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SS' Kits
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13 years ago
2 months ago

I am a bit of a kit fanatic, but miss kits to some of the leagues in my save. Can't find them being made. 

Anyone who can help me make kits for the following leagues? (Sorry that I don't know the name of the leagues, so I just call them 1, 2, and so on.)


Albania - league 1

Belarus - league 2

Bosnia - league 1

Bulgaria - league 2

Croatia - league 2

Czech republic - league 2

Estonia - league 1 (including Vaprus)

Finland - league 2

Germany - league 2 (including Paderborn)

Greece - league 2

Hungary - league 2

Iceland - league 2

Kazakhstan - league 1

Kosovo - league 1

Moldova - league 1 (including Balti)

Montenegro - league 1 (including Mornar)

North Macedonia - league 1

Poland - league 1 (including Podbeskidze)

Portugal - league 2

Romania - league 1 (including Farul Constanta)

Russia - league 1 and 2 (including Rostov)

Slovenia - league 2

Spain - league 4


I know it is much to ask for and I am sorry for the inconvenience.


10 years ago
21 minutes ago

Croatia 2nd league is included in 1st league pack. I only intended to make few teams that often get promoted but I managed to complete it 

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