Very good 3-1-4-2 tactic, score plenty and concede very few goals. More suited to the better teams in whatever league you play. I have attached 3 pics, my formation, my results and final league table.

Would also advise that you don't allow your AM to control your training. Check below for a guide on setting up your training.

Also for set pieces a guy on Youtube by the name of Zealand done a very good video on set pieces, would advise watching that. Also another guy on Youtube by the name FM Stinger, he's very good. I would recommend watching his videos if you're struggling with your save.

Another great bit of advice I would give players is before every match check the opposition team and go through their starting 11 and if they have players with low ratings for bravery then you want to tackle those players harder. Also with players for low concentration and composure ratings you want to press those players always as there's a good chance that they will make mistakes.

If one of their players has a weak left foot then show them onto their left foot, likewise with their right foot. I mean that's pretty self explanatory.

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