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[won-der-luhst] n. 1. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.


French novelist Gustave Flaubert once said “travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”, a single speck of life on the entire globe.

2017 brought me closer to the beautiful game and reignited a passion at grassroots level of football, feeling love from the small groups and the large crowds who cheered my name when in club management. Lifting trophies, popping champagne, the weird and wonderful afterparties…but something inside me was making me unfulfilled.

Life is a short, intimate journey. A quest for the pursuit of happiness. Cling on to it and value it while you can.

This is where 2018 becomes a different type of mission. A blank passport to become a picturesque novel of tales and anecdotes depicted by a single rubber stamp doused in indelible ink as I visit some of the most mystic and beautiful nations and places around the world.


Hopping on planes, sleeping in airports, permanent jet lag, frequent flier miles the length of my arm; yes, international management is where it’s at this year.

My aim? None really, just taking the helm at some of the most undervalued nations of the sport and steer them into some sort of prosperity no matter what level.

A personal best ranking? Continental glory? World cup notoriety? Or even flying the flag at the very peak of the footballing mountain?


Who knows?!

All I know is that I’ll have a serious job on my hands to pack my belongings into small rucksacks just to avoid the extra Ryanair baggage fees.


Good luck, @DNZY! Does this mean the end for your Climbing Jacob's Ladder story?
My Careers:
FM15 | FM16 | FM17a | FM17b | FM19a | FM19b | FM19c
FM20I: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) https://i.imgur.com/FQLsK4I.png / II: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)
This sounds awesome! I am looking forward to seeing some of the lesser known countries!!
@r96Skinner - No, I'll still be updating that one too!

@tongey - Hope you'll enjoy it, just something different!




Decisions, decisions. Staring into space at my computer screen as many nations sought after my signature. The first stop is always the toughest choice but one nation were lucky enough to lock me down.






Capital City: Cockburn Town
Area: 616.3 sq. km
Population: 31,458 (2012 Census)
Languages Spoken: English
Confederation: CONCACAF
FA Founded: 1996
Current World Ranking (in game): 199th
Highest/Lowest World Ranking: 158th / 207th
World Cup Appearances: 0
Continental Finals Appearances: 0
Most Int. Caps: Philip Shearer (14)
Most Int. Goals: Gavin Glinton (4)

National Stadium: TCIFA National Academy Stadium


The journey starts in the Caribbean in the tropical islands of Turks & Caicos, laying the foundations and to bring some hope to this sunkissed nation. Of course football is not their national sport, however to break into the top 150 could certainly put them on the footballing map within the subregion.


Nothing on their expectations list for now as the World Cup qualifying campaign has already ended for them, losing twice to the mighty Saint Kitts & Nevis who won 12-4 on aggregate. Not setting the bar very high for me.



I'll admit, I was expecting a ton of regens but there were a few players who could bring us up a notch. An abundance of versatile players will help to fill in gaps but does pose the question of which position are they strongest in? Can't say this side will carry us to glory, especially how poorly trained our central players are. One player in particular stands out though.

KEY PLAYER: Billy Forbes - AM(L)/AM(R)


Winger Forbes is the only player to play outside of the national division (which doesn't even start until November), contracted to American side San Antonio in the USL. Love everything about him - quick, diligent, has influence and can actually dribble. He'll be so key on the wings but as a bonus could also play striker if goals just can't come.



First duty begins at the end of August/start of September with away matches against Puerto Rico (138th) and US Virgin Islands (199th) to get us going, experiment with our current strongest XI and necessary chop & change for the October internationals where we face Cayman Islands and Guyana. To conclude the calendar year, British Virgin Islands & Barbados.

Fingers crossed we'll get some sort of results from any of these games.




201st (-2)

Already off to a great start!




Left at the default on account of our first two friendlies. AFC Academy getting the bulk of supply to the 23 man squad.



Puerto Rico (138th) vs. TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS (201st)


Estadio Juan Ramón Loubriel




Embracing my Dungannon 4-2-3-1 against their similar tactic, just with 2 DMs instead. First caps for Fenelus at CB and 17 year old Cadet in central midfield amongst others. Forbes starts out on the right and hoping for Dorvil to deliver up front.



Didn't quite go to plan, but their sixty three place difference in quality showed. Quite simply demolished in the first half with Ramos, Rivera and Hernández exploiting the many noticeable gaps in defence. Shape changed and a few changes later, we significantly improved in the second half. PR's left back switched off during a crossfield ball to which Forbes said thank you very much for a way back into it. Rivera soon changed the tone by restoring their three goal advantage to kill any way of coming back. A lot to ponder after that.



US Virgin Islands (199th) vs. TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS (201st)


Lionel Roberts Stadium




Switched to a 4-4-1-1 with two squad changes; Patrick Slattery comes in for an international debut start at CB for Fenelus and Stevens Derilien comes in at right wing, meaning Forbes now plays as the lone striker and relegates Dorvil to the bench. Hopefully with the wingers dropped back, there's more space for Diamond and Derilien to revel in.



I'll take this as a benchmark. Virgin Islands dominated the first half; hitting the woodwork twice before a good header by Adam Fuller deservedly handed them the lead. As with the Puerto Rico game, we improved vastly in the second half. Billy Forbes nodded in Derilien's cross for parity and could've won us the game, but denied by the post himself. Absorbed the pressure and got a result out of it.

Thus ends international duty.



200th (+1)

Looking to break out of the sub 200 barrier next given opportunity.





Jerry Liluce (underperforming)


Jeff Beljour *
Gilbert Singh *

* newcomer(s)

Somewhat controversial was the decision to drop Liluce, but has been well out of form lately justifies it. Teenagers Beljour (right back) and Singh (left winger) make the cut as potential national prodigies. Not holding my breath that they'll make instant impacts though. Cayman Islands and Guyana are certainly two different ends of the spectrum in quality so it's imperative that one result goes our way.



TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS (200th) vs. Cayman Islands (201st)


TCIFA National Academy Stadium




With Liluce discarded, Whittaker struts his stuff in an otherwise unchanged lineup. Cayman Islands going for the narrow route which'll surely aid our wingers to offer some pizzazz to our attacking methodology.



First win on the board! Forbes and Diamond absolutely tore the floor up. Didn't come without a bit of work, despite a key tackle by Slattery it opened a hole that Watson filled in a splitsecond. Switching to the counter made a massive difference, Forbes planted a seed for Whittaker to elegantly round the keeper before Forbes went on a rampage with a penalty and a near post finish to flip the script entirely. Forbes completed the hat-trick early in the second half with some nifty wide play assisting him. Changed our keeper as one of our six subs which might have helped CI claw back one, but by and large a sterling performance.



Proud moment for Whittaker, but moreso Forbes as he now tops the charts as T&C's top goalscorer with six. Bless.



Guyana (149th) vs. TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS (200th)


Providence Stadium




Same team fielded against Cayman Islands. Guyana's 4-3-3 could cause us real problems, especially since they've got some League 1 quality players in their arsenal. Gulp.



Hardly surprising, just too good for us to handle...four goals in the first 27 minutes painted that picture. Slattery had a mare at the back, making a glaring error for their second and failed to mark tight enough for their third. Billy Forbes made it that little bit more competitive with one back, but Guyana ran away with it. Tail between our legs but it was unavoidable.



194th (+6)

A decent leap thanks to the Cayman Islands win, let's hope this trajectory leads on.


- British Virgin Islands (207th)
- Barbados (159th)

Really late to the party, but is this gonna be resurrected? It was so interesting and would love to read more!
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