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9 months ago

Hi all, 


Have tried to find a way of removing him myself but the Assistant at Sevilla is duplicated. 


Pablo Sanz is the name


Can one of him be removed if so how do i do it? 

5 years ago
2 hours ago

Do you use any additional staff files? What do you have inside your editor files folder? If this is a problem with the base database please report on the SI forums.

5 years ago
15 hours ago
By wfm18 19 July 2022 - 15:05 PM UTC 




@BramNUFC seems like Pablo Sanz is in the DB twice, shall we retire one of the two?

The second one looks like it should be retired. According to UE Castelldefels's facebook page he left that team in 2010, however the FM database kept him there until FM21.


Worth raising the issue on the SI forums to be sure.

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