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Hi Guys

i was thinking planning on doing Alternate Format Of UEFA Competitons and New Portuguese League System but it going too hard to work on this one

i want to Keep Champions league and Europa League having 32 and 48 teams in group stage but Europa league changed it from 12 groups of 4 to 8 groups of 6 and i was thinking added group stage in Europa Conference league was bit too early and instead of that i will make Europa conference league have qualfying round and then go to straight knockout rounds to make Europa Conference league too popular

and i was thinking Primeira liga have relegation play-off is great but i dont think it unfair from little teams from segunda liga to step up and been losing like that instead i decide to put 3 teams relegated from primeira liga and segunda liga will turn back to 24 teams but have two stages with promotion play-off and have an relegation stage,Terceira liga will also have probaly the same thing as segunda liga expect it gonna having 48 teams and explain Taça da Liga to 48 teams in 2021-2022 and Taça de portugal have an FA Cup Style 

it possible that it could work on making these at different time,will i do good job on this once i wait from FM 21

Best regards

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