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A tour across the Nordic countries in search of success and trophies. After that, it's all about topping the hall of fame.


Nicely done, a fresh edition to your trophy cabinet! Congrats

Thanks man
Yeah I remember that! I couldn't find the thread to link to though.

It’s just in the story mate which is still going. Are you going to stick around and try to get the double? Only thing that’s stopping you I think.
The Man formerly known on SUSIE as Poolie Exile
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It’s just in the story mate which is still going. Are you going to stick around and try to get the double? Only thing that’s stopping you I think.

Couldn't find it mate, but I can just go on your profile and look.

Not sticking around mate, Finland's done for now, I may come back at some point in the save though. Will see things pan out.
So the job hunt beings anew, and the first job I like the look of is Helsinborgs in Sweden, who have been relegated to the Division 1 Nodra, the division I was last in with Oddevold. I declare my interest.



I attend the interview



So a manager that has won back to back top league titles, in 2 separate countries, is overlooked for a manager that’s won 26% of his games, and with no league titles or cups to his name? Whatever.

There are also a few jobs in Norway going, Ranheim in the second tier, who have interviewed and rejected me twice so far, Valarenga in the top division, and Mjondalen who have just finished bottom of the top division. Any of these jobs would be a good move me I think.

It’s actually 1 team that comes to me first, as I don’t declare my interest or apply, and Valarenga offer me an interview, which I attend.


They finished 9th in Eliteserien, Norway's top division, and are a semi-big club. Fingers crossed.



Ranheim must’ve caught wind of my interview with Valarenga, as they offer me yet anther chance to speak. And I oblige.


Third time lucky?



Guess not. Maybe me and Ranheim just aren’t meant to be. But to choose someone who has lost exactly half his games as a manager, with no leagues or cups won as well, it’s like Ranheim and Helsinborgs are happy to be mediocre?

Valarenga also make a decision on their new manager


Oh well. They’re still a biggish club, so I’m not too disheartened by this

Next up are recently relegated side Mjondalen. I attend a third interview within a week.


I also declare my interest in the hopes of getting this one






So let’s recap. A third division Swedish side turned me down in favor of albeit a Swedish manager that’s won nothing as a manager and has a win rate of 26%

A top division Norwegian side turned me down, probably based on that I’ve not managed there yet, so I'm okay with that.

Then the Norwegian side that finished bottom of the league, and heading into the second division has turned me down for a manager that has a win rate of 36% and nothing won.

Give me strength!

So I’ve been turned down 4 times since leaving Finland. Maybe I should look back in Iceland or even Finland again, but there’s 1 job I do actually apply for, in Norway, they’re also another semi decent sized club, Lillestrom, I apply.


Not holding my breath, but the fans seem happy with my interest.



I’m invited to an interview, is this the next job for me?


You’re god damn right it is! Norway, I’m here!


The contract offered includes a heavy cup incentive, and is for 3 seasons, all of which I intend to see out.


A decent sized club, a handful of league and cup wins along the way, there is certainly some potential here to do some good things.



As for the squad, well they finished 6th last season, so I think some new signings are in order.

First in, a trusted player comes in on loan, a man I know well, Serbian winger Dragan Stojanovic




He hasn’t changed much since our time together in Iceland but he’ll play back up but has played a healthy number of games for Partizan Belgrade

Next in is back up center half Rico Harewood. He was offered to us by his agent, he’s nothing spectacular but look at that height and jumping reach. He’s got back up written all over him



Another center half follows, as I’m teaming up with Matt Olosunde again.


Now here comes a quality player. Another player offered by his agent, I do love a good Brazilian newgen player. Just look at this fella. he's got a pretty big name to live up to



Wow. I'm sure he’s going to do very well this season.

Another Brazilian is in next, as left full back Caique joins us. He’ll be our starter.



Complementing the players, is incoming first team coach Teemu Pukki who joins me for the second time as back room staff


Pre season odds has us finishing 3rd, something I feel is achievable.



Here we are then, a new club in a new country. I’m not expecting to make it 3 titles in 3 seasons, I’m very happy to put the building blocks in place and to treat this as a 3-5 year project. My first game as Lillestrom manager, is a game against Bodo/Glimt, who’s manager is the manager I replaced last season at VPS in Finland.


