11 years ago
3 days ago

You can download the .zip file which contains everything you need to make from the link above. After you unpack the .zip the following things will be available:

1. PSD file called "Ex_'10"
The official template of Ex'10 facepack. This is used for making facepacks.

2. PSD file called "Ex_'10 - PreviewTemplate"
A file that is used for making previews of the facepack you made. When you finish making a facepack for a club or a league you made, pick a few of the best pictures and make a preview. Save it as an image in .png or .jpg format, uploud on a image hosting site and link it next to the download link of the facepack.

3. TTF file called "LisboaSansLF_New"
Font you will be using while making Ex'10 facepacka. You MUST install this before making facepacks. You only need to install the font once and it will work.

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