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End of Season

GKS Katowice


We seemed like we wanted to throw away the title in the last remaining games. we managed a good draw and win against Legia and Lech but then could not seem to find a win. 3 straight draws and a loss gave away some vital points which could have lost us the title. Thankfully Legia also seemed to be slipping up.


So we did it! We won the title by two points. Finishing a total 15 points above 3rd place. The first place finish also secured a place in the Champions League.



We enter the Champions League in the 2nd qualifying round. Hopefully I can make the group stage which will give us a good amount of tv money.


Due to us and Legia reaching the group stages of Europa League we have helped increase our Europe coefficients. We now have 5 Europe places instead of 3. The top two will enter the Champions League in the 3rd round. Teams in 3-5 will now enter the Europa League in the 2nd and 3rd qualifying rounds.


We have been given another good budget this year. Once again I will probably focus on frees and loans to build the finances even further.


The board have also agreed to send me on my Continental C License. I felt now was the right time due to us entering the Champions League.

Yes what a season that was mate! Superb title win, im also on my cont.C license
Cracking season Congrats on winning the league! What's your finances like?
Cheers Dan. I didn't think I was going to win it after them draws.

Thanks Johno. We have around £2.7m in the bank. Will post a picture below.


Transfers/Super Cup

GKS Katowice


We let a load of players leave this summer. They where either not good enough or just would not play so no point keeping them around. I wanted to promote one of my youth left backs so we let Pawel Mazurek leave for Miedz.


The first player I wanted to bring in was Wayne Hamilton back on loan. Thankfully Chelsea agreed to send him back so he has rejoined us for another year. The next player is Elton Monteiro who was a player I scouted in January who wanted 8k wages at the time. We didn't want to double our highest wage fee at the time so we didn't sign him. He was then released from Braga and only asked for 1.5k wages which we got down to 1.1k. Maciej Korzym was about to go back to Lechia after his 2nd loan spell finished when I noticed his contract was about to run out. Lechia offered him to us for free and he was just to good to turn down. Finally a player I'm fully aware of from his New England Revolution days became available to us. We scouted Agudelo and he wanted to join so we quickly snapped him up.





Before the season started we had to play Korona Kielce in the Superpuchar Ekstraklasy. The new players fitted in well and we dominated from the start. We grabbed goals in both halves to go and win 2-0. New signing Elton Monteiro also came away with the man of the match award.


The finances have increased well the past two years. When I took over the balance was sitting around 600k. Thanks to league prize money and European football money we have steadied the finances. Hopefully it should increase more this year with the Champions League money.

Good incoming transfers Not bad finances, like you said with CL monies coming in.
Cheers Johno. Getting Champs League defiantly helps persuade better players to come.


So whilst I was playing some NBA 2k15 and slowly progressing through the days between Champions League games I was offered a job out the blue. I never applied for this job but was offered it. USA came bottom of there World Cup group losing all 3 games. Im really debating taking this job whilst also keeping my Katowice one. The only thing stopping me is I don't know whether I feel its too early for me for me to manage a country like USA. What makes it worse is they want a reply that day so can't even delay it.

Wayne Hamilton looks a player! USA job would be superb for reputation!
I would turn it down tbh.
Cheers Dan. Yeah he done well in the 10 game spell he had last year so had to bring him back.

It took me a while to decide whether to or not Johno.


July 2018

GKS Katowice


Just the three games to talk about this month. We kicked it off with a Champions League game away to Icelandic side Valur. We managed to grab a nice 1-0 win and a vital away goal in this game. The league started with a away game to Ruch Chorzow which is one we should have won. New signing Milos Veijkovic got his first goal for the club. Agu put us in the lead on the 90th minute mark unfortunately they equalised straight away to draw. We the played the home leg against Valur which is one the whole team can be proud of. Scoring 6 goals in the Champions League is always impressive for a team like us so we where shocked when we did. Agudelo also got his first goal for the club which was nice.


So I spent a while deciding whether or not I would be taking the United States job. Ultimately in came down to the fact that I am a big fan of their team and players. Diego Fegundez choosing to play for them over Uruguay also helped sway my decision.

Had a great season last year, and a decent start to this season! Some good players bought in too!
Superb season late year Tommo, the goal difference comparison with Legia was quite some way off their pace though, hopefully Agudelo can bang in the goals this season. Fantastic home result against Valur is a good step towards more goals as well hah! Are you looking to move elsewhere now club wise even if a good club comes knocking or do you plan to stay a while longer?
Great season! I had Kadu in goal in my career with NAC Breda and he developed into a top keeper. Looks like he's done pretty well for you as well.

