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Career History

2015/16 - http://i.imgur.com/9hwOmKt.png Boldklubben Frem - Danish 2. Division - 2nd
2016/17 - http://i.imgur.com/9hwOmKt.png Boldklubben Frem - Danish 1. Division - 2nd (Promotion via Play Offs)
2017/18 - http://i.imgur.com/9hwOmKt.png Boldklubben Frem - Danish Superliga - 9th - Entered Relegation Stage then Relegation Play Off
2018/19 - http://i.imgur.com/9hwOmKt.png Boldklubben Frem - Danish Superliga - 7th - Entered Relegation Stage then European Play Off
2019/20 - http://i.imgur.com/9hwOmKt.png Boldklubben Frem - Danish Superliga - 5th - Entered Championship Group then Qualified for Europe Through Euro Play Off
2020/21 - http://i.imgur.com/9hwOmKt.png Boldklubben Frem - Danish Superliga - *ONGOING*

I have decided make a new career and in a country that I have not managed before. I do also have my Hartlepool save, which is still going but this one will probably be updated on a more regular basis. This career has been inspired by the Succession Game that myself, @Cymro, @itchycoo and @spanky are currently taking part in. In that career, we have taken Dresden from the bottom division in Germany to being title contenders in only nine seasons. At one time, Dresden were one of the most successful sides in Germany and we have brought them back up to the top.

On Football Manager, I am always looking to try out different leagues, mainly just to keep it interesting. I have gone off managing in England for the time-being and decided to stay in Europe, but enter a country that I am not very familiar with. The country that I have decided to enter is Denmark- yes that's right, the home of the one and only Niklas Bendtner. The club that I have chosen to take over is: Boldklubben Frem. Who the f*ck are they I hear you ask? Please read below.


Since their foundation in 1886, Frem has won the Danish Championships six times and the Danish Cup twice. Until the disastrous bankruptcy in 1993, Frem had played in the top division all but six seasons. After the bankruptcy the club fought its way back to the top of Danish football, but in 2010 it went bankrupt again and was demoted to the Copenhagen Series – the fifth tier in the Danish league system. After two back to back promotions, the club now participates in the Danish 2. Division, the third tier (Thank Wikipedia for that).


Due to the club's turmoil in recent times and once being the greatest side in Denmark, I have decided that Boldklubben Frem will be the side that I will take over. I will start with no coaching qualifications and also Sunday League playing reputation. In other words, nobody in Denmark will have a f*cking clue who I am. I am on a mission here to make Boldkubben Frem not only the best club in Denmark, but also a force to be reckoned with in Europe. Now it took us 9 years in the Succession Game to get Dresden where we have got them (mainly thanks to @Cymro though). I have set a few benchmarks which I would like to be hitting:

3 years: Promotion from the Danish Second Division into the Danish First Division
8 years: Promotion from the Danish First Division into the Danish Superliga
14 years: Qualify for Europe
20 years: Win the Danish Superliga

Boldklubben Frem are actually based in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. I am hoping one day that Boldklubben Frem can outshine FC Copenhagen and create a somewhat Manchester City/Manchester United rivalry between the pair. I speak as though this is achievable, I think anybody who has followed my careers on this site will know this will fail and I will probably be sacked but it will be worth a go.

The media are are expecting us to be up and around the promotion places this season. The league in the Danish second division is quite a complicated league with it being split into two stages. There are three groups, which consist of 8 teams each. Each side in the group faces each other twice and then the top 4 from each group go into the promotion stage whilst the bottom 4 go into a relgation stage. To be honest, I don't have a clue how it works from there, I just hope I am in the promotion stage in 14 games time.

My squad isn't great to be honest with you and I don't know much about them myself so I will not give a lowdown on the squad until I get to know a few players.


This guy is the player that stands out for me. He has great stats with an attacking wing back, especially at this level. Like the Danish Dani Alves some may say.


I also have the Danish Theo Walcott. Quick but sh*t at everything else. I will update in a few games or when anything of interest comes up.
Eight games gone in the league and it's all going relatively well. However, starting off with the negatives, we were knocked out of the Danish Cup in the Second Round (which I have conviniently forgotten to screenshot).


