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An attempt at a career in the lower reaches of Russia.


FC Saturn Ramenskoye, formed in 1946, is one of the numerous clubs that currently play in the 3rd tier of Russian football - PFL, or Professional Football League. Russian football in recent years has become notorious for the many dissolvings of clubs and their financial troubles. The most recent story of this sort happened to Anji. Remember, the club that once had the likes of Samuel Eto'o and Roberto Carlos? Well, after an ongoing financial crisis that resulted in the club's relegation from the Premier League last season, they're now playing in PFL as well.

Saturn Ramenskoye had the same story happen to them as well, although several years before. Playing in the Premier League since 1999, they were dissolved in 2011 due to a huge financial debt said to be about 1 billion rubles. However, Saturn's story had a somewhat happy end - they were reformed in 2014 on the foundation of their farm team, and ever since then they have been playing in the PFL Zone Center with other teams based in the Central region of Russia.

During their Premier League period Saturn had their fair share of relatively well-known players, both Russian (like Andrei Kanchelskis, former player of Manchester United, or the Lokomotiv Moscow legend Dmitri Loskov) and foreign (like the Slovakian duo Jan Durica and Martin Jakubko, Roman Eremenko's older brother Alexei or the Montenegrin midfielder Simon Vukcevic).

The year is 2019. Saturn are still wallowing in the lower reaches of Russian football, now a mere shadow of what once was. In steps me to try and build them back to the Premier League-worthy side, and beyond that. Stay tuned.
Manager Profile


So, this is the manager I’ve created for this team. I decided to go with the National C License and Semi-Professional level of former playing to give myself some foundation to build upon (and I’ve already started my National B License course). The majority of attribute points were given to Working With Youngsters, as I’m quite sure it’ll be an important part of this journey, and Level Of Discipline, so my players listen to me and don’t act like whiny brats. I obviously have the lowest reputation, while the rest of my “characteristics” are the default 50%.
I’ve been given a one-year deal, which hopefully will get extended by the end of the season, although that, of course, depends on the results.



We have some money in the bank, but, as it’s a lower league team in Russia, we obviously don’t look too much at it, as it will most likely vanish even before our season starts. Just over 1,5k in wages are available to spend on any incoming players.

Season Preview


We are currently predicted to finish 5th, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad result for me in the first season, but of course I’ll try to achieve the board objective of “finishing in the top three places”. As there’s just one promotion place and no play-offs, I will most likely not try to push for it unless our form allows. No relegation, as the further lower leagues aren’t available in any database at this moment, but a team of our stature shouldn’t look down there in the first place.
The league itself is pretty standard, with just 26 games and no extraordinary rules. We’re only allowed to have 5 players in on loan, which I hope to capitalize on when we get the chance. From what I understand, the database I’m using doesn’t have the “no foreigner” rule of PFL for some reason. If that is the case, I might abuse this loophole if other teams go for foreign players as well, but of course sticking to homegrown talent and other Russian players will be the priority throughout the journey.


Now, with everything else out of the way, let’s get acquainted with the squad at hand.


Dmitry Romanenko, 32


One of the two main goalkeepers for Saturn over the last few seasons. Decent aerial reach and handling along with some nice mentals, but due to his overall look and age he might be moving on, or at least accepting a backup role.

Valery Matveenkov, 19


Slightly worse than Romanenko overall at this point, but being only 20 years of age, has a lot of room to grow. Might be the number one choice for this season.


Alexey Zhitnikov, 34


Looks to be one of the stars of the current squad. Has decent physicals for his age along with good mentals and okay technicals. Due to his age, however, might be more of a backup.

Semyon Nastusenko, 32


A worse version of Zhitnikov for sure, this is the second of our 3 right backs and the one most likely to be moved on. Very strange to have a natural complete wing-back at this tier.

Nikita Klimov, 22


The youngest right-back of the squad, he does have some good mental attributes, but unfortunately looks to be more of a very defensive-minded one. With his height and technical stats, it may be wiser to try him as a center-back.

Zubair Madaev, 21


The only natural center-back at the team right now. Definitely not first team material.

Dmitry Nikitinskiy, 27


Apparently this is our starting left-back. Who can’t cross and has no stamina. Very cool.

Dmitry Zavarukhin, 19


Another Dmitry, another left-back. Pessimistic about his future here, but at least he can run.


Maxim Boichenko, 32


Solid mental attributes unfortunately don’t make up for horrid physicals. Might keep him around for mentoring purposes.

Dmitry Doronin, 21


And here’s perfect mentoring material. Does have a lot of work to do before becoming a really good player, but the foundation is here and I can see his future being brighter than most.

Ilya Mironov, 27


Definite first-team player in the middle of the park, has a good pass for this level, good speed and great determination.

Alexandr Semyachkin, 26


No redeemable qualities on this one besides good speed. Will probably be moved on.

Evgeny Degtyarev, 26


Another alright-ish center midfielder with a decent set of mentals and physicals.


Ivan Sharov, 21


Pretty good for this level at this age, would probably have been a gem in Vanarama National League. Has room to grow and work to do.

Maxim Shirokov, 25


Pretty mediocre and will probably be moved on since we have other candidates for this position.

Vladislav Nikityanov, 25


A bit better than the previous specimen, at least this guy can run AND cross.

Semyon Radostev, 19


Ah, now this looks like a star in the making. Very good despite his tender age, with a bit of good mentoring and game time can be molded into the next Cheryshev (probably not).


Konstantin Korzh, 22


A proper striker for this level and very young as well. Some minor holes in his game, like a below-average composure, but hopefully that can be fixed over time.

Alexey Kostyuk, 21


Another decent striker to partner Korzh, but with much worse mentals overall.

Overall, the major glaring hole is obviously the lack of good natural center-backs which will need to be fixed ASAP. A couple more wide midfielders and strikers will be added as well hopefully. Finding a better goalkeeper may be tough so I’ll probably have to stick with what I currently have in that area.

In conclusion, this is gonna be tough. A lot of wheeling and dealing will need to be made during the transfer window, and a game-winning tactic is a must if I am to survive in this job. Things can go south easily, but I’m optimistic.

Great to see a Russian football save being shared here. I've had fun times there in the past with Khimki, Mordovia and Krylia Sovetov [and Dynamo Bryansk, but I don't like to talk about that! ] Good luck with Saturn!
My Careers:
FM15 | FM16 | FM17a | FM17b | FM19a | FM19b | FM19c
FM20I: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) https://i.imgur.com/FQLsK4I.png / II: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)
Hardly ever see a save from Russia, so I'll be following eagerly.

Love the name of the club and the logo is epic.

Best of luck!
Love Russian saves, always have Russia loaded in my journeyman saves.

Good luck with this.
Great to see a different kind of save here, Russia is a fun place, definitely looking forward to following this
Thanks for all the support @r96Skinner @tongey @bigmattb28 @Dan

Just a quick update, I don't have a lot of free time these days due to my freelance work and studies, but the next update should be up on Sunday. Stay tuned.
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