, a brilliant start to my managerial career. I was only expecting to hit the playoffs at a push at the beginning of the season but that great start at the beginning gave us the confidence to push on right through the season. We've ended up eight points clear at the top and we also had that amazing cup run in the FA Cup which generated us lots of money. We've been given £150k for next season to spend which is a decent amount for the VNL, however, it remains to be seen if there are any tempting offers which may come through for us to ply our trade in a higher league and take the next step into a more competitive league such as any of the EFL leagues or possibly abroad.

Gilchrist had a fantastic season finishing on 26 goals in all comps and 21 of them coming in the league alone, another stand out player for us was Luke Walsh who was an absolute menace on the right wing and caused havoc to whatever defence we faced. Another stand out performer was Kettings in goal for us throughout the season accumulating 20 clean sheets in all competitions. However, the player of the season goes to my first choice right back in Jordan Richards, he was an absolute machine and managed 12 assists and an average rating of 7.40 out of 46 matches in all competitions.

So let's see what develops over the end of the season and see if there is any big changes.

January Update

An massively hectic month for us January, we've played plenty of games and to be fair we only dropped five points in the league, however, Chester and Spennymoor are teams we should be beating but I'm not going to let it get us down as overall it was a successful month. We managed to beat Telford who is challenging at the top of the table with ourselves. So we ended up drawing at home 1-1 against Newcastle which was amazing considering the gulf in class between the teams and that meant we got an away tie at St James' Park which is one of the largest stadiums in England which brought us in over 500k in revenue which is fantastic! We lost the replay 2-0 at St James' Park but I'll take that as that's a fantastic effort. We, unfortunately, lost to Ebbsfleet and now that's meant we've crashed out of the FA Trophy a bit earlier than I wanted to but this means I can just focus on promotion in the league.






We're currently sitting at top of the table still and six points clear of Hereford, we've dropped some points off our lead over them but we're still maintaining some good form in the league and I hope we can continue it restore a bigger lead at top of the table. We've had a fair few injuries in January also so I had to juggle the team massively, we actually ended up with only one fit central midfielder at one point so I had to make a couple of signings to add a bit more strength. I'm really pleased with how things are going and I'm looking forward to how the upcoming months pan out and whether we can lift the title.

Again there was no stand out players really this month who made me think damn he had an amazing month. Crawford popped up with a couple of good goals this month for us which is good as we needed a back up striker who could come on and change the game if Gilchrist is struggling like the other back up strikers I have used haven't really done anything at all. Walsh is proving to be having a fantastic season on the right wing also.

A great couple of months that! Reaching the FA Cup third round is massive and to draw Newcastle, unfortunately at home otherwise the money would of been massive, is the game televised? Solid in the league and Gilchrist is killing it this season!

Yeah, fortunately, it is televised so we'll get some decent tv revenue in from it also so we should get some sort of boost in finances, I'm expecting a bumper home crowd too hopefully! Gilchrist has been fantastic, I'm just praying I can keep him fit so we've always got a good option up top as the other strikers haven't really been at the races

Should get a decent income from Newcastle which will definitely help the coffers. Good couple of months there hopefully the inevitable loss against Newcastle doesn't hamper your squads confidence too much and you keep up this form.

That's the only thing I'm worried about myself if that an inevitable loss will damage our confidence, it shouldn't do as I'll just tell the players the pressure is off but it's sometimes tricky these situations but if we do lose confidence I think it'll only take a couple of wins to rally back around get the confidence back.

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November/December Update

A couple of fantastic months for us, we did drop some unnecessary points such as the draw against Bradford Park Avenue and the loss against Boston United, however, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. We've managed to progress into the 3rd Round FA Cup which is incredible for a club of our size and we have been pitted against Newcastle United which is going to be a great occasion for the lads to test themselves against Premier League opposition it's just a shame it's a home tie otherwise it would have been an incredible money spinner for us. I'm really happy we're in the second round of the FA Trophy as well, a couple of decent cup runs are happening.





So after the past two fantastic months, it's meant that we've accumulated plenty of points which has resulted in us going back to the top of the pile but not only that it's allowed us to get ourselves a really healthy lead of eight points in second place. If we keep up this form who knows what sort of gap we can actually accrue. I'm really really pleased with our cup runs, I'd be amazed if we manage anything other than a battering against Newcastle but I'm sure we'll give a good account of ourselves.

There's no stand out players really at all, the whole team are playing their part and if we keep up these performances then only good things will come. I'm starting to notice that Gilchrist is very much a striker which scores in bunches, he'll score in a few games then suddenly he'll stop scoring and then start scoring for a few games etc, I'm just hoping I can turn him more consistent as we could really do with him being more consistent to just give us that extra edge in the firepower.

