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Is there a possibility of finding a former player (retired for example) in order to put him back in the game?
Ex: Loïc Perrin at Saint Etienne FC is not in the editor but he has become a sports coordinator today, I returned his ID in the club icon (8433507)
Thank you

14 years ago
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If he is not in DB you would have to add him manually in the editor 


you may be able to use his details from when he was last in the game make a small change in that version of the editor to him and save the file - load it in the fm22 editor and save it there see what happens,

 if no joy you can use your file from the earlier version as a template, copy his details - details/data//history etc etc and created a new person in the 22 editor and paste his details page by page as required will save you lots of time

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