This is a guide on how to create fixtures/results, which will be made into text format and then how to get them into the game

Firstly go to this thread and download the fixture creator-
Once again many thanks to @Dmitri-K for this superb addition

The files are created in text format so copy them and paste into notepad, name them accordingly and then save.
I put the files on my desktop so it is easy to find later

Then you need to open the editor

go to rules

add nation rules

select the country required eg England select add lower divisions and then click finish
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Now click on the division you want to add the fixtures to(NB if you want to do several leagues they need to be done now at this stage before converting to advanced rules BUT do one league at a time).

select general tab and tick use specific fixtures

you will now see the fixtures tab under the league appears

select it and click on import

find desktop(or where you save your text file too) and select the notepad file you earlier created

it will import that text file and convert it to how it looks above

verify by selecting test rules save it for xml file/fmf its your choice

stop there
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Once you have done the first league rinse and repeat for any other leagues in that Nation you want to add real fixtures too.

I save the file after each verified test before moving on

Once happy save the file

and then just repeat the process for any other Nation too NB at this stage keep the file in normal rules do not covert to advanced rules yet

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Once you are happy you have added all the fixtures to the leagues you want and are ready to do more detailed editing eg Remove Brexit/prize money/tv deals etc etc

you can now convert to advanced rules to address this issue or edit the league/s to suite your needs

do this by selecting convert to advanced rules

now you get a much more detailed panel with all the ''guts'' of various competitions you can edit take your time to read up on this side of editing it can get complicated quickly so a tip make back ups save/test file regularly

For more detailed information on advanced rule editing

NB you do not need to do any advanced editing to get the real fixtures in game

this is just mentioned for those who want to do so and remember its only 1 set of nation rules allowed for the same nation so if you want real fixtures in game along with other changes to a league structure they have to be in the same file

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