This "Ground & Pound" name was given due to the intent of how I wanted my team to play - Whilst in possession we get the ball on the ground using a fast tempo, short passing game. And if we lose possession we "Pound" the opposing team using a relentless press. This tactic is a dream for anybody who wants every game to be exciting.

The aim whilst in possession is to stretch the opposition with our overlapping full backs. Then surprise them with or inverted wingers. The AMC act almost as a shadow striker. I have set individual instructions to move into channels which is vital. You can use wing backs with this as well and it would work just as good!

In transition, our aim is to win back possession as quick as possible and distribute to the flanks where we have the most pace. This formation works great using a pressing forward.

Out of Possession, the goal is to play a high line and catch them with out offside trap. Most of the time the opposition don't even have enough time to play a through ball due to our relentless pressing so I haven't been caught out much at all! When possible, try and use this formation with CB's with a bit of pace as this can help in the higher up divisions

Hope you like this guys. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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