Thanks for reading.
Name a better relationship than Pøülsön and Pukki...
Best of luck in Norway!
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FM20I: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) https://i.imgur.com/FQLsK4I.png / II: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)
A flamboyant brazilian striker named Zidane that likes to attempt overhead kicks?? The plot thickens!
A flamboyant brazilian striker named Zidane that likes to attempt overhead kicks?? The plot thickens!

I know right! What's not to love about him! I do love a good Brazilian new gen.
Name a better relationship than Pøülsön and Pukki.

No one can
My career in Norway kicked off in the best possible way, with a 5-0 drubbing


That was followed up with another 5 goal showing, 5-1 away to Stabaek and a 2-1 win over Stromsgodset, before we went down 2-1 at home to Fredrikstad in the league.

We beat lower league opposition in the cup, before a draw with Tromso, a win over Kristiansund, we then lost to FK Jerv which preceded a big 6-0 win over Brann before losing to title favorites Rosenborg.



2 months in and we’re sitting 3rd in the league after 10 games. A good start I would say.

The 3rd round of the cup saw us beat Kristiansund 4-1 to progress



We then beat Ole Gunnar’s Molde before we made Sojanovic’s loan a permanent deal


We played Asane in the cup, and won again to book our place in the quarter final against Viking FC (Great team name btw)



Back in the league we continued the good form by beating IK Start and the team that rejected me Valarenga, before being totally outclassed by Asane who got some revenge for us knocking them out of the cup.

Our quarter final opponents then played us to a 3 all draw in the league to round out July 2026



We’re still third in the league at the half way point of the season.

Before we carried on there was the small matter of the World Cup, which was won by Brazil



We did the double over Bodo/Glint to send us top of the league for now, but were brought down by Stabaek the day before deadline day

We do make 1 signing on deadline day, as Serbian center half Marjan Jovanovic joins from Serbian side Vojvodina, who signed him from me when I was at UF in Iceland


Later that day



2 deadline day deals that didn’t go through involved us. FK Haugesund bid for Tobias Heintz and he said he wanted to talk to them, so I bid for Sindre Naess to replace him, but nothing came from either deal.


Quarter final time now. Viking FC are our opponents.




They just didn’t show up. Semi finals here we come.

We’re drawn against current league leaders FK Jerv in the semi


Before then we’ve got plenty of game in the league left to go, and we drew with Stromgodset before beating Odds 4-2 which was followed by us getting our own 4 goal beating at the hands of Fredrikstad to round out August, where we’re now sitting 4th after 20 played, and 10 to go.



That brings us to August 2026, 10 league games and the semi of the cup to go. We’re doing alright, 4th in the league but throwing away stupid points, and when we lose we seem to get battered, but we are handing out some big beatings on teams.

Next update will be the next round of the games and the cup semi. Thanks for reading.

Keep up the good work. A top two finish is certainly not beyond you
The Man formerly known on SUSIE as Poolie Exile
Give my story a read - Now I would walk 500 miles...

Keep up the good work. A top two finish is certainly not beyond you

Cheers man, tough league Norway
So we’ve got at least 11 games to go in my first season in Norway, potentially 12 if we win in the semi of the cup, but 1 player that won’t be helping us is back up hot prospect Vidar Sandvik, who has had a bid from Lyon and want’s to speak to them. Can’t really say no, he’s come off the bench, and at 17 is already a pretty decent player.



I negotiate to 300k up front and a 40% of next sale, they agree. Bye Vidar.


We kicked off September and the final third of the league season with a 3-1 win over Tromso at home, which was followed up with a 3-0 home win over Kristiansund before league leaders and champions elect FK Jerv beat us 2-1 in the game before we face each other in the semi final of the cup.


Not only are we the semi final, but this my 300th game as a manager.




They line up 4-2-3-1, we’re hoping our 4-42 can better them.


Attack is the name of our game, and attack we did straight from kick off.


54 seconds in, the ball is in the back of the net! Pass and move straight from the center circle, we carved them open with surgical precision.

4 minutes later and the ball is again in the back of the net


A ball over the top is controlled by Zidane, then played into Ingrands feet who buried it. Could this be game over already?


Without a doubt. The Ingrand / Zidane combo again coming up trumps for us. 3-0 and we’ve not even broken a sweat.

Half time came and went, and on 54 minutes they ball is tucked home, but who for?