Good luck with the USA.
Interesting choice to take over USA Hope they still got cracking players in the team.
Thanks Wilc!

Cheers DP. Yeah I agree we didn't score a lot which is why I tried to improve our attack. I will likely see the season out at Katowice as I want to see how far we can get in Champs League and I still want to win the cup. End of season I will likely evaluate where I can move to and decide then.

Thanks Itchycoo. Kadu has been amazing for us. He's probably one of the reasons we won the league.

Cheers Johno. A few of the players are getting on in age but the Under 20s have some good looking players.


August 2018

GKS Katowice


We drew Sparta Praha in the 3rd Qualifying round and kicked August off with a away game to them. We managed to come away with a 2 goal advantage thanks to loanee Hamilton and Agudelo. We followed that up with two 2-2 home draws against Lech and Sparta Praha. The draw see us play FC Kobenhavn in the 4th Qualifying round. Our first loss of the season came against Gornik Zabre a team who have been performing well this season. Andre Silva looks to be fitting in the league well and grabbed a goal in each of our final two league games including a must win against Legia. We went into the 2nd leg against Kobenhavn with 1 away goal and looked to increase on our lead. We where fortunate to come away with a draw really. We trailed 1-0 until they have two players sent off. We brought it back to 2-1 before conceding and them getting their 3rd red card in the 90th minute.


We are sitting lower then I would have liked after 5 games in 6th. As long as Legia do not pull away early we can easily get ourselves back into the top 2 positions and even grab first place.


Another fought European group stage draw for us. This time getting Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Villarreal. I don't see why we can't come away with points against Villarreal and get a 3rd place finish.

Brilliant work getting to the CL Group stage!!
Cheers Dan we got some vital away wins in Europe to help.


US Mens National Team


My first game in charge of USA came against a tough Argentina side. We played well despite a 2-0 loss and gave me a chance to view the players. Next game was a easier one against Syria. Im annoyed we conceded but putting 4 past them never hurts. The harder games started with a 1-0 win over Romania thanks to a Johannsson strike and a 0-0 draw with Uruguay. German international Shawn Parker got his USA debut against Honduras and thanked us with a hat-trick. We finally ended the year with a 2-1 win over the Aussies. \


So I have brought through a load of young regens into the first team and I thought I would show some off. Its even better that I got the photos in November as they all have moustaches. First we have Benfica right back Juan Pablo Gonzalez. He's great for rotating with Yedlin and they both posses similar traits. Next is New York Red Bulls central midfielder Jamie Jones. He started playing for the U20s young and impressed so got the call up and has since played 11 games for the Mens side. Finally theres Julian Martinez then central defender from LA Galaxy. His tackling and physical stats are really impressive and has come in the last two games with Josh Brooks being out injured.



Jamie Jones' moustache looks more like a line of mustard.
Haha his moustache is one of the reasons I picked him BMG


End Of First Half Of Season

GKS Katowice


The team have perfumed well over the first half of the season. We have picked up vital points in the league against Lech & the two Gornik sides. We are still in the cup thanks to a 7-0 win over Widzew. On the Champions League front we grabbed a win home and away against Villarreal which gave us a good 6 points. We also set a new record but one we can't be proud of. We have broke the record for goals conceded in the Champions League. The 6-0 loss to PSG really didn't help us.


Speaking of record Andre Silva also broke a club record. His 17 goals across all competitions this season is the most anyone has scored. It took the last player 42 games to do this. This is compared to the 25 it took for Silva.


As usual Us, Lech & Legia are sitting in the top 3 positions with 6 points the difference from 1st to 3rd with Legia having a game in hand. All 3 teams seem to be pretty even this year so its going to come down to the wire again I feel.


So the two wins over Villarreal allowed us to finish 3rd in the group. I didn't expect more then this so I can't be annoyed. Thanks to the 3rd place we go into the Europa league and face Dynamo Kyiv in the First Knockout Round. The winner of this will go on to face Dinamo or Everton.


After seeing how you dealt with Villarreal, I reckon you could beat Kyiv as well!
Hopefully BMG. They have a strong side so will be tough.



GKS Katowice


Only the two players joining us on pre-contract this year. I feel like the team is strong already and there was not too much options to sign right now who will improve. The first player agreeing to sign is Danish Winger Rene Knudstrup from Liverpool. With Wayne Hamilton on loan I wanted to try and get a permanent replacement for him next year. I would have kept him if possible but I feel he will cost too much. He has also sustained a few injuries this year so thats a risk. Knudstrup looks like a perfect replacement for him with his stats.


