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June 2019

GKS Katowice


Shortly after the season ended we got news that the board have planned to extend the stadium. They will be adding a extra 1501 seats in the off season after selling out most of last year.


The Polish league have also benefited from us doing well in Europe and as a result gained a extra European spot pushing it to 5 teams from Poland entering Europe next year.


So after around 2 months of discussion a man from Hong Kong called Wan Man Chun has took over control of the club. With him now in control he added £62 million into the clubs finances meaning the team now has £74 million in the bank.




Despite this I felt like my time at the club was up. It took a while to decide but I wanted a new challenge. I have added a few leagues such as Belgium, MLS, England, Netherlands & Portugal so we shall see where I end up.

So not only did you turn Katowice into a force in Poland, but also helped to make it easier for Polish teams to get into the CL!

Good luck wherever you end up next
It's too bad there's not a "Polish Hero" badge because you definitely would have earned it.
Wow! Cant believe you still left! But well done on the gold cup!
It's a shame you decided to step down, especially so shortly after a takeover. Good luck on your next journey.

Can't believe I don't think I've ever commented on this career before.
Cheers BMG. Hopefully they don't lose the spots whilst I'm away.

Haha thanks Simon.

One of the reasons I left was the money Dan. I was enjoying finding players on free but would have been hard to resist spending that money.

Cheers Shedender. With all the new stories its quite easy to miss peoples updates unless they have been recently updated I have found. But its a good thing I suppose.


December 2019

So about a month after leaving Poland I got news about a job that interested me. LA Galaxy legend Bruce Arena was going to leave at the end of the season after 11 years in management there. I decided to not actively hunt out a job until then and applied as soon as it became available. A few days after applying I will offered a interview which was followed up with a job offer.


LA Galaxy


Now with a few players having just left the club I needed to bring in a few new faces. I put most of the transfer budget into salary cap so I could make a few deals. We had 9 international slots free and 2 designated player slots meaning we had a lot of room to for changes. The first player joining the club is Argentinian midfielder Mariano Espindola on a free transfer. The main benefit of him is that he can play numerous positions which will help over the season.


Next is Brazilian right back Ezequiel. He was the best right back on the market and was brought in for relatively cheap wages. The only downside to him is his 9 Natural Fitness which hopefully won't stop him from playing too many games this year.


Third is Japanese international Takayuki Higashi on a free deal from Antlers. We was offered him for free by his agent and we could not turn it down. He can also play in CB & LM along with LB giving us another versatile player in the team.


Finally we brought in Netherlands winger Eljero Elia on a senior contract. We paid Marseille 140k to bring him to USA. Having a player of his experience will surely benefit and hopefully he can mentor a few of the younger players in the team.


Joining the team also are 5 academy players who will feature in both the reserves and first team over the next year. The board also agreed to send me on a coaching course to achieve my Continental B Licence.

June 2020

LA Galaxy


So before the season kicked off a Canadian called Kyle Cochrane was waived by Houston Dynamo. I thought he would be a good back up player so we submitted a claim form and ended up getting him.


As you can see we have had a great start to the season mainly thanks to Pawel Konieczny being in top form and firing in the goals. Im annoyed that we let in 4 goals in two games especially the Orlando one as they have been poor this season. Elia has been a key player on the wing so far grabbing a few assists before being injured for a month. We played a mix of back up/reserve players in our first cup game and narrowly avoided a up set. Thankfully we played a lot better in the next round grabbing a two goal win.


We sit top of the Western Division by 1 point with a game in hand over Sporting Kansas. We are also leading the race for the Supporters Shield. Chicago have a game in hand over us and can tie top of it if they win it.


We have also agreed to sign a Premiership youngster on a pre-contract who will be joining within the next month. The is English Midfielder James Hibberd from Newcastle.

Wow didn't see that coming! good luck mate!
Cheers Dan!


