What is the megapack?


The megapack is the way I found to make all the countries of the world available to be played and mainly their lower divisions. There are many megapacks around and they are all VERY GOOD. For my part, in my little grain of sand, these structures are born from scratch and created with a couple of licenses that deviate from reality. FM is a game, and as such, there are many ways to play it. And to me, realism often seems unfair and limiting. That is why these structures are conceived from the point of view of what I would like each format to be. 


In many countries I try to keep the essence of their format (number of participants, for example) and respect that, but in others there are changes of format. Another thing is that many times in the patches that use real low leagues is that for example a division (the seventh of Holland for example) is divided in I don't know, fifteen subdivisions. That makes the game go much slower than creating a single division with fifteen groups. It's not real but it makes it flow faster and more divisions are playable at the same time for those of us with an old  Notebook like me.


Countries included in the megapack


*clarification: when it says real base is that it is made on the real base of the game, that is to say that it DOES NOT TOUCH ANYTHING OF THE FIRST/SECOND OR WHAT COMES INCLUDED IN THE GAME.


** when I put this sign is that below there are clarifications about the country




Australia (6 divisions)** ** Australia (6 divisions)** Australia (6 divisions)** Australia (6 divisions)

Afghanistan (2 divisions)

Saudi Arabia (5 divisions)

Bangladesh (3 divisions)

Bahrain (2 divisions)

Bhutan (3 divisions)

Cambodia (3 divisions)

Qatar (3 divisions)

Taiwan (3 divisions + University League + High School League)**.

North Korea (4 divisions)

China (4 divisions) (real base)

South Korea (5 divisions + University + High School) (real basis)

United Arab Emirates (4 divisions)

Philippines (2 divisions)

Guam (3 divisions)

Hong Kong (6 divisions) (actual base)

India (3 divisions + regional divisions) (actual basis)** Indonesia (4 divisions) (4 divisions) (actual basis)** (actual basis)

Indonesia (4 divisions) (actual basis)

Iraq (4 divisions)** (actual basis)

Iran (4 divisions)

Japan (8 divisions + University League + High School League)

Jordan (4 divisions)

Kyrgyzstan (3 divisions)

Kuwait (2 divisions)

Laos (3 divisions)

Lebanon (4 divisions)

Malaysia (4 divisions) (real base)

Macao (5 divisions)

Maldives (3 divisions)

Northern Marianas (3 divisions)

Mongolia (3 divisions)

Myanmar (3 divisions)

Nepal (3 divisions)

Oman (3 divisions)

Pakistan (2 divisions)

Palestine (3 divisions) (unified)

Singapore (5 divisions) (real base)

Syria (4 divisions)

Sri Lanka (2 divisions)

Thailand (5 divisions)

Tajikistan (3 divisions)

East Timor (3 divisions)

Turkmenistan (3 divisions)

Uzbekistan (4 divisions)

Vietnam (4 divisions)

Yemen (3 divisions)






United States (6 divisions)**.

Anguilla (1 division)

Antigua and Barbuda (3 divisions)

Aruba (2 divisions)

Bahamas (2 divisions)

Barbados (3 divisions)

Belize (2 divisions)

Bermuda (2 divisions)

Bonaire (1 division)

Costa Rica (3 divisions)

Cuba (1 division - long tournament)

Dominica (2 divisions)

El Salvador (3 divisions)

Grenada (2 divisions)

Guadeloupe (3 divisions)

Guatemala (3 divisions)

French Guyana (2 divisions)

Guyana (2 divisions)

Haiti (3 divisions)

Honduras (3 divisions)

Cayman Islands (2 divisions)

British Virgin Islands (1 division)

U.S. Virgin Islands (2 divisions)

Jamaica (4 divisions)

Mexico (5 divisions) ** Martinique (2 divisions)

Martinique (2 divisions)

Montserrat (1 division)

Nicaragua (3 divisions)

Panama (2 divisions)

Puerto Rico (3 divisions)

Dominican Republic (3 divisions)

St. Barthelemy (1 division)

St. Kitts and Nevis (2 divisions)

St. Martin (1 division)

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (3 divisions)

St. Lucia (3 divisions)

Sint Maarten (2 divisions)

Suriname (3 divisions)

Trinidad and Tobago (3 divisions)

