ICC (International Champions Cup) - Pre-season Friendly - Runs from July 20th/August 4th (approximately)

***Update July 3, 2020 - I realized that we need to select the MLS League (USA) in the background in order for this competition to be playable. Also, by doing that, our career 1st day starts in January regardless of what league do we choose, we have to "vacay" until the summer. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm going to fix it. Thanks.***


_ICC: International Champions Cup

16 teams, 4 Rounds, "win or go home" style. All the games take place in the US. Due to the season in the United States run from January to November, the teams that advance for this competition play the year after. For example: if you win the premier league in 2019/2020, you will take part in this competition the next year in July of 2021.
Each game, 5Mil for the winner, 1M for the loser. Big prize 50M for the winner and 25M for the finalist.

The 16 teams:

_Winner and Runner Up Premier League - England
_Winner and Runner Up LaLiga - Spain
_Winner Serie A - Italy
_Winner Bundesliga - Germany
_Winner Ligue 1 - France
_Winner Liga Nos - Portugal
_Winner Premier League - Russia
_Winner Eredivisie - Holland
_Winner Serie A - Brasil
_Winner Superliga - Argentina
_Winner MLS - USA
_Winner Liga MX - Mexico
_Winner Super League - China
_Winner J League - Japan
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hi can you make this for fm22 please?


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