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8 months ago

So I am having a great time in FM22 coaching Real Sociedad.


I focus a lot and try to give as many chances as I can on my academy guys on the first team while I want my B/C/U19 teams to be as good as possible. Last season my B team won LaLiga 2, C won their 4th division group with promotion and my U19, well they havent lost a game in 5 years. 


Despite the great results, I believe we can do even better and I can help the development of my kids more. This is why I set the General Manager as responsible to buy players for B and C, to avoid having a “grey players” bench (or even starters some time). In over 2 years, they haven't bought anyone yet so I decided to do it myself.


The thing is how? How can I approach a guy and make sure he won't have a fit the moment I assign them to the B team, considering I am approaching them as head coach of the main team?

I checked the promises to see if there is something along the lines but there's not. The only option I have found that works is buying kids as Breakthroughs or Youngsters. Generally the lower expectated playing time, the safer they are, but while it works for young guys, I would love to add some 25-27 year olds to lead the team.


Is there a proper way?

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