DVX Logos Megapack

High quality Football Manager Logopack

Good quality has been emphasised in the making of DVX Logos for Football Manager. This means that:

  • The pack only contains logos of sharp consistent standard that have little to no compression artifacts
  • The logos have been processed carefully and have no jagged edges.
  • Many logos have been redrawn or heavily retouched to maintain high quality.


Made for High In-Game Zoom

If you use a high level of in-game zoom (utpo 125%), the logopack of choice should contain images in large size. Otherwise logos may look blurry on many screens in game.

  • The largest logo images within the DVX pack are 512 px in height, which is twice the FM standard, and much larger than is found in most logopacks.
  • Due to the big image size, DVX Logos display an excellent quality with up to 200% in-game zoom.
  • 68,797
  • 2024.02 - Released on 13 Jun 2024
DVX Logos Megapack

Installation Instructions

Step 1) Where to put Football Manager Graphics

Once you've downloaded a Football Manager Graphic Pack and extracted it you should be left with a single folder on your computer. You're going to need to move that folder into a special location where Football Manager can find it.


Apple: Where to put the FM Graphic Packs on Mac

You will need to copy the folder to this location:


/Users/<yourname>/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/graphics


You may find it difficult to find this exact location, to make it easier, use the following instructions:


a) Open Finder

b) Click “Go” from the menubar and select “Go to Folder” (alternatively press Shift+CMD+G)

c) Copy in the following: ~/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/

d) Open the “Football Manager 2022” folder

e) Open the “graphics” folder (or created it if it doesn't exist)

f) Move the downloaded files into the ”graphics" folder


Windows: Where to put the FM Graphic Packs on Windows

Simply move the folder to the following location:


Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/graphics


What if I don't have a graphics folder?

If you don't have a “graphics” folder simply create it 🙂


What if the downloaded files ends with .zip, .rar, .7z

If you have a file that ends in .zip, .rar or .7z then you'll need to extract the files before installing them. These files are called “archives” and are a way to compress a folder into a single file for downloading but you'll need to open them and get the folder that's in them before installing. DO NOT put these files in your graphics folder, it won't work.


Extract the files first and then put the extracted files into your graphics folder. If you're not sure how to extract them, look at these guides for windows or for mac.


What if the downloaded files are in parts e.g. “part01.rar”, “part02.rar” etc

If you have downloaded a pack in multiple parts ending in “part01.rar”, “part02.rar” etc then you do not have to extract them all individually. Just extract “part01.rar” and the rest should all be extracted automatically.


Step 2) How to refresh graphics in Football Manager

Unfortunately even though you have the folder in the right place Football Manager won't automatically pick up the new files. You're going to have to go in and tell Football Manager to reload your graphics.


Simply follow these instructions:


a) Open Football Manager

b) Click Preferences on the start screen (or if you're already in a game FM Logo > Preferences)

c) Click the “Advanced” tab

d) On the right hand side select “interface”

e) Scroll down the Skin Heading

f) Uncheck “Use caching to decrease page loading times”

g) Tick “Reload skin when confirming changes to preferences”

h) Click “Reload Skin”

And now your graphics should be appearing.


You should go back into the preferences and follow the same steps but this time tick “Use caching to decrease page loading times”, this will help with the long term performance of the game, but needed to be unticked to install these graphics.

16 years ago
6 months ago

Hi guys, does anyone have Man Utds small logo by any chance? thank you

11 years ago
1 day ago
By Spybus09 08 November 2023 - 11:04 AM UTC 

Hi mates! I was wondering if it's easy for you to add some greek media logos. I found the logos to help you, but I don't know the IDs. Tnx in advance!


Hi Spybus09. I have not yet properly gone through the media sources in FM24, but with a cursory look it seems there are no Greek media in the official SI DB. Logos that do not have, or have not had, an ID in the game, will not be added to the pack. That being said, I can make the logos for you in DVX style, so you can add them into the game in case the media sources are in a custom DB.

3 years ago
1 month ago

I still use this pack for FM24. Do you have any ETA on the updated 24 version?


Thanks for all your amazing work.

11 years ago
1 day ago

Thanks @Svartowiz.


The new pack is still work in progress, but I'm trying to complete it by the end of the month - or very early December at the latest.

16 years ago
12 hours ago
By ducc 14 November 2023 - 18:10 PM UTC 

Thanks @Svartowiz.


The new pack is still work in progress, but I'm trying to complete it by the end of the month - or very early December at the latest.



11 years ago
1 day ago

Its not quite Christmas yet, but the new version of the pack for FM24 is now up. More information and download link in the first post.

16 years ago
6 months ago

Hi can anyone do this swiss flag in small please?


Federal flag of Switzerland
18 years ago
4 days ago

Any chance anyone could do the Nottingham Forest Logo in white please in all sizes? I have added it here but its hard to see as the image is white and its on a white background





5 months ago
1 day ago

hi guys does anyone have Uniteds small logo? 

11 years ago
1 day ago


24v2 update is available for download with over 500 new, improved or updated logos. Link in the first post.



2 months ago
3 weeks ago

Anyone have the united files?

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