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Hey, I've made a custom skin for FM22 . It's Kojuro based with added other skins, TCS, Zealand and Kojuro. It's simple to use, extract in skin folder, in game choose Kojuro dark.

9 years ago
1 week ago

Hi, im the original creator of the TCS skin. Please change the name, i don't care that you've used panels, however people will get confused and think it's an official version of the skin when it isnt. 

17 years ago
4 hours ago

@mrgood, kindly follow the instructions by the creator of the TCS skin 👍 

9 years ago
1 week ago
By mons 10 March 2022 - 18:36 PM UTC 

@mrgood, kindly follow the instructions by the creator of the TCS skin 👍 


Done! It wasn't my intention to cause any problems. Sorry @Bluestillidie00 

Giammario Severini
9 years ago
3 weeks ago

why in the transfer information no data comes out?

Italo Dorneles
8 years ago
4 days ago

I'm Brazilian and I really like the Zealand skin. I'd like to ask a favor. I would like to change 3 functions in the skin. If someone who understands can help me or make and send the link, I will be very grateful: During the match: 1) in the "game overview" the teams' uniforms appear instead of the logo; also during the match: 2) It has the option to show photos of the stadium (which doesn't even have game statistics; markers;...), a space to show the photo of the stadiums. Finally, in the players overview: 3) has the option to show hidden attributes (potential and current ability).

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