October 2020

LA Galaxy


So before the next game with players leaving Europe and joining the MLS a load of good players ended up being waived. We made the most of it and brought some players in. Toronto ended up waiving Canadian International Matthew Cullen who we picked straight up. with 50 caps at 22 years old he has a lot of experience at the young age. Because of this we ended up waiving Ezequiel who had not impressed. Next was young Argentinian Striker Dario Barilaro who has recently been released from PAOK. The last player in was versatile Spaniard Juan Osia who was recently released by Porto.




We started the next half of the season a little shaky grabbing 2 draws and a loss. We went on to win the next 10 out of 14 games thanks to a great team effort. Numerous different players chipped in with goals whilst Pawal Konieczny continued on his impressive scoring. We made it difficult in the cup beating Chicago on penalties thanks to two last minute goals and Orlando in extra time. Going into the DC United game towards the end of the season both of us sat tied top of the Supporters Shield so it was a must win game.




We ended up finishing top of the Western Division by 13 points. By finishing top we now have a bye into the Western Conference Semi's where we will face the winner of the Southern Rivals FC Dallas & Houston Dynamo

Thats one way to start in America I guess! superb!
Awesome start to your career in USA Some cracking signings as well.
There was no better start in the land of the dreams!
Cheers Dan. I inherited a decent squad so was hoping too be up there.

Thanks Johno. II was surprised when Cullen was waived

Cheers Bukinapreto.


December 2020

LA Galaxy


So we ended up facing Houston Dynamo in the Western Conference Semis. Houston are a team we beat 2 out of the 3 times we played them so I was confident going into it. Perhaps a little overconfident as we ended up losing the away leg 1-0. Thankfully at home the players played like I knew they could and we came away 3-0 winners. Next up we faced Colorado in the Western Finals. Again we played poorly in the away leg but thankfully managed a draw. The home leg was tighter then we would have liked but managed to score 2 along with a own goal to come away 3-2 winners. Finally we faced New York City FC who over the last few years have been one of the top teams in the league despite not winning it. Surprisingly it was like they didn't even turn up as we comfortably won 3-0 thanks to goals from Louvion in his last LA Game, Rosas & Barilaro.



So I ended up winning everything the USA has to offer in the first year. This is except the North America Champions League which does not continue again until March. Despite wanting to win this I resigned from LA Galaxy. Hopefully I will be back one time to win it but not right now. Im likely going to look to head back to Europe and get another job there and win another league somewhere.

Good to see USA has been completed on your "European Journey"

But seriously though, good job!
Well done ticking of America so quickly!
Haha Cheers BMG. I only added MLS because I took over USA but enjoy managing there so had to go there.

Thanks Dan I was lucky they had a fairly strong squad to take over.


April 2021

A Fresh Start

So I decided to take a month or two off before looking for jobs as I knew a lot of good jobs would come starting around March. I seemed to get a load of offers to return to Poland but it was not the right time yet. Eventually a team that really took my eye became available. Sparta Praha sacked there manager despite sitting in first place. I applied and was given a chance to impress with a interview. I did enough and was offered the job which I took.


As I mentioned they currently sit top with 6 games left to play. Teams in 2nd-4th sit a game behind and can easily go above us they all win. only teams in 1st-3rd get a European spot so that will be a must for us this year.


As you can see we look a little weak in some areas such as centre back, right back and keeper so I will hopefully be able to improve these positions as soon as possible. A number of the higher rated players are also getting on in age so it could be a big change come summer.

Wow another change...well but isnt it a step back from LA?
Cheers Dan

You could say it is Bukinapreto but they are a good team I think and can do well here.


May 2021

Sparta Praha


I couldn't have asked for a better start at the club getting 3 goals in 5 out of the 6 remaining games. We had some tough games on paper against 2 of the other top teams in the league but we managed to come away 3-0 winners both times. The real star of the team is Nelson Oliveira who is by far the best player at the club right now. The win over Viktoria Plzen actually won us the league so I would like to think the players still had that on their minds going into the 4-1 loss to Pribam.


We somehow ended up 7 points clear to finish the league. I thought when I took over it would come down to the wire but some vital wins pushed us further ahead. The club got 70 goals this year the most in the league which shows how much of a attacking threat we have.



