Paris Saint-Jambon
12 years ago
1 week ago

Hi all,


Something weird has happened in my FM22 save and i'm wondering if there's a fix I can do or if anyone else has seen this before.


I'm into my fourth season and have made my way from the Vanarama National to League One, and all of a sudden this season, the kick-off times for league fixtures have changed from their usual (all 3pm kick offs with the occasional early/late kick-off for TV) to all the fixtures kicking off at 15 minute intervals from 1500 onwards. Really strange and not sure why this is happening all of a sudden.


This is also happens in midweek and cup games.


Screenshot attached.


Anyone seen this before?

Jose Marriotto
11 months ago
8 months ago

This is also a problem for me and my friend on our joint save where we manage two different clubs. It has made each matchday last 2x as long as we are kicking off at different times.

13 years ago
45 minutes ago

wont help your save game but here I have shown how to address KO times


however 4 years in if there isnt an additional set of rules doing this it would seem like a bug you need to report to SI

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