Now forget that and onto the positives. We are currently sitting top of our group with eight matches gone meaning we have six matches left until we get split into the promotion/relegation stages. In my objectives, I gave myself three years to get out of this division. I am sure that the promotion stage will be a lot harder but on the basis of my recent results, three years definitely looks doable. In terms of this league, we do actually have quite a strong side. We are predicted by the media to come 2nd in this first group so to be sitting top is very pleasing.

Much of our good results has been down to the goalscoring prowess of our old Danish Sensation by the name of Daniel Anderson. He's old, getting worse but he can take a good corner and is relatively quick. We have been using his pace well and he's managed to get seven goals so far and long may it continue.


Fremad Amager are actually one of our rivals- The battle of the Frem's! It would be nice to come above them in the league however there still is a long way to go. I will update again once we are out of this group in six matches time.


All the best with this fella, nice to see a Scandinavia save again on the site.
Cheers @Cymro! I have never managed in Scandinavia before so it's nice to have a change.


I have just signed a new player and he is somebody I feel can be a real asset for me. Danny Anderson has been using his pace well for us and has got a few goals but he's getting old. My tactic attempts to utilise pace and this where Rodriguez will fit in. He is naturally a winger but I will be playing him as a striker. 5 finishing... lets just ignore that. He's only 22 so hopefully he can be here a while if he fits in. We have actually brought him in on a amateur deal which means we aren't paying him a penny.


Good luck with this @Fola lad.
As always good luck with this @Fola goes without saying these days that I'm following
New save coming for FM20...
I have finished the first stage of the season and we have managed to qualify for the Promotion Stage. We actually advanced with four games to spare which is pleasing.


In terms of goalscoring, we have been absolutely brilliant this season so far. Danny Anderson, despite getting old has been on great form, scoring 13 goals so far. Unfortunately for me, he came moaning saying he wanted a new deal... I refused and now his morale is rock bottom and it caused squad unrest. Brilliant. Mads Rodriguez, that new guy that I brought in, got injured after scoring on his debut for 8 weeks... fml.


We've actually been playing really well and deserved our wins. However, I was really disappointed to lose in the 'Battle Of The Frems'. We were outclassed on the day and offered nothing going forward, I just hope it is not a sign of things to come.


All in all, it was been a brilliant start to the season but the hard work starts now. We have now been placed into the 'Promotion Stage' and due to our impressive form in the previous stage, we currently sit top of the league. The way it is worked out is every side's currently point total is halved. We now play every team in the Promotion Stage twice, and then the top three get promoted. We are obviously in the best position as we sit five points clear without playing a game but it will be a lot tougher now we have got rid of all the sh*t teams.


More of this tomorrow as I'm f*cked. Goodnight people. Also, thanks as always for your comments @Shedender and @Dan glad to have you both reading once again.
Looking good for promotion here! Keep going Fola

All the best and will be keeping an eye on this
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Thanks @itchycoo, promotion would be a must if I was @Cymro but you know from the Succession Game... I'm just not very good! Thanks @Suffolk Seasider, I think if we win promotion at the first time of asking, I will Frem my pants. We now have four months until the Promotion Stage starts which is frustrating. My assistant manager will manage a few friendlies for the time-being. In terms of transfers, our wage budget is £3k and we are currently spending £4k. Due to this, we can only bring in players on amateur contracts.


I have made one signing so far this break with the signing of Sebastian Krogdahl. He is only 21 years old and to be honest, he looks like he could definitely be an asset in this league. He in quick as f*ck, which is always nice and also 11 finishing is great for somebody his age. The most annoying thing is that if he does impress, he can be snapped up on a free. Also, wanted to show my Swedish maestro that we have in centre midfield. We have him on loan from Superliga side Brondby and by the looks of his stats, he will never get into their side. He has been a key figure for me so far and features for the Swedish Under 21 side on a regular basis.


Now just clicking continue until 4 months passes. Yawn. Had a look at scouting some young lads of potential from abroad but we can only scout in Denmark for the time-being. Also, this season I let my Chairman deal with appointing new staff and he has just brought in a Fitness Coach with a Fitness rating of 4. I will definitely be doing this myself next season. F*ck the board.


