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Hi Im George, 30 from Bournemouth. been playing FM/CM since 01/02 and have had many great journies. this is my first time documenting my adventure. My aim is to work my way towards taking either Arsenal or Bournemouth to Champions League glory. But like all managers i have to start somewhere and thats at the bottom of the pile.


So my Journey begins, No Badges, Sunday League experience and 249 leagues avaliable from 99 countries. i decided to use the Youth manager preset to give me a boost with working with youngsters. Time to start sifting through the 100+ teams without a manager.


My first job is in the 2nd tier of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan Pro League) with Xorazm Urganch. 

Joining them in the second half of the season (24/7/21) Sitting 5th with 18 points from 12 games. 


The transfer window is disabled to keep realism to a maximum, so its my job to secure a top half finish in the next 6 games with the players i have. The is £11K in the red so ill need to look to turn that around. The wage bill is £4,812 p/w just over budget by £100, that will be addressed when ive assessed the players. Transfer budget is £0 so free signings will be my way forward.


another job will be to create a kit or find their kit online.


An update will follow at the end of this season which is 6 games away

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Is this on FM22? I didn't realise there were any created leagues out yet.


Good luck.

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