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3 weeks ago

Ok, I have a league that is split into 3 groups of 9 teams. after each group has played 8 games each, the league splits. This is where it gets complicated. Basically, the top 4 teams in each group go into a league consisting of 12 teams to determine the overall champion. The bottom 5 teams from each group go into another league that determines seeding for the cup (which I am not having).


How do I set it up so that the split happens correctly? At the moment, It will only pull 11 teams instead of 12 for the championship playoff league but, when I try and test the competition, it will pull 11 teams PLUS 4 other teams that aren't even registered for the competition. So, it is pulling teams that have qualified for the championship playoff league AND 4 other teams which is the correct number of teams for the bottom playoff league.


Having the top and bottom playoffs both set as “stage 1” (which is how they are at the moment) only shows the larger league (15 teams) under test competition but uses 11 of the 12 top playoff teams.


I apologise for how complicated this sounds.

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