13 goals in the first stage of the season for the old man. His stats are rapidly decreasing and his acceleration has actually gone down from 16 to 13 in a matter of months #PrayForDanny. We also have Jeppe Ostenkaer (The Danish Walcott) in the mix for the award also. I am a big fan of him and he's actually done really well this season. He has played every game for me and just noticed that his contract runs out at the end of this season. Decided to offer him a new deal and saw this:


F*ck Ostenkaer. He will be on the bench when we start playing again... Frem > Ostenkaer.


Currently sitting second bottom of the Superliga. I requested that we gain an affiliate club so that we get some extra income. Just checked and Hobro are paying us a grand total of £0 to be our affiliate club. Thanks Mr Chairman, great job and well played. F*ck the board.


Actually, I love the board and I love Frem. Frem until I die. We have just had the new youth lads join the club. Rene Fraysse is probably the best player out of a poor bunch. Being in the same city as Superliga leaders FC Copenhagen, they have snapped up all the players of any quality in the area and left us with these losers. Given Fraysse number 14 and placed him in our first team squad... number 14, our very own Thierry Henry.


The Promotion Stage is about to start now. Wish me luck.
Good luck!

Strange league!

I couldn't be doing with all the breaks mid-season, the summer break every other year is bad enough! (i.e. when no Euros/World Cup).
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.


Danish football is on the rise I tell you.
With two matches to go, we are within touching distance of promotion. It hasn't all be plain sailing and to be honest, we should of been promoted convincingly so I will be devastated if we don't achieve promotion this season. We have had a mixed bag of performances and look to have lost 'The Battle Of The Frem's' but if we manage to get promoted, it will be a great achievement. I have also noticed that in the Promotion Stage, you do not play any side that was in the same Group as you, hence why we haven't faced Fremad Amager, Naesby, and Marienlyst.


In our remaining two matches we travel to Middelfart (what a strange team name) and also Jammerbugt FC, they are currently the bottom two sides in the league. On paper we should win however our current form hasn't been great. One player who has really found his feet in recent matches is The Danish Theo and after being dropped from the side after refusing to sign a new deal, I managed to convince him to re-sign with us. He is now our top goalscorer with seventeen goals. Danny Anderson, the old man who was our top goalscorer in the previous stage, has failed to score in any games in the Promotion Stage.


As you can see from the league table, Fremad Amager have capitalised on some of our poor performances and seem to have all but sealed the league. We were 3-0 down at half time against HIK and managed to gain a 3-3 draw which was brilliant for our league performance. If we had of gone on to lose that game, I would be sh*tting it right now. So here we are with two matches to go in hope to gain promotion to the First Division.


Frem, Frem, Fremmmmm!

With one game to spare, we have secured promotion to the First Division of Danish Football, now only one league below the Danish Superliga. The Danish Theo was the star man for us with a brace which could of probably been more. HIK slipped up in their match and lost meaning we are now four points above third place. It looks as though Fremad Amager are going to win the league so I just need to get this last game out of the way and then start planning for next season.


Viva Frem.

Despite a late scare, we managed to win our last match of the season with a great attacking performance. The Danish Theo bagged his twentieth goal of the season while our 16 year old midfielder Rene Fraysse scored his first ever goal in adult football. All in all, an absolutely brilliant season and I am delighted to get promoted. I gave myself a short target of promotion from this division of three seasons so to achieve this in one is very pleasing. Disappointed to lose 'The Battle Of The Frem's' but I guess we will have to come above them next season.


Also, FC Copenhagen won the Superliga which annoyed me. F*ck Copenhagen, we are coming for you.
New save coming for FM20...
Just a quick overview of the player performances last season.



Tobias Nannestad was our number one goalkeeper for the season. Overall, quite a good keeper at this level but not too sure if he can make it in the division above. I may look to bring in a new keeper for next season if finances allow it.


We had quite a solid back four this season but it can definitely be worked on. Jenson and Anderson was brilliant at RB and LB respectively. Both quick players and got a number of assists as wing backs for me. Won't be looking to change them for next season. Stokholm was a solid CB for me but I will be looking to bring in a replacement for him. The rest of them are either not good enough or too young.


