Introducing... The Bukovi. A Take on a 4-2-4 Strikerless System.

This system is far from perfect and still a work in progress.

The tactic is heading roughly in the direction i am aiming for, but as i say not finalised yet, however getting some good results and holds up in most tests i have done.

feel free to download and give the tactic a go, also would appreciate any little tweaks to try as i look to perfect the system.
Zinedine Zaiddin
12 years ago
2 years ago
Would appreciate if at least you could show how the tactical looks like, what are the settings etc. Kinda giving preview before others download it and try themselves.

Will be helpful if you could explain abit on how did you setup your team to fit with tactic given, what kind of players would be highly suitable for it, the results, etc.
12 years ago
3 weeks ago
hi Zinedine, at the time i didnt have the time i just wanted to upload, all this stuff will follow at the weekend, basically its a 4 - 2 (1dm, 1cm) 4 (IF x 2, SSx1, ENG x 1)

based off Bukovis shape to some extent.

i have tweaked around with it somewhat to make it work, i have tested with AB denmark 3rd div, Chelsea, and Veles Moscow. all won league on holiday, i played 6 months of season with AB and top of league playing some great football, i will post in more detail at the weekend 🙂

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