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We have thousands of individual FM Kit Packs, when you download these packs your copy of Football Manager will be updated with all the latest kits. Not only that but you'll have our famous SS Kits, which we think are the best Football Manager Kits around.

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SS Kits

I am unsure if this pack is any good - so any advise or tips would be greatfully appreciated.  The only one's I had problems were finding appropriate CRAFT and SELECT kits so ended up using a couple of the FC'12 kits, but found them too “clean” and not as realistic as your SS Kits.  As you can see I have made the rest of the Sydbank Pokalen teams.  By the end hopefully I was beginning to develop my abilities.


If there are any new kit profiles is it possible to have those please, e.g. striped kit for the SELECT pack or blended colours for the CRAFT pack?


Thank you.


As an aside where can I change my profile name please?  All of the ID numbers are re the 2022 FM - so uncertain if these are the original ID numbers.

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