5 years ago
6 hours ago
Who plays retro games out there? I for one do.

If so, what games are they?
2 months ago
1 month ago

Love retro games. I am a fan of the SNES era where I can play classic RPG games like Final Fantasy VI and even Chrono Trigger. There was even a game called Star Ocean that shaped my love for the video game industry. There are a lot of games that I can talk about here because the SNES was not the only one because the NES had some good offerings as well as the Sega Genesis and its successors. I know that it has become classic now but the N64 era will probably be the best thing for industry as it quickly became the best industry for entertainment. However, it should not take away from the modern games because there are masterpieces now too like the Breath of the Wild game on the Switch or even the Witcher series.

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