October Update

An unbeaten month for us, we had some really tough games which we managed to grab points from. I was pleased to get the draw against Hereford as they were always going to be tough ask to beat with their current form. We got a win against Boreham Wood which was massive in terms of the FA Cup as they are a league above but also meant we qualified for the 1st official round of the FA Cup which brings in much-needed revenue money for us. I was slightly disappointed with the draw against York as they are really a team we should have beaten but I'm not going to bog myself down over it, it was still a successful month.





We dropped a few points this month but nothing major which has meant we have dropped down to the second position but I'm not going to complain as we faced some really tough teams this month. I'm really happy with the form we are in at the moment and I really hope that we do carry it on as we are on track for challenging for the top spot nevermind just a playoff position. We've drawn Kidderminster in the 1st Round of the FA Cup which I believe is a more than beatable opposition so I'm hoping that we proceed onto the second round and hopefully get a big away day.

I can't fault anyone at all this month, Gilchrist has turned his form around completely, he has been absolutely fantastic this month. He's our top goalscorer sitting with 13 goals but there are plenty of others players chipping in with some good goals. I'm really happy with how the squad are performing this month.

September Update

Another relatively busy month with five games being played this month, we had a decent month also, we managed four wins and one loss. I was pretty annoyed with the loss to Spennymoor because of where they sit in the league, it really shouldn't have been a team we lost too as we definitely have more than enough quality to see us progress through. We've also managed to progress in the FA Cup, we're now in the 3rd Qualification round and have been pitted against Hyde away, we should be able to beat Hyde with relative ease should we play to our best.





We're sitting pretty at top of the table and having a point clear over second position Hereford, we're hitting some really good form and in the league we seem to have found a way of conceding goals at bay as we managed three clean sheets in the league last month. I'm hoping we can carry this form into the next month and try to extend our lead at top of the table if we can and take some pressure off us.

I can't really say there have been any real bad performers out there, the only person I would say is that Jason Gilchrist form has taken a huge dip and is not performing anywhere near the level he can that being said though, we're not missing his form massively as plenty of other players are playing their part and chipping in with goals from all over the field and that's what we need if we are to get the promotion we're looking for as you can't just rely on one player to bring in all the goals.

A tough start to your career with Rennais but despite all that you're only three points off the top half the table so you're not too far off your minimum expectation.

You got pitted against a strong Europa league group especially with Arsenal and Real Betis who have great squads but what a fantastic result against Arsenal and also managing to sneak a win past Lille as well. Hopefully those couple of great wins will give your team the confidence to push on and climb the table.

I'm shocked with how badly PSG are doing but I'm sure they'll change their fortunes around with the quality they have.
Just caught up on this mate, fantastic season last season winning the league, a brilliant achievement.

A couple of good signings and a strong pre season there will definitely boost the morale even more going into the new season while confidence would already have been high after winning the league last season.

Unfortunate to draw Boca Juniors in your group, you couldn't really have asked for anyone harder really but I'm confident you'll give a good account of yourselves against them and do well against the other teams in your group!
A solid season there mate, shame Diego is looking to retire hopefully he'll reconsider and stay for one more season but I'm sure this season has gave you a solid foundation to build on for next season.

Looking forward to what next season has to offer!
August Update

August has been a very hectic start to the season with no less than seven games in the league to contend with, we had games against title favourites Chorley and playoff hopefuls Stockport, I think we showed a really good account of ourselves in the start of the season and I hope we can keep it up. We managed five wins, one draw and a loss against Chorley albeit I believe we should have come away with a point at a minimum as we were the much better side but just failed to make the chances pay. We're sitting pretty at second in the table which I'm definitely not going to complain about considering our projected finish at the beginning of the season was around 15th by the media.





So we're sitting second in the league just the one point off top spot, I believe if we keep up this good form there's a good chance we should be able to manage my minimum expectation of reaching the playoffs come the end of the season.

Our squad as you can see is full of depth, I haven't found the need to add to it since the last update as there wasn't anyone of real noteworthy to sign and who I'd believe would improve the team no end.

Jason Gilchrist has been fantastic spearheading the attack, however, I'm just hoping he can just come that little slightly more prolific if he can, I believe he can it's just squeezing that extra 10-15% out of him what I know he'll be capable of. Our midfield has been brilliant in controlling games and they've made a huge impact in the good run of games we've had and if we keep our key players in midfield fit as possible then we've got any chance. The defence was a little leaky at first but it's starting to come round a bit now and seems to have tightened up a little. Kettings has been absolutely fantastic in the net for us as well, he's turning out to be a brilliant signing.


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