For the third year running a player from a Portuguese B team has signed a pre-contract with us. This is a player who I first spotted two years ago but at the time seemed a bit of a risk. Over the two years I have kept track of him and now seems to be the perfect time to sign him. With Agu liking a card and which leads to him missing a few games I need someone of first team quality to come in a replace him when he does and Silva is that man. Im hoping he has at least half the impact his other namesake has had this year.

Wow Congrats on finishing 3rd in your tough CL group

Good signings you have made.
Flying in the league mate, a great stint in the CL to and that europa league tie could be winnable, two good pre signings here!
Two amazingly good pre-contracts signed!!! Well done Sir!
Great job on your Champions League campaign. Third place was a great accomplishment. Have you thought how long you're planning on staying at Katowice?
Cheers Johno!

Thanks Dan. We done well to avoid teams like Liverpool and Real in the draw.

Thanks Bukinapreto!

Cheers Simon. My contract runs out end of the season so whether I stay or not will likely come down to how we do this year.


End Of Regular Season

GKS Katowice


Andre Silva had the perfect start to the second half of the season with two hat tricks back to back. After seeing off Dynamo Kyiv in Europa we was drawn Dinamo who beat Everton. We lost the home leg 2-0 which put us in a bad position. We pulled one back early on away but failed to come away with the win. A positive the last few months has been our cup run which has been the best since taking over. We managed to get all the way to the final before beating Lechia 1-0 with a Silva goal. We where also impressive in the league with only one loss coming against Legia.



We go into the Championship group 8 points ahead of Legia in second and 9 ahead of 3rd placed Lech. We play Legia and Lech in the first 3 games of the group so a point against both should seal the title for us.

Well done on another superb double this season buddy! Great season, shame that europa league run didn't run quite as long but it had to stop soon I suppose!
Another good season Tommo, some fantastic wins over Villarreal & Dynamo Kiev home and away, the domestic title for successive seasons looks likely and that cup now in the bag too, brilliant season, I'm sure the Dinamo Zagreb knockout was frustrating though. Andre Silva a bit of a beast! Knew he would be
Cheers Dan. Would have liked to have gone further but it allowed us to focus on league and cup.

Thanks DP. Yeah Silva has been amazing for us. His value went up to around £4m which meant we had to give him a new deal as his release clause was £3.8m


End Of Championship Group

GKS Katowice


So only the 1 loss in our last remaining games. Taking 4 points against Lech & Legia helped push us further ahead. 1 point in the Piast game would have defiantly secured us the title. Despite the loss other results went our way and we won it with a game to spare. This allowed us to play a few youngsters in the 4-1 win over Ruch Chorzow. Silva ended the leagues top scorer with 22 goals whilst Hamilton finished top assists with 15.




The league title meant I entered the Polish Hall Of Fame and currently sit 10th.


Now my decision was leaning towards leaving Katowice despite being offered £5.5 million to spend next season. This is when the game decided to make it a difficult decision and make a tycoon eye the club. We are currently in the middle of a takeover. Im not 100% staying even if the Tycoon does take us over but it will make it a harder decision.

Walked it! And that tycoon interest would make me consider staying tough choice there!
The take-over is dragging out so I may go before I see it out Dan


Gold Cup

US Mens National Team


We where drew against El Salvador, Panama & Canada which is a pretty straight forward group. We expected to win them all but beating El Salvador 9-0 was never in the game plan. Parker coming out the game with 4 goals is why we are glad Germany never called him up. Fagundez also had a great game scoring and assisting 3. The real highlight of the Panama game has to be the first national goal for Pawel Konieczny. We ended the groups with a routine 2-0 win over Cananda.



We where given another easy draw when we played Haiti in the next round. They never offered any real threat and allowed Konieczny and Parker to add to there goal totals.


Canada looked for revenge in the semis when we come up against them again. We went ahead early through a Johannsson goal. They equalised 20 minutes later but Johannsson got his brace and the win for the team.


We went up against the only real test of the tournament of Mexico in the final. Midfielder Hyndman put us ahead after 21 minutes but Mexico made it 1-1 minutes later through a Diego Reyes goal. Galaxy centre back Omar Gonzalez sealed the victory and tournament with a great header 3 minutes from time.



I was debating staying on for the Confederations Cup but I have achieved what I set out for at USA. They where on a losing streak before I took over and I got them back to winning ways. The title should also boost my managerial reputation.

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