Hat trick, game, set and match!




Not only are we in the final, we’re playing a second division team to boot, so the onus is definitely on us to not only win, but win in style. I can feel another cup success for me coming up.



Norway’s version of Man United Rosenborg did the double over us as we went down 2-1 at home to round out September 2026 and we’re still 4th.



6 league games to go, the first of which we drew with Ole Gunnar’s Molde, before going down to IK Start and SK Brann. We picked up a win over Asane before another loss this time to Valaranga before finishing our league season with a win over Viking FK (love that name!) to see us finish 5th.



Before the big cup final was the usual end of season stuff, Ingrand undoubtedly getting the player of the year after scoring 35 goals and who dedicates the award
to me, cheers pal





We’re now at the cup final. No messing around, and no disrespect to Aalesunds, but they’re in the second division, they don’t have a 35 league goal scoring center forward, and we are overwhelming favorites to win. It’s just a formality, right?






Yes. Yes it is.







Any game where we can have 29 shots on goal we’re always going to come away with the win regardless of the opponent.

A nice cup win, and a place in next seasons Europa league to boot.

So a good first season in Norway for me I’d say. Okay so we finished 5th after being predicted 3rd, but we won the cup, so the building blocks are in place. Next season it’s all about improving on that 5th placed finish, and seeing how we fare in the Europa League.

Next update will be a quick ten year review of the save, the lead up to the new season, and any other business. Thanks for reading.

Too easy Congrats!
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Threw away stupid points during the season, cup win always welcome though!
So we’re now at ten years in game , 11 seasons done. I'm not going to go through all the ‘big’ leagues and Champions & Europa League winners, I think I will go over that when I clear the first part of this challenge.

Since me getting sacked in 2017, FC Hollviken had gotten relegated to the Swedish 4th tier and stayed there from 2018, 8 years ago. As that league is unplayable, there is no data from 2018 onward.



IK Oddevold didn’t fare much better though. After sacking me in 2018, they went on to finish 6th or lower from 2019 before finishing 12th and getting relegated in 2024. They did manage to finish second in Division 2, which is actually Sweden’s third division, losing in the play offs. So they will start season number 12 of the save in that division.



IF Huggin, who I stayed with for 3 and a half years, won 2 cups and a promotion, sacked me in 2023, and managed to survive by the skin of their teeth that season, by winning 1 game since I left that secured their survival. The season after that wasn’t so good however as they were relegated after finishing 12th of 12, winning only 3 games. Since that demotion they didn’t bounce straight back and finished a very disappointing 9th in the first division last season and have since found themselves going further down, as they have now finished 11th this season and being relegated on head to head results against IP. They’re currently without a manager.




The team I joined after Huggin, Ungmennafelagio Fjolnir finished 5th in the league the season after I won it with them after going undefeated for the full season. I think a 5th place finish for the champions can be seen as disappointing, but at least they stayed up unlike Hugginn after I left them. They finished this most recent season 4th. They’re also without a manager.




Vaasan Palloseura, VPS for short in Finland, finished 7th the season after I won the league with them, another poor showing for a team after I left. My replacement is still in charge heading into the 2027 season.



My own profile 11 seasons into the save, I’ve won something in each of the last 6 seasons.



Which brings us to the present day and my Lillestrom team are looking to better this seasons 5th placed finish.


To do that, I think we’re going to need to try and get Zidane back to us.





Well we’ve got some work on to replace him this off season, but I’m confident we can have another good showing.

Next update will be the run up to the new season, and any other business. Thanks for reading.

Career progress:
2016 | FC Hollviken (Sweden) Finished 10th Division 1 Sodra
2017 | FC Hollviken (Sweden) Sacked whilst 12th Division 1 Sodra
2018 | IK Oddevold (Sweden) Lost in play off final Division 1 Sodra
2019 | IK Oddevold (Sweden) Sacked whilst 12th in Division 1 Sodra
2020 | IF Huginn (Iceland) Finished 3rd in 1 deild karla
2021 | IF Huginn (Iceland) Finished 1st in 1 deild karla
2022 | IF Huginn (Iceland) Finished 7th in Pepsi-deildin
2023 | IF Huginn (Iceland) Sacked whilst 8th in Pepsi-deildin
2024 | UF (Iceland) Winners Pepsi-deildin & FA Cup winners
2025 | VPS (Finland) Veikkausliiga Winners. Suomen Cup winners
2026 | Lillestrom (Norway) 5th Eliteserien. FA Cup Winners.

