16 years ago
52 minutes ago

Hey guys we're excited to announce the release of our FM22 Tactic Testing Area.


We've tried to design it to be as accessible and user friendly as possible while still containing as much information as possible.


The main problems it's trying to solve are:

(1) Make screenshots of the overview, in/out possession and in transition screens really easily to see

(2) Make it obvious when a tactic has been tested with multiple teams and how it did with each team

(3) Allow people who have downloaded the tactic to submit their results rather than just the author


We think it's great and we hope you'll all love it.


If you're a tactic creator you can easily upload your own tactic


If you've download a tactic simply use one of the blue “Share Results” buttons to upload your results, all you have to do is add who you managed plus how many wins, draws, losses, goals for and goals against you got and the site will do the rest, it couldn't be simpler!


We're going to continue working on improving this area of the site, all feedback and support anyone has is welcome 🙂

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