We have been drawn Finnish side Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi in the 2nd qualifying round of the Champions League. It probably one of the tougher sides we could have drawn so we will have to make sure we play well to win. The board have given me £7.75million to achieve a league win for the next season but I have a few players I'm looking to sell to increase the amount.
Great start wrapping up the league title mate! Good money from the board to!
Cheers Dan. Yeah I'm happy with the budget. Its probably one of if not the most I have had to spend all career.


July 2021

Sparta Praha


We had a fairly large amount of players leave on either loan or free transfer so I will only be showing the cash out deals. Lodeiro was first out after a tear at the club. He was a good player but his age and wages meant he had to go and I was happy to get 800k for him. Taggart was another I planned to leave before the season ended. We had 7 first team strikers and being on a 10 game goal drought didn't help his cause. Suk was another striker who left who just didn't have the potential to make it. Myeni is 33 who just would have took up to much room and Dragoun is another youth who didn't have potential. I was debating letting Pavelka leave but I didn't need 5 CMs and with him being 30 I though I got a good fee for him.


First player in was Harry Wilson who we got a on pre-contract before the season ended. He's one of the main reasons Myeni had left. Because of his dribbling and composure I'm also training him into a striker and then likely a CAM turning him into a very good versatile player.


Next in was Ajax midfielder Lucas Anderson for a cut price £2.8 Million. Another versatile player with some great stats. He's took our highest wage income but I defiantly believe he is worth it and will be a key player this year.


Next is a full back I managed at LA Galaxy. It took £4.4 Million to prise De La Hoya away from them but his performance the last few years have defiantly made him worth it. Before joining us he was currently achieving a average 7.89 rating in the MLS Including 5 MOTM in 16 games.


We also agreed to sign another LA Galaxy full back who will join in the Summer next year. I brought Overgard into the first team from the academy at 16 and he impressed straight away and is now a regular for them. He costs the club 825k but should easily be worth more then that in a few years.


Lastly joining the club is Brazilian centre back Danilo Theophilo for a steal at 625k. One thing that stood out for me beside his 18 tackling is his 17 work rate, 15 team work and 16 leaderships which could lead him to become a key leader at the club. Also having a centre back with 13 long shots is always nice as he may grab a good goal from distance.

Good luck with Sparta
Looks like some good pick-ups. If I did my math correctly you've still got plenty of money to spend? You're a regular wheeler-dealer!
Harry Wilson looks like a cracking signing, can't believe you got him on a free transfer.
Cheers Johno!

We ended up with around 5M left Simon. I pushed a lot of it into wages as a good portion of the teams deals ended in next off-season. Also had a few players owned by agents so brought full rights too them leaving about 1M

Neither can I Shedender. I had to get him as soon as I see him.


September 2021

Sparta Praha


I decided to give a youth striker we have some more game time this year and he relayed me 17 minutes into the first game of the season winning us the Czech Super Cup. He then went on to get a brace in the league opener and 4 goals in our first cup game. After beating HJK 4-1 on agg we went on to face Stromgodset in the next round of the Champions League who provided another tough competition. After a 0-0 draw in the away leg Oliveira got his 4th and 5th CL goals this year. We went on to beat Ludogorets in the last Qualification round to put us into the group stage. Only the two slip ups in the league with a loss then draw. Thankfully we got back to winning ways and went on to win the rest of the league games.


We sit 2nd behind Slavia Praha after 6 games. Slavia have looked impressive so far not losing a game and already built up a 6 point lead. Hopefully they slip up sooner rather then later and we can take advantage and move closer.


After being seeded 4th in the Champions League Group Stage we where drawn against all the A's Arsenal, Atletico & Ajax. We will be lucky to get 3rd place in this group and must take our chances when ever they come.

Good start mate! Just a shame the league leaders have blown off out the start!
Tough group, but Ajax are beatable and 3rd in the group wouldn't be too bad.
Good luck with this Tommo tough group but third wouldn't be bad given the teams in the group
A walk in the park with Galaxy mate, trophies are toppling in now and a great instant double with Prague although that Champions League group doesn't look pleasant!
It wasnt the best of starts but I have faith the difference from LA wont be much in terms of quality and you will end up on top!
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