The main bit about a pre season is new signings, and we made 2. First in is experienced attacking midfielder Ayoze Perez of Newcastle fame. He signs on a free and has decent stats and for this league, I’m sure he can make an impact.



We were susceptible to conceding sloppy goals last season, so a new keeper comes into us, in the form of Wladimiro Falcone



Another free transfer, I will only spend money if I feel the player can improve us, and with these 2 I think we might be alright coming into this season.

As we won the cup, we’re in the super cup against the league winners, FK Jerv.


An nice way to kick off the season if we win it, if not it’s not the end of the world, they beat us in the league last season but we had them in the cup.

Now this challenge is all about the Nordic countries to start with before moving on, but international management is given free reign. I was surprised to receive not 1, not 2 but 3 international job offers before the start of the season. African nations Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo, and Asian team, despite actually being in Oceania Australia offer me the job.




I’m definitely accepting 1 of these offers, and I make my decision based on how quickly I think the team can realistically win something. Nigeria and Australia didn’t make it out of their groups at the most recent World Cup, Congo didn’t qualify. Australia got to the Quarters of the most recent Asia Cup, and Nigeria are always a potential winner of the African Nations. With the upcoming World Cup qualifiers not far away, I decided to take Australia up on their offer. My initial plan is simple, qualify for the next World Cup and try to win the Asia Cup.



Back to domestic news, remember when Lyon signed hot prospect Sandvik from me? Well the traitor has just gone and joined Molde on loan.



He’s played a grand total of 0 league games for Lyon, can’t say I'm surprised really.

Once again we’re predicted to finish 3rd in the league, so lets hope we can this time around.


Before we kicked off our season in Norway, I had my first game as the Australia manager, and we ran out 3-0 winners over Syria in a friendly.



Back in Norway, new singing Perez gets injured, which seems to be a recurring theme for me, sign a player and watch as he gets injured shortly after.


So the first game of the season is the Super Cup against FK Jerv. It’s Norway's version of the Charity / Community Shield. Nothing other than a win and a medal comes from this


With only 1 decent striker, our formation this season is going to start as 4-2-3-1, and we may change as we go. Jerv are lining up exactly the same



An end to game that had exhibition written all over it, we came out 4-2 winners after being 4-0 up after 28 minutes. The fight back started in the second but we held on for the win. Something I don’t think I’ve ever seen in FM is we gave away a penalty for a hand ball, I’ve probably seen fouls and pens given away for hand balls, just never really noticed it until now.The clubs first ever Super Cup, and a great way to kick off the new season.




These 2 wins were followed up with a loss to Stromgodset, and draws with SK Brnn and Valarenga, who I bet are regretting their decision to overlook me.

Back to back wins followed with a win in the cup over lower league opposition and wins over Sarpsborg and Staebak in the league and a win over Asane in the cup.

This leaves us 4th after 6 played.



Rounding out this update is confirmation of our group in the AFC World Cup qualifying phase. We’re drawn in Group 7 alongside Bahrain, Jordan, Singapore and Tajikistan.


No disrespect to those nations, but we should be winning this group with no trouble at all.

Next update will be the next round of games in Norway as well as seeing how we got on with Australia. Thanks for reading.
May 2027 saw us win our 2nd round of the cup game agianst Raufoss which set up an away tie against fellow top division side Stromgodset who had beaten us in the league only a couple of weeks earlier.



We thumped Asane 4-1 in the league, I’m pretty sure that’s 3 played and 3 won against them in my time here. In the next game, a 1-0 loss to Tromso, and Ayoze Perez’s first for us, he got injured within the first 5 minutes, and it was downhill for us from there in that game. Here’s hoping he has a speedy recovery


That Tromso defeat was followed up with a loss to IK Start, before we found our shooting boots again with a 5-1 win over Sandeford and a hard fought 3-2 win over Molde

This leaves us 2nd after 11 played.



Despite those 2 losses I am awarded with the manager of the month award for May 2027


Side note here, Ole Gunnar actually left Molde for the Norway job this off season.

The good form didn’t last as we went down 1-0 in extra time to Stromgodset in the cup, to knock us out in the 3rd round.