Turks and Caicos (1 division)







Albania (4 divisions)

Andorra (2 divisions)

Armenia (3 divisions)

Austria (9 divisions) (real basis)

Azerbaijan (4 divisions)

Bosnia (4 divisions)

Belarus (4 divisions) (actual base + 2 more divisions)

Germany (8 divisions) (actual base)** (actual base + 2 more divisions)

Belgium (6 divisions) (actual basis)

Bulgaria (4 divisions) (actual basis)

Cyprus (4 divisions)

Crimea (2 divisions)

Croatia (5 divisions) (actual base)

Denmark (6 divisions) (actual basis)** Denmark (6 divisions) (6 divisions) (actual basis)

Estonia (4 divisions)

Scotland (7 divisions) (real basis)

Slovakia (3 divisions) (actual basis)

Spain (8 divisions) (actual basis)** Finland (5 divisions) (5 divisions) (actual basis)

Finland (5 divisions)

France (9 divisions) (actual basis)

Wales (5 divisions)

Greece (7 divisions)

Georgia (6 divisions)

Gibraltar (1 division)

Netherlands (9 divisions) (real base)

Hungary (4 divisions) (real basis)

England (10 divisions) (real basis)** (real basis)** Ireland (7 divisions) (real basis)

Ireland (7 divisions) (real basis)

Northern Ireland (10 divisions) (actual base)

Iceland (5 divisions) (real base)

Israel (5 divisions) (actual basis)

Italy (15 divisions) (actual basis)** Faroe Islands (4 divisions) (actual basis)

Faroe Islands (4 divisions)

Kazakhstan (4 divisions)

Kosovo (4 divisions)

Latvia (3 divisions)

Liechtenstein (1 division)** Liechtenstein (1 division)** Lithuania (3 divisions)

Lithuania (3 divisions)

Luxembourg (4 divisions)

Macedonia (4 divisions)

Malta (4 divisions)

Moldova (4 divisions)

Montenegro (3 divisions)

Norway (6 divisions) (actual base)

Poland (5 divisions) (real base)

Portugal (7 divisions) (actual base)

Czech Republic (5 divisions) (actual basis)

Romania (5 divisions) (actual basis)

Russia (5 divisions) (actual base)

Serbia (5 divisions) (actual basis)

Sweden (8 divisions) 

Switzerland (6 divisions) (actual basis)

San Marino (1 division)

Turkey (11 divisions) (actual basis)

Ukraine (7 divisions) (real basis)









Angola (3 divisions)

Algeria (4 divisions)

Benin (2 divisions)

Botswana (2 divisions)

Burkina Faso (4 divisions)

Burundi (2 divisions)

Cape Verde (1 division)** Cameroon (3 divisions)

Cameroon (3 divisions)

Chad (2 divisions)

Comoros (2 divisions)

Congo (2 divisions)

Ivory Coast (3 divisions)

Egypt (4 divisions)

Eritrea (1 division)

Esuatini (2 divisions)

Gabon (2 divisions)

Gambia (3 divisions)

Ghana (3 divisions)

Guinea (2 divisions)

Equatorial Guinea (3 divisions)

Guinea Bissau (2 divisions)

Kenya (3 divisions)

Lesotho (2 divisions)

Liberia (3 divisions)

Libya (2 divisions)

Madagascar (2 divisions)

Malawi (2 divisions)

Mali (2 divisions)

Morocco (4 divisions)

Mauritius (2 divisions)

Mauritania (2 divisions)

Namibia (2 divisions)

Niger (2 divisions)

Nigeria (4 divisions)

Central African Republic (2 divisions)

Democratic Republic of the Congo (3 divisions)

Reunion (2 divisions)

Rwanda (2 divisions)

South Africa (4 divisions) (real base)

Sao Tome and Principe (2 divisions)

Senegal (4 divisions)

Seychelles (2 divisions)

Sierra Leone (2 divisions)

Somalia (2 divisions)

Sudan (2 divisions)

South Sudan (1 division)

Tanzania (3 divisions)

Togo (4 divisions)

Tunisia (4 divisions)

Uganda (2 divisions)

Djibouti (2 divisions)

Zambia (3 divisions)

Zimbabwe (2 divisions)









