Hi all!

I've been working on this Super League for a few days and wanted to share it with you.
There are 3 levels:

- 'World Super League' with 16 leagues (6 from Europe, 3 from South America, 3 from Africa, 2 from North America and 2 from Asia Pacific)
- 'World League One' with 6 leagues (2 from Europe, 1 from South America, 1 from North America, 1 from Africa and 1 from Asia Pacific)
- 'World League Two' with 10 leagues (3 from Europe, 1 from Africa 1 from America, 1 from the Middle East, 1 from Asia and 3 from the Pacific, Mediterranean and Atlantic zones)

Each league has 16 teams and 30 games. At each level, winners get into a final round of 8 or 16 clubs. No promotion/relegation.

- Each geographic zone has a League Cup with Level 1 & Level 2 clubs
- World Super cup: Level 1 + Level 2 clubs from every region
- World League 2 cup: Level 3 clubs only
- Champions Cup: winner of the Level 1 Final round vs winner of the Super Cup

I tried to create a fair and inclusive competition with teams from almost every country in the world. TV money goes from 10 to 75M depending on the level and the league. There is also money in case of a win or a draw.

Comments and bugs/errors report are welcome!


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By lordulcd 25 February 2021 - 23:34 PM UTC 

no working


think you need to give a tad more info


the download link? or the file itself, and be specific as to what the issue is and perhaps tag the author of thread too

2 years ago
1 day ago

until now it worked, but since yesterday when the winter update appeared, it doesn't work anymore.Thank you.

1 year ago
2 days ago

i guess you could just change the database

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