We were certainly the better team in this game, but just didn’t take 1 of our many chances.

We then lost away to Odds BK, Rosenborg and FK Jerv before grabbing 3 points against relegation favorites Mjoldalen.

We then struggled to draw with Fredrikstad before first choice right winger Saltnes kicked off and demanded a move away, luckily for him Atalanta were on hand, obviously, to offer 1.3 million which the chairman accepted on my behalf.




So not only am I losing my first choice right winger, but Rosenborg are getting 145K of the transfer fee as well as 100k over 12 months! Oh and I'm only getting 40% of all sales as well, ace!

In brighter news, we’re drawn against Lech Poznan, AKA Robert Lewandowski's second club in the Europa League.


Stromgodset then beat us for the third time this year, before we absolutely deserved our 4-2 home win over Lech Poznan, putting us 1 foot in the next round of the Europa League.


We then held SK Brann to a 1 all draw before sealing our place in the next round of the Europa League with a 3-2 second leg win over Lech, to secure a 7-4 aggregate win.



We’re drawn against Swedish side IK Norrkoping in the playoff. A win over 2 legs will get us in to the group stages.


In the league we got a 1-0 win over Sarpsborg before going down 3-1 to Valarenga and beating the Swedes 4-1 in the first leg.


Asane held us to a draw, as did Norrkoping which put us in the group stages of the Europa League!


We’re drawn in Group A alongside Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk, Dutch side PSV Eindhoven and Polish side Legia Warsaw


Rounding out August 2027 we got humiliated 4-0 at home to Stabaek, leaving us 11th in the league and not looking anything like a top 3 side.

(Forgot to get a screenshot of the table)

Finishing off this update, I'm greeted to a number of offers for young AMC Roar Nyhus, I don’t see anything in him other than pace at the minute, he's certainly no better than who is already playing in the first team, but Juventus, AC Milan, Napoli, Sevilla, Toulouse and Valenica all see something in him, potential obviously.



He hasn’t even played for me and I accept all offers for him, I can't really stand in his way, I'm not in a position at the minute to try and bleed young players in to the first team, and I could do with the money really.


He ultimately picks Valencia, and off he goes


There were 2 World Cup qualifier games for my Australia side, and we won both, against Tajikistan and Singapore.



As expected we won those 2 and I’ve no doubt we’ll continue toward the next round of this qualifying campaign.

That’s it for this update. Next update will be the next set of games for Australia and our ongoing league season.

Thanks for reading.
A little respite for me and our poor league form as my Australia side took on Bahrain in the World Cup qualifiers.



Frustration was the name of the game in this one. Bahrain set up with 10 men behind the ball and actually had some decent chances to score, luckily they didn’t

We did manage to beat Jordan though to keep us on track.


Back in Norway however my league side continued to struggle, as IK Start smashed us for 4, before we somewhat fortuitously drew away with Legia in the Europa League.



More bad news as first choice left full back Caique is out injured as well as the press getting wind of the bad vibes around Lillestrom.



We held Tromso to a draw before another loss to Molde in the league, before PSV absolutely took the piss out of us.


23 shots! Could’ve been 3-20 on another day. Bad, bad showing.

That brings us to September 2027 with us 10th in the league, and should we be looking over our shoulder towards the bottom end of the league?



Only 5 games left and I won’t lie, relegation shouldn’t be happening, we’re surely too good to go down?

The first of those 5 remaining was yet another loss, 2-1 at home to Sandeford


This loss has now put me at insecure status and quite rightly so, we’ve been terrible.



Odds, Shakhtar, FK Jerv and league leaders Rosenborg all got wins over us in an absolute terrible showing to leave us on 30 points with 1 game to go.



There’s 1 game left in the league, 2 left in the Europa League for me now, and I will be surprised if I am still at Lillestrom after this season.

We can't get relegated, but we’ve been poor. So how did the last 3 games of the season go?



No surprise there


Really. A promoted team beat us to not only escape relegation but finish above us in the league!

Final game for us in 2027




We didn’t replace Zidane but changed formation and never really got going.

I’m glad to see the back of this season really, we’ve been poor all around. This off season is all about rebuilding and making something of this time with Lillestrom.

Or is it?


Evil clifhanger!

