I have updated the AFC Richmond database from the Ted Lasso series I made for FM21. I had created Richmond from scratch but replaced Crystal Palace (Team they were kind of based on) in the Premier League.


As per series 2, I have put Richmond in the Championship. I have chosen a Team at random to replace and it was Millwall.


I have tried to get the Players/Team correct by watching the show and using the internet but have had to use a little bit of artistic liscence for some of it. 


I have updated the Kits and Faces (bit better quality) and added the Staduim and City backgrounds for this years. All the config files are there so you can just copy and paste the lines from with-in them into your current Face/Kit/background packs Config files and Paste the PNG's into your current face/kit/background pack folders. If that makes sense. Or just put them all in one go but beware it will overwrite curent Graphics held.


Any problems with it just drop me a comment and I'll have a look.

9 years ago
1 year ago

I think Ted Lasso should be an American haha, nice job otherwise

17 years ago
1 month ago

The pictures are all assigned to the wrong people

Shortie H4H
3 years ago
1 week ago

I have made an updated version for FM 23



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