Simonsen was my captain for the season and did really well for me. He played in the Claude Makelele role for me and will be a key player for me next season, he's 31 though so he's getting on. I will be looking to bring in Al-Ammari in again next season if possible. His contract runs out at Brondby so hopefully I will be able to pick him up on a free next season. Camilli and Dyre did really well on the wings for me. Jeppe Ostenkaer, the Danish Walcott ended as my top goalscorer and rotated between right wing and striker. Brilliant player for this level, hopefully he can make the step up.


Like I said, Ostenkaer played up top now again but Anderson and Christiansen did their bit for me. I will definitely be looking to bring in another striker as we will need more fire power for the league above as we will be favourites to get relegated next season.
Does it say: "God øl - god kamp" in the back there? "Good beer - good match". Denmark...

No surprise to see The Danish Walcott winning the fans' POTY. Amir Al-Ammari did brilliantly for his age and was a key player for us, I will definitely be looking to bring him in on a permanent deal. Our budgets have been announced and Mr Chairman has really pushed the boat out this season. We have been given a whopping £0 transfer budget and a £2.5k increase on my wage budget.

F*ck the board.


Frem, Frem, Fremmmmm! Yes it does @itchycoo, the Frem's love a good piss up.

Can't win anything with kids anyway. F*ck Al-Ammari.

F*ck Copenhagen. That will be us one day, I am sure of it. Frem, Frem, Fremmmmm! Just had a little scare when this message came through regarding our finances. We have had a huge loss over the past season despite gaining promotion. Last season, Middelfart were deducted 12 points due to their financial insecurity, I just hope that the same does not happen to us.



Hopefully the board will bail me out if I need them.


381 of the loyal 'Frem Army' decided to purchase season tickets for the upcoming seasons. Nice to see an increase on last season, even if it is only an extra 31 people. Our stadium holds 12,000 people, I guess it will be a few years until we reach those heights. I think the Frem Army will be in for quite a shock this season, well that is according to the media anyway. We are predicted to finish rock bottom with odds of 150-1 to win the league. Surely worth a couple of quid?

The season is about to get underway and I have made quite a few changes to the squad that got us promoted last season. I will be faithful to a number of players from last season but I have strengthened well in a number of positions. We are obviously huge favourites for relegation this season so the aim is to avoid relegation, that has to be our number one priority. There are twelve teams in this league, with the bottom two sides getting relegated. Each side plays each other three times, my aim has to be to take maximum points off the sides around me and hopefully build up some form along the way.


In terms of transfers, I feel I have been quite shrewd in the transfer market with the players that I have brought in. In terms of the outgoings, all of the players who left the club were not good enough. Apart from Emil Dyre who I would have loved to have kept but he was not interested in a new deal. Screenies of all of my new players to come:

Adigun Salami - What a name. The Salami becomes my highest paid player earning £600 a week and possesses some great stats for the centre of the park. Expecting him to be a key man for me this season.

Edo Sarajcic - Managed to poach him from HIK who tailed off at the end of last season and missed out on promotion from the Second Division. He scored a hat-trick against me last season and I have had my eyes on his ever since. Will become my main striker alongside The Danish Walcott.

Alexander Nybo - Joins on loan from on affiliate club. Good young keeper but I am undecided whether to have him as a sub and bring in a keeper with a bit more experience.

Amir Al-Ammari - Guess who's back? Back again... Amir's back, tell a friend. I love Al-Ammari and I regret my previous statement of 'F*ck Al-Ammari.

Morten Koch - Big Koch joins us on a two year deal and he will hopefully be the answer to our defensive frailties. Apart from his pace, he has brilliant stats for this league. He is Danish too which is pleasing and relatively young.

Anders Holst - Purely a back up.

Ibrahim Koroma - Brought in to strengthen our defence as I am sure it will take a battering this season from the opposition. Capped by his country and can also play centre midfield. Good player for this league.

Haydar Said - The Iranian Messi. Our big money signing of the Summer.

Jonathan Vervoot - Along with The Salami, he is also on £600 a week and becomes our joint highest paid player. I was not expecting to be able to bring in a player who has been capped by the Belgium Under 21 side so I am very happy with this purchase. After starting off an Anderlecht, he made five appearances last season for Nordsjaelland in the Superliga. Not a clue how we have managed to get him to be honest.

The season is about to start. Lets hope I don't get too f*cked over.
Last season's top goalscorer and the Danish Theo Walcott ruled out for four months only three games into the season.


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