Update is on it's way
I actually didn’t think I’d make it out of the board meeting as Lillestrom manager. I said the run of games we had were hard, the board disagreed, I asked for more time, they said yes, 5 games to get 11 points.



So this off season, it’s a team building exercise, and I’ve got just the right players in mind.

We’ve got a healthy transfer budget after the board agreed to sell Saltnes, I sold a couple of fringe players as well to get the squad number down. I check my short list, as well as the scouting tab, and the first name that pops up is a player I know well.

Jan-Erik Bruun, my title winning captain at VPS in Finland, his contract was running out and I made an offer, and he has agreed to join up with me again in Norway.




I’m sure he can be pivotal to our season.

Next in is a what I’d consider a coup, left full back Oyvind Hustad.



Normally you’d not really think a left back is a coup, but this guy was playing for Esotril in Portugals top division, and is actually Norway’s first choice left back, and at 450K we’ve got a real steal I think.

I was going to be transfer listing our first choice keeper Falcone as he made a lot of mistakes that cost us really, so I was pleasantly surprised to see him want to move to Italy with Spezia. I said if they make an offer I’ll accept, they did and he’s on his way there, but not before I complete deals for 2 players.


The first in is actually Falcone's replacement, and another player playing for the Norwegian national side, keeper Vidar Pedersen


He’s Norway’s first choice keeper, as well as playing back up at KRC Genk in Belguim. Another player with real quality we’ve got on our hands I think.

Last, but certainly not least, is the player we sorely missed last season. This is the guy, this guy right here is who’s going to turn this club around, welcome back Zidane, we’ve really missed you!


He wasn’t playing much back at Gremio, he actually only played in 16 league games since his loan ended here last season, and his contract had 1 year left to run so I bid 3 million and Gremio accepted. I didn’t actually think he’d be willing to come back, but I was very pleased when we agreed a deal. He’s back for good!


The season review now and we were certainly the most underachieving side last season, something to work on this time around without a doubt


Yet again Perez pulls up with another injury, he’s played a grand total of 6 times for me since joining, not good as I think he’d really influence games in this league, but we’re going back to what worked for us 2 season's 4-4-2, so Perez may be playing second fiddle to Zidane and Ingrand anyway.


Season preview and after last seasons shambles the media reckon we’re good for a 6th place finish, down from the last 2 predicted 3rd place finishes



That brings us to the start of the new season in Norway, and with Zidane and Ingrand back up top for us, I’m hopeful of a strong showing. Not to mention we’ve got Norway’s first choice keeper and left back playing for us, a well as 1 of Finland’s first choice center halves. We’ve got Fredrikstad up first, and we’ve got to win really, as I need to get at least 11 points from our first 5 games



During this part of the save was my Australia duties, and we made it out of the first round of qualifying games, and have been placed in Group B of the group stages alongside Japan, Lebanon, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and Thailand



The top 2 teams from each group make it to the World Cup, and really, we need to get results against Japan and the Saudi’s to have any chance of making the top 2. But I’m hopeful we can make a good showing of it.

Next update is going to be the first few rounds of games in Norway, anything to do with Australia and any other business.

Thanks for reading.

We kicked off the new season in great style, 5-0 over Fredrikstad, and giving me the first 3 of 11 points I need.


Another 5 goal showing followed, as Zidane grabbed a hat trick. 6 points from 11, 3 games to go


Another 3 points came next against promoted side Goroud. 9 from 11, 2 games to go.


2 points dropped, or 1 point gained? Either way Zidane was our savior with a 90th minute equaliser as we drew with Tromso, meaning it’s 10 points from 11, and I just need to avoid defeat in the next game to be safe, for now


A cup game came next, as we beat lower league side Asker 3-1, and we’re drawn against another lower league side Ottesad which will hopefully see us progress even further.




There was no doubt we’d hit the 11 point target set by the board, as Mjoldalen felt Zidane’s wrath as he scored 4 in a 5-1 win.



So with that win I’d met the boards target, not that it was ever in doubt really, but from here I can push on with making sure this season is a hell of a lot better than last.

Our first big derby of the season came against SK Brann, and Zidane once again proved his weight in gold as we won 2-1 away to our bitter rivals.


Rounding out the first month of the new season, and unsurprisingly the main man Zidane grabs the player of the month, averaging 2 goals a game as he scores 12 in 6


No prizes for guessing the manager of the month either


May saw us carry on winning in the cup, 4-0 over Ottestad, we then beat league favorites Molde 3-2 away, with Pederson responding well to my aggressive half time team talk


Bodo/Glint didn’t turn up as we thumped them 7-0, Zidane grabbing 5(!) of the 7 goals and gets himself a perfect 10 rating to boot.



Valarenga were our next victims as we beat them 4-2, Zidane getting a brace before we dropped points at home to Viking FC, with Zidane again proving pivotal with an 89th minute euqaliser, his second last minute goal for us so far


However his strike partner Ingrand came off during that game, and is out for up to 9 weeks.


Lets hope that this injury doesn’t disrupt us too much, and that Perez can stay fit and play alongside Zidane, or we’re going to have to change things up a bit.

We continued our run in the cup, with a 1-0 away win over Asane to put us in the 4th round



So that brings us to the end of May, with us clearly the outstanding team sitting first, having played 10 games, winning 8 and not losing



We’re drawn against Mjoldalen in the cup, we’re not going to lose to them after Zidane put 4 past them in the league, and they’re bottom of the league so will probably put a weakened side out.

Heading into June will be the next squad announcement for my Australia side and our World Cup qualifying campaign, as well as the next set of games in Norway.

Thanks for reading.

Hectic number of months, that!
Great to see you've recovered to keep the job, and are now flying in fact.

Perez's injuries though
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We kicked off the next part of our season with bad news as star striker Zidane is out for up to 5 weeks, bad times this as he’s our main scoring outlet.


We did however continue playing well and picking up points, as we beat Stabaek in the league, Mjondalen in the cup to progress to the quarter final against Tromso, we drew with Rosenborg 0-0 in a game we absolutely dominated from start to finish, 18 shots on target but their keeper played a blinder to round out June




News on my upcoming contract end broke, and I don’t comment but between you and me, I;m not staying after this season at Lillestrom, no matter what happens


The wins kept coming, as FK Jerv, Stromgodset, IK Stat all felt our wrath before we went down at home to Odds, that leaves us still top with 39 points and 16 played



It was at this point the Euro’s of 2028 happened and Belgium won it with a final victory over Italy.


With all the good that’s happening, it was bound to happen that something bad would come up.



Not now Zidane, not now, we’re halfway through the season. I try talking him out of it but he's not having any of it

We recorded back to back losses as we went down to Fredrikstad before thumping Tromso in the cup to put us in the semi




We’re playing Aelsunds in the semi, the same team we beat in the final 2 years ago.

Relegation favorites Goroud got thumped 3-0, before we played out a 3 all draw with Tromso before Zidane’s strike partner Ingrand tells me he wants to join Levante


I’m not in the mood for this, but at least Ingrand sees the bigger picture for now


Mjoldalen were our next victims before Molde and Valarenga beat us in the league, before we edged the cup semi against Aaelsunds to put ourselves in the final against Fredrikstad




Finishing off September was a win over Bodo/Glint that sees us have a 6 point advantage at the top of the league with 6 to go


With 6 to go and a nice 6 point advantage, surely the league is ours to lose?

Before the final 6 games however it’s random news time now. As you can see, Sampdoria won Serie A last season


They’ve got a new manager leading them into their title defence


WTF?!? Like seriously, WTF?!?
A decent, if nothing else defender, he’s held prestigious positions as Port Vale and Hamilton manager, winning absolutely nothing, but now is the manager of the reigning Italian champions!?! I love these types of things FM throws at you.

Next update will be the final 6 games and the cup final.

Thanks for reading.

Hectic number of months, that!
Great to see you've recovered to keep the job, and are now flying in fact.

Perez's injuries though

That's the thing with players 33+, they seem to get injured a bit more frequently. It is what it is though we plod along.
Apologies for the lack of an update on this, I haven't had much time to post updates, but I've played a lot of this challenge and can say I've actually completed it, but as I have got literally hundreds of screen shots, I haven't got the time to go through them all to post on here.

But I will be back with another thread very, very soon
Apologies for the lack of an update on this, I haven't had much time to post updates, but I've played a lot of this challenge and can say I've actually completed it, but as I have got literally hundreds of screen shots, I haven't got the time to go through them all to post on here.

But I will be back with another thread very, very soon

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