FM21 Remove all Loans (by nealwillo) 1.0.

One of our subscribers made a request! So here it is!

Start your new game with a clean slate! All loans have been removed for the start of the game. Loans will naturally form from the in-game A.I. as time goes on during the game. Enjoy!

P.S. This file does not prevent future transfer deals that are registered at the start of the game. Loan deals only.

How to use:

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Like most editor data files, once download, move the file to;

Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/editor data

Launch the game, and tick the file when creating a new game from the drop box available.
Neal Willo
4 years ago
2 months ago
Any further requests, don't hesitate to ask!
Me Myself
1 year ago
3 months ago
radford brew
2 years ago
3 days ago

Could do a arsenal take over were kronks are outed by the spotify man. 

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