Hey guys, first I need to thank you all for the downloads of the skin, you've been amazing really! So this is gonna be the last update of the skin... I think. So I want to thank you all for the suport!

For this skin I wanted to keep it simple because I simply love the original version of it, so I don't consider this as a skin but an update to the original one. With a few changes on the tactics menu and club overview this skin gives you a simple and clean yet informative interface in game. Also added the wannachup instant result (really great work, thanks!) and the DF11 2021 panels already incorporated on the skin, so you don't have to download the panels anymore!!

My point with this skin is not change a lot of things but improve the original skin with some widgets the makes our life easier in game.
Update 2.4.0:
- Rework on the player's, tactic's and club's panel;
- Added Global Performance Graph on player's profile;
- Brand new Scoreboard on match engine;
- Brand new player faces panel on match engine (color bug correction and click correction);
- Added Eligibility panel on player's profile;
- Rework of the pros and cons on the players profile;
- Added a simpler and cleaner background;
- Unfortunately no pre-installed DF11 panels on low resolution skins, but you can still installed it yourself;
Kojuro v2.4 Dark:
Kojuro v2.4:
Screenshots if you use DF11 Panels Version:
ALERT: For these to work you can't have them on the Panels folder, just delete the DF11 panels and use the Purple or Dark DF11 version of the skin
How to install the Kojuro skin on FM21
    [li]Extract the contents of the .rar archive using a tool such as WinZip or 7-zip.[/li] [li]Move the extracted folder "Kojuro skin" to: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins, if this folder does not exist create it as "skins".[/li] [li]Start the game and go to Preferences screen, and then to the Interface tab. You should see the skin's name on the drop down list of the Overview box. Use the Clear Cache button, then hit the Confirm button.[/li]
Credits to:
-Wannachup for the instant result button
-My viewrs on my channel for testing it with me

If you like to support me and my cats you can buy me a coffee so I can keep working on dbs and skins on the future. Yes I'm addicted to coffee...

Hope you enjoy it and have fun playing the game =)
14 years ago
8 hours ago
13 years ago
4 days ago
Hey everyone, do we know if the instant result button just randomises the score or does it use the same formulas to generate the result without having to watch it?
3 years ago
1 week ago
There is a problem with the backgrounds pack. Backgrounds are covered and can't be visualized. Can you adapt this skin for backgrounds pack?
7 years ago
13 hours ago
how to change the font in the mozaik skin? letters are not clear if there is any background.
please,help me
9 years ago
5 hours ago

The instan result button doesn't work. the screen just goes blank like it's trying to find it, but there is nothing there.

9 years ago
23 hours ago

Love this skin, however on the pre-game line ups screen the player name is in black, same as the box it sits with so its unreadable.


Other than that its great.


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