Argentina (6 divisions) ** Brazil (5 divisions - real basis) ** Brazil (5 divisions - real basis)

Brazil (5 divisions - real basis) **

Bolivia (3 divisions)

Chile (5 divisions) (long tournament format)** 

Colombia (4 divisions - long tournament)

Ecuador (3 divisions -long tournament)

Peru (3 divisions with Copa Peru)

Paraguay (4 divisions - 20 teams and long tournament)

Uruguay (4 divisions)**

Venezuela (3 divisions) (long tournament)






Fiji (2 divisions)

Cook Islands (1 division)

Solomon Islands (5 divisions)

Kiribati (1 division)

Micronesia (1 division)

New Caledonia (3 divisions)

New Zealand (4 divisions)

Papua New Guinea (2 divisions)

Samoa (2 divisions)

American Samoa (1 division)

Tahiti (2 divisions)

Tonga (2 divisions)

Tuvalu (1 division)

Vanuatu (2 divisions)** 






The Australian pyramid is modified so that there is promotion and relegation, which is not something that originally happens in aussie soccer. There are changes in the number of teams and the rules of Australian soccer such as drafts and salary limits have been eliminated.


Taiwan, Japan and South Korea


In these cases, school and university leagues are played on a par with the professional pyramid. In the Japanese and Korean cases, they are part of both the professional and academic systems. In Taiwan, they are not. Rather, the schools are not integrated into the overall pyramid. 


India and Palestine


In the case of India or Palestine, we have unified league systems and in this case: the I-League goes hand in hand with the Indian regionals or in Palestine the Gaza league joins the West Bank league. 


United States


In the United States, I changed the format from the ground up. Now it has 20 teams, 38 dates and a "normal" league. There is the play-off system clearly as in Yankee history, but now there are promotions and relegations and six national divisions that cross the country of stars and stripes. There are two patches in the structure, for a correct functioning I recommend using the one that does not relegate the Canadian teams (it is a requirement for the CONCACHAMPIONS to be well formed). Disappearance of drafts and salary limits.




Mexico is another country that has no promotions or relegations among its categories. In this patch, there are 5 divisions where you can move from division to division. It is important to clarify that play-offs, openings and closings are over, making a European format.


Germany, Spain, England and Italy


In these major leagues, and others, we have kept the rules of the playable divisions in the game and only added more categories to the base. The only substantial change is in the National Cup, which is now played by ALL TEAMS IN THE STRUCTURE from the start. So we will see an eighth team against Bayern, Isle of Man against Manchester City, Real Madrid going to a school field in the Canary Islands or Milan hosting Deportivo Tagliatelle.


Cape Verde and Vanuatu


These two structures in particular are very numerous, as in reality their national championships are finals of many regional championships. The idea, and what I have done, is to keep the groups and final group format but all within the same competition. So they are first divisions of 100 and 80 teams respectively. 


Denmark and Chile


In the Danish and Chilean structures there is a different team playing in each. In the Danish case the B-97 from Nuuk, Greenland is part of the Scandinavian country's structure. The same is the case for Rapa Nui from Easter Island in the Chilean promotion structure. 




The Argentinean structure changed a lot, and it is explained on Twitter but being very brief, it includes affiliates, 20 teams in Primera, new categories and a radical change.


The rest of South America


In the rest of South America they tried to keep the European format, to escape from the real thing. 38 dates, a champion, and then something else. For reality, I strongly recommend the Sudamakers megapack that you can find in their page.




Concachampions + Concacaf League: format where all countries play it.


OFC Champion's League


Pan American Cup


Rimet of Clubs


Confederations Cup



I hope you like the pack, and if you can share it and download it and let me know how it goes!

Stefan Reich Nielsen
9 years ago
6 months ago

Insane work you made. 

1 year ago
6 months ago

Many europeans leagues don't load

2 years ago
1 day ago

Wanted to play in Denmark…loaded files for Iceland, Faroer Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Unfortunately, exactly the Denmark file has got an error.

In the database editor, it says that there are just 8 teams in Divison 3 when 12 teams are needed.

9 years ago
9 hours ago

There is an error with red color  - South Korea, Liechtenstein and Switzerland nations,  cannot be loaded.


8 years ago
15 hours ago

All i can say is WOW, will you be doing one for 2023?

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