Standard Kits

We have thousands of individual FM Kit Packs, when download this pack your copy of Football Manager will be updated with all the latest kits. Not only that but you'll have our famous SS Kits, which we think are the best Football Manager Kits around.

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Standard Kits

2D and 3D kits for the NI Bluefin Championship and below. 


A few notes:

  • These are a combination of actual 2020-21 kit designs and custom kit designs based on the real-life colours of these teams.
  • Some kits will not display in-game without using a database with them added, which I'm working on. Looking to make changes to league structures across the UK and Ireland, watch this space. 
  • Two or three Level 4 clubs don't yet have custom kits, but I'll add them if I update this pack later. 


With thanks to bolid74 for the 3D templates, wfm18 for the standard kit converter and DokteurHaisse for the standard kit converter script!

2 years ago
1 hour ago

Nice job dude! Thanks for creating this! 

โบ๊ท โบ๊ท
3 years ago
9 minutes ago

Nice job dude! Thank you very much 

8 years ago
2 hours ago
11 years ago
22 hours ago

Great work, will or are you working on the Danske Bank Premiership 3D kits?

4 months ago
3 hours ago
By Carsie 15 April 2021 - 19:07 PM UTC 

Great work, will or are you working on the Danske Bank Premiership 3D kits?


As they're already in the game, I'm not planning to create any new / custom version of these.

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