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I'm an experienced player, but what is the best way to develop youngsters?


Send out on loan and play 20+ games with average training facilities or stay at club, start 3-4 cup games a season, be in mentoring group, U23 team and controlled training?


I'm thinking the later but I've read over 18s need game time other than U23s


Just wanted to hear peoples thoughts.



5 years ago
1 day ago

Depends on your staff, facilities, mentoring and playing time indeed. I'm always trying to keep my best players at the club and give them most playtime in the second and first team. I often keep 5/12 spots on the bench open to U23 players. But I also tend to use the rule to only buy players younger than 18, so they become homegrown haha


If you loan them out, I suggest to look at their facilities and their playstyle. If you loan out a AM(L) to a club that plays with M(L), you shouldn't expect him to play that much or develop in the AM(L) position. And as always loan out players to clubs where you are almost certain they will get playtime. Loaning out a player from Chelsea to Charlton should give him more playtime than loaning him to Aston Villa for example. But it's also a trade-off between the league they play in and the club itself.

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