Rovers FC (Seychelles)
5 months ago
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Hi guys!

I'm a FM fan and also part of Rovers FC (SEY) management team.

We've found our logo here on Sortitoutsi... That's nice as we are still very young football club on the map! Thanks for the avatar anyway

These days we are all here trying to do what's the best for local football association to make it big (or just bigger than it is at the moment).

Let me know if you guys need any information about local clubs/national team so I can help you with as it is very hard to find any information about local football teams/players.

If anyone cares Rovers FC have won 3rd Division a few days ago
United Joshdom
6 years ago
10 hours ago
Hi! I'm an assistant researcher for Africa. Your data would be gladly accepted by our team. If you have a way of sending it over, I can transfer it over to anyone who has access to Seychelles. The more, the better!
Rovers FC (Seychelles)
5 months ago
17 hours ago
Hi! I'm an assistant researcher for Africa. Your data would be gladly accepted by our team. If you have a way of sending it over, I can transfer it over to anyone who has access to Seychelles. The more, the better!

Hi there Thanks for helping african football! By the way I used to be a regular member of Football Manager - Serbia community back in days.

PREMIER LEAGUE 2019/20 (Final standings)
1. Foresters (Champions)
2. Cote D'or
3. La Passe
4. St. Louis
5. Light Stars
6. St. Michel
7. Anse Reunion
8. Northern Dynamo
9. Red Star DF
10. Revengers
11. Au Cap (Relegated)
12. Victoria City (Closed down)

CHAMPIONSHIP 1 2019/20 (Final standings)
1. Real Maldives (Champions)
2. Bosco FC (Promoted)
3. PTL Bazar Brothers
4. Anse Royal
5. Mont Fleuri
6. Tigers
7. Lions LMS
8. Glacis (Relegated)
9. St. Francis (Closed down)

CHAMPIONSHIP 2 2019/20 (Final standings)
1. Rovers FC (Champions)
2. Bel Air (Promoted)
3. Marine Maintenance
4. Perseverance
5. Bel Ombre
6. Beau Vallon
7. Mont Buxton Veterans (Suspended)
8. Bwalo Boyz (Closed down)

Playout / Playoff
1. Au Cap - Bosco FC 0:3 (Bosco FC got promoted to Premier league)
2. Glacis - Bel Air 0:7 (Bel Air got promoted to Championship 1)

SFF Cup 2019/20
Cote D'or - Rovers FC 4:0
Foresters - La Passe 5:1
Final (22.08.2020)
Foresters - Cote D'or

  • We've noticed that there are some inactive teams in FM Database so you can follow up the final standings to see who is still competing officially.
  • We launched our club website last week so we have about 90% of the logos in our system and it will be forwarded to you.
  • Most of the teams here in Seychelles are not serious about providing fans with the informations through social media which makes everything more complicate.
  • We may provide almost all information about football in Seychelles, even the names of the players once the season start again. It would be much easier if you give us an instruction of what can be useful for you so we can see what is possible to find out straight away.
  • At the moment there are 3 divisions and cup (Premier League, Championship 1 and Championship 2 + SFF Cup) but maybe there will be changes during the pre-season.

  • Rovers FC - Teamstats - Here you can see all our stats since day 1 of the club... Our idea is to switch to our website only from the start of the next season.

    Rovers FC - Club info
    Year found: 2018
    Professional status: Amateur
    Reputation: National
    Nickname: Millionaires
    Finances: Okay
    Stadium: Stad Linite (10,000 seats)
    Junior coaching: Good
    Data analysis: Above average
    Region: East Africa
    Captain: Randolph Lablache
    Formation: 4-2-3-1
    Fierce rival: Bel Air
    Division: Championship 1
    Transfer budget: 0
    Board expectation: Promotion

    Rovers FC - Staff
    1. Kosta Todorovic (Manager)
    2. Milan Blaga (Assistant Manager)
    3. Steve Herbots (Head Coach)
    4. Collin Stravens (Assistant Coach)
    5. Philip Zialor (Assistant Coach)

    Rovers FC - First team
    GK - Xavier Celestine (Key player)
    GK - Zane Esparon (Youth)
    DR - Dareem Esparon (First team)
    DR - Leroy Desire (Backup)
    DL - Yanick Hollanda (Youth)
    DL/AML - Joshua Fanchette (First team)
    DC - Christopher Rousseau (Rotation)
    DC/DL - Jean-Marc Prea (Rotation)
    DC - Freddy Monthy (Rotation)
    DC - Remy De ketelaere (Key player)
    DMC - Fabian Lablache (Vice-Captain)
    DMC - Paolo Hoareau (First team)
    MC - Santosh Albert (First team)
    MC/DL- Hans Radegonde (First team)
    MC - Abdul Jumaye (Youth)
    AMC/STC - Jim Loizeau (First team)
    AMLR/ST- Jean-Michel Vidot (Key player)
    AMLR - Chang-Time Fabien (First team)
    AMLR - Randolph Lablache (Key player / Captain)
    AMLR - Adrian Marie (Youth)
    STC - Julius Sally (Youth)
    STC - Herve Toulon (Backup)

    Please let us know what else you would like to know so we can provide you with the informations. It would be so nice for local players if they can end up in the game one day... Let's work together on this!

    Club logos
    Here are the logos we've found so far. Many of the missing ones will not probably exist next season as the idea is to reduce number of teams in lower leagues (There will be 2 divisions probably instead of existing 3).
    (Marine Maintenance, St. Michel, Bosco FC, Cote D'or, Red Star DF, Revengers, Northern Dynamo, Rovers FC, Lions LMS, Anse Reunion, Foresters, Au Cap, Light Stars, La Passe FC, St. Louis)

    1. Stad Linite (National stadium / Mahe island)
    2. Stad Popiler (Old stadium / Mahe island)
    3. Stad Amitie (Praslin island)
    4. Stad La Digue (La Digue island)

    1.1 Stad Linite is the only one stadium that national team is using for their matches + all CAF matches are being played on this stadium
    1.2 Stad Linite is the stadium of all clubs from Mahe island who are competing in Premier league, Championship 1 or SFF cup
    2.1 Stad Popiler is the stadium for 3rd Division football matches only
    3.1 Stad Amitie is the main stadium on Praslin island (Cote D'or + Light Stars + Revengers)
    4.1 Stad La Digue is the main stadium on La Digue island (La Passe FC + Anse Reunion)

    National team
    1. Ralph Jean-Louis (Manager of National team and Bel Air FC)
    2. Philip Zialor (Top scorer of all time and Assistant coach of Rovers FC)
    United Joshdom
    6 years ago
    10 hours ago
    This is absolutely fantastic! I'll make sure to let the team know about this. If there's any information you can send to me, send it to me privately. We can go through all of this in order to get Seychelles well represented.
    11 years ago
    2 minutes ago
    Good to see you guys working together and it sounds like
    You are going to put a comprehensive study of this Kudos to you

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