This shortlist is a part of the susie world scouting tour where we embark on a journey to find the best and cheapest Football Manager players from the top nations in the game. For each nation we're picking out the best players, the wonderkids, the bargains and the free transfers.

This fm shortlist can be easily downloaded using the big download on the right, ready for easy import into your existing Football Manager Career.
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Manuel Neuer 34 GK £101k £28m £300m 29-06-2016
Marc-André ter Stegen 28 GK £38k £50m £60m 29-06-2015
Toni Kroos 30 DM, M (C) £73k £53m £65m 29-06-2015
Thomas Müller 30 M (R), AM (RC), ST (C) £81k £45m £56m 29-06-2017
İlkay Gündogan 29 DM, M/AM (C) £24k £41m £43m 29-06-2015
Mats Hummels 31 D (C) £73k £35m £300m 29-06-2017
Jérôme Boateng 31 D (C) £114k £18m £16m 29-06-2018
Marco Reus 31 M (RL), AM (RLC) £81k £46m £300m 29-06-2017
Niklas Süle 24 D (C) £7k £31m £32m 29-06-2017
Bernd Leno 28 GK £57k £27m £40m 29-06-2018
Mesut Özil 31 AM (RLC) £140k £13m £11m 29-06-2018
Julian Draxler 26 M/AM (RLC) £49k £17m £9m 29-06-2018
Kevin Volland 27 M/AM (R), ST (C) £32k £20m £30m 29-06-2017
Sami Khedira 33 DM, M (C) £57k £4m £2m 29-06-2015
Lars Bender 31 D/WB (R), DM, M (C) £65k £8m £9m 29-06-2019
Kevin Trapp 30 GK £13k £16m £19m 29-06-2016
Matthias Ginter 26 D (RC) £4k £10m £11m 29-06-2015
Mario Götze 28 AM (C), ST (C) £114k £23m £68m 29-06-2017
Sven Bender 31 D (C), DM, M (C) £48k £4m £5m 29-06-2017
Kevin Vogt 28 D (C), DM, M (C) £7k £8m £9m 29-06-2015
Niklas Stark 25 D (C), DM £2k £8m £11m 29-06-2016
Oliver Baumann 30 GK £32k £4m £4m 29-06-2015
Max Kruse 32 AM (RLC), ST (C) £23k £3m £6m 29-06-2017
Christoph Kramer 29 DM, M (C) £13k £7m £10m 29-06-2017
Sebastian Rode 29 DM, M (C) £8k £7m £8m 29-06-2014
Jonas Hofmann 28 M (RLC), AM (RL) £32k £6m £8m 29-06-2018
Ron-Robert Zieler 31 GK £24k £1m £1m 29-06-2015
Robin Knoche 28 D (C) £13k £5m £10m 29-06-2017
Tony Jantschke 30 D (RC) £32k £2m £2m 29-06-2015
Maximilian Meyer 24 M (LC), AM (C) £24k £6m £4m 29-06-2018
Matthias Ostrzolek 30 D/WB (L) £7k £0 £0 29-06-2015
Sebastian Jung 30 D/WB (R) £32k £491k £943k 29-06-2015
Stefan Bell 28 D (C) £13k £2m £2m 29-06-2018
Christian Träsch 32 D/WB (R), DM £65k £1m £1m 29-06-2015
Aaron Hunt 33 M/AM (C) £39k £100k £80k 29-06-2014
Holger Badstuber 31 D (C) £65k £1m £1m 29-06-2017
Pierre-Michel Lasogga 28 ST (C) £11k £4m £4m 29-06-2015
Lewis Holtby 29 DM, M (C) £60k £3m £2m 29-06-2018
Roman Neustädter 32 D (C), DM £38k £971k £3m 29-06-2016
Marcel Schmelzer 32 D/WB (L) £41k £1m £719k 29-06-2017
Jan Kirchhoff 29 D (C), DM, M (C) £32k £318k £280k 29-06-2016
Stefan Aigner 32 M (RL), AM (RLC), ST (C) £13k £176k £155k 29-06-2015
Serdar Taşçı 33 D (C) £36k £0 £0 29-06-2017
Andreas Beck 33 D (RL), WB (R) £46k £320k £300m 29-06-2014
Kevin Großkreutz 32 D/WB/M/AM (R) £41k £0 £0 29-06-2016
Per Mertesacker 28 D C £80k £11m £26m 29-06-2015
Philipp Wollscheid 24 D C £38k £5m £11m 29-06-2017
Simon Rolfes 31 DM £65k £2m £6m 29-06-2015
Stefan Kießling 29 ST £48k £7m £19m 29-06-2017
Marco Russ 27 D C, DM £13k £2m £3m 29-06-2016
Heiko Westermann 29 D RLC £44k £4m £6m 29-06-2015
Robert Huth 28 D RC £38k £6m £11m 29-06-2016
Sebastian Kehl 33 DM £49k £660k £909k 29-06-2014
Benedikt Höwedes 25 D RC £65k £9m £24m 29-06-2017
Miroslav Klose 35 ST £60k £1m £3m 29-06-2014
Mike Hanke 29 ST £17k £2m £2m 29-06-2016
Tobias Levels 26 D/WB R £5k £987k £495k 29-06-2014
Bastian Schweinsteiger 28 DM, AM C £146k £24m £69m 29-06-2016
Stefan Reinartz 24 D C, DM £23k £7m £17m 29-06-2015
Sascha Riether 30 D/WB R, DM £28k £3m £4m 29-06-2015
André Schürrle 22 AM L, ST £78k £14m £30m 29-06-2018
Fabian Boll 34 DM £12k £215k £111k 29-06-2014
Philipp Lahm 29 D/WB RL, DM £146k £24m £70m 29-06-2016
René Adler 28 GK £44k £11m £20m 29-06-2017

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