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Hey all first post here. I have been wanting to properly get into FM for a while now but each save I make feels hopeless and overwheliming due to how much there is to know about the game. Is there any good place for a comprehensive guide to follow for a first season or something along those lines? I just wanna make sure I am not skimming over certain parts of the game or missing things entirely. Apologies if this is a reocurring question here. Cheers!

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Andy, i have been playing the game since CM01 - 02. Honestly one thing you will learn about this game is that everyone thinks they are an expert and everyone disagrees with each other. 


Id recommend for a starter watching lollujo on youtube. The reason i suggect him is because unlike other youtubers, he doesnt bother with setting up training, he doesnt go into the data hub and analyse things and changes his tactic depending on the other teams tactic etc. 


He just keeps it simple, picks a basic tactic and then just buys good solid players to fit the tactic, usually he just goes off star rating without looking into their attributes too much, The funny thing is he wins all the online comps between youtubers who try and be overly technical.  He represents how to be good at the game without getting bogged down in all the other detals, he doesnt assign scouts, doesnt do training,  buys players based on if the media say they are a wonderkid and the assistant manager says they have 5 star potential. 


When making a tactic, there are some things the match engine favours. 


  1. Higher line of defence 
  2. Hight tempo
  3. Trigger pressing all the time

I dont think you need to worry about which roles work well with each other etc. For midfield, a good rule is you want a hardworking terrier to win possesion and close down,  and one flair player who is a playmaker. 


If you look at the exploit tactics - There does seem to be some positions that FM22 likes in tactics. 

Defensive wingers - Although i dont like using these because no good players fit this role. 

Inverted wing backs - I dont like using these either as again it seems like a hack and not what normal teams would play

CM - Attack  - Everyone plays a midfielder but want to assign a mezzala,  a dlp, a bbm etc but in the exploit tactics cm on attack feature heavily

RPM -  at the DM position seems also to do very well in this engine. 


Most people would pick a team - for starting id recommend picking a strong team in an easy division as its easy to win and you will get a taste for the game.


Try - Rangers or Celtic in scotland

Salzburg in Austria

Deportivo in spanish 3rd league  i  started a save with them and got promoted in first year without losing a game playing a basic tactic. 



Use like the preset gegenpress to start and tweek it a bit at a time until you find how things work,

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