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MarcekYNWA Comments
Where is update for database 18.0.1 ? :> :O
Hello. Is there already a working file? We have half of April, so it would be fun to play some career Possibly, maybe there is another file that adds so many new leagues etc.
That's why I say, you need to find an alternative supplement. I did not come across such a thing, and I've probably looked everywhere ...
I was referring to the Spain issue you're having, which has got nothing to do with this particular download. I don't know how many times and in how many ways more I can explain this to you...

It's clear there's an issue with other leagues, and it's a pity @claassen hasn't given us an update yet

But you hugged this Spain. This was just an example. Cameroon, Chile, Estonia, Peru, Switzerland & Thailand are the most important leagues not working. The rest are okay but not tested. You also know. It's time for someone to do something about it, or find alternative extra leagues, if Claassen is totally gone.
Well, I hope you find the solution to your problem, then

Not only my solution, but also the problems of each user is the creation of an update under the 18.3.3. It is simple and logical, but as I see it for 2-3 weeks, even though the update was supposed to be over a week ago, he said in the SI Games forum.
I do not take anything from Steam when it comes to it
You about the workshop etc. there is nothing worth noting.
I know there is an issue with a number of files in this download, but there is no file in this download adding or editing anything in the Spanish leagues. The error message being displayed is a file from some other source, not this download...

I do not use anything else, unfortunately it is Claassen's mistake Anyway, with the previous version of the game, it was the same situation, whether it is Spain, be it Slovakia, Crimea, Moldova, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico etc. 80% of the lig of the additive does not work.
Excuse me? 80% of leagues are the same mistakes and the addition is non-negotiable.
Hello. does anyone have any information about when Claassen will release updates of its addon? Or is there something similar?

Yes, it's normal, like every year.

I will update all this weekend and next week.

Friend, is it your chance to publish it today? I am waiting patiently to start my career with Valencia or Marseille, obviously with your leagues Regards.
Immediately an error pops up when trying to open the archive is the wrong format or is damaged ... Could you send me a file to an email? [email protected]
You can not even open it, an error pops up. I would ask for a repair.
Archive is bug. Not working
ban for this guy, please.
Genoa's sporting director Giorgio Perinetti confirmed that Pietro Pellegri will move to AS Monaco.
5k !!! Not 15k!!! Lechia is financial problems....
Larin official to Besi player.
20k per week? 7-10 is ok. This is wood. Jan Bednarek is better,.
Mioduski, Remy and shirt. Official !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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