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Following on from a friends save, i'm giving it a go and playing an Around The World save with the following rules and targets



● Win the top league in all playable countries around the world

● Win all the top domestic cups in all playable countries around the world

● Win all continental cups around the world

● Win all top senior International tournaments



● Start unemployed, Sunday league rep and no badges.

● If a team offers more money it must be considered as if it was a real job.

● Resigning is not allowed, you may only leave for a new club or being sacked.

● No knowledge of real players, any signings much come from your scouts or backroom staff. This means no searching for players.


First episode is now live which includes the intro to the save with rules, showing the settings i have for the save and getting my first job.

Hoping to get atleast 3 videos uploaded a week for this save as long as i can.

This is my first Football Manager save i've done for Youtube (played plenty offline and even on Twitch)

So please bear with me while i get used to how i record/edit the videos and i welcome any tips/advice or ideas. Let me know in the comments on the video.


CLICK HERE for Episode 1 - Intro and first club

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7 months ago

We continue our fight for promotion with 4 games left to go but a big hill to climb ... can we do it?

Episode 2

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