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Hello there,

I am looking for a new save game in Brazil but a little bit different from conventional as I intend to adapt the Brazilian football calendar (Jan-Dec) to the European schedule (Aug-May) using the Editor.
As to the domestic competitions I've quickly managed to adjust the Brazilian league to this calendar (alongside with lower divisions). The national competition now begins in August and is finished in May on a model really close to the English Premier League (definitely my inspiration source).
However I am really struggling in adapt the continental competitions (Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana) to the European model within the Editor.
I have managed to change some Continental Rules and adapt the beginning and ending dates of both competitions nevertheless the qualifying system does not work properly - I cannot correctly seed the teams in the qualifying draw (teams which should enter the group stage such as the current holder are falling into preliminary stages) and select the eligible teams per nation.

Does anyone have any guides or an idea on how to fix